A Deer's Journey
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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1 Ready player one


The sound of snoring could be heard on a quiet afternoon: a tired body shadowed the desk, draped across the table, it was just an ordinary youth enjoying his summer break.

Looking around the room, nothing much stood out; but the room looked somewhat small, long walls and short sides, a small space crowded with posters of AV girls posing plastered across the back of the walls. Nothing out of the ordinary: kids these days were more precocious than you can imagine.

The only surprising thing was a small bookcase stacked by the side of the desk, containing magazines and heavy books; although not the ones you might be thinking of, encyclopedias and informative brochures of various outdoor activities and informational brochures which caught the eye. Overall a nice collection.

The scene after all things were said could be described as very normal, peaceful: an ordinary teen on a ordinary day, enjoying an ordinary summer holiday. But this was only the start, things change all the time. Maybe he was dreaming being an action star in his dreams but it was at this moment that a notification popped up onto the screen; and his hands twitched, moving slightly towards his face.

On the screen were the simple words "READY PLAYER ONE?" Either way due to the simple action of his hand moving, it may have been fate; but the message soon disappeared in response to the small unconscious movement of his body.

A silent black aura seemed to project outwards to the room carrying a mysterious origin, slowly expanding wider and wider. Funny enough, half asleep or half awake he seemed to have realised that something felt different because it was very clear but a jumble of words carried out of his mouth.

"...big.. so... ***** big" @@


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