A Deer's Journey
3 Deer brother
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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3 Deer brother

Groggy, Deer could feel his head pounding. It didn't seem like he was hurt anywhere but his body was aching in a strange place.

As he slowly came to his senses he began to sigh in relief, he was still sitting in his chair at home: nothing had changed, it had all been a bad dream. Or, it would have been nice if that was the case.

However as he looked around him he realised everything was far from fine, his eyes could barely see in front of him, the murky darkness covered what he could see in front of him. Looking ahead he could make out that he was in a tunnel of sorts because there seemed to be some sort of light in the far distance, enough to realise he was very deep inside the cave.

Stumbling with his footing as he awkwardly tried to find a balance, he had an uncomfortable feeling emitting slowly from below his stomach. But it was not hunger, it was like a deep seating feeling of something wrong. He remembered he had eaten quite well before all these strange things had happened.

Cursing his stomach, he couldn't help but regret his insatiable appetite, if only he hadn't eaten so much and fallen asleep at his desk; he was sure things wouldn't have come to heads like this situation now. But the huge table of food his family had cooked, and the completely perfect summer weather wasn't the only reason he had fallen asleep at his desk: after all not long from finishing dinner he still remembered completing a super hard dungeon raid with his friends online.

He still remembered that game, he had been a summoner class, one of his favourite; although he wasn't very good at games normally, he enjoyed learning about, and exploring the different types of monsters in a game. It was hard to find anything else he considered fun.

As an avid Monster Hunter, Deer was a fanatic when it came to games involving monster classes. He might not have been on the pro circuit but as a game analyst of monster classes and types, he had slowly build up his own database with a rare fanaticism.

It goes to show after all, not everyone is good at everything but everyone has a talent, for Deer he was proud of his talent as a die hard Monster Hunter.

Distracting himself from the situation it was not long till he eventually approached the exit of the tunnel, a stupendous sight met his eyes as he took in the lush scenery and out of proportion plants and trees around him.

It looked like he had gone back in time and was transported to a kind of prehistoric era, luckily it didn't seem to be anything dangerous roaming around and the surrounding was relatively quiet.

He could not help but shiver as he heard a strange cry which seemed too close enough from comfort.

Shaking himself out of reverie, he began to look around closer and it was strange how he missed it but not far away he saw a pink shrub with berries laden.

Glad that he was not hungry he still decided to go closer as he knew that for whatever reason he had been sent here, the chances of finding a way back let alone an answer to the running questions in his head was close to impossible.

All of a sudden, as he began to get closer to the shrub, he could feel a tingling sensation at the back of his nape warning him. It didn't look dangerous but it was easier to be safer rather than sorry.

Moving quickly, far away, he rushed back to the cave and looked for some small stones he could toss to test out if there was anything to be careful of or whether he had been over thinking it.

'Fleuee' the first shot missed and was nowhere close to hitting the shrub. Smiling awkwardly to himself he could only take another shot.

The second shot was true to his aim and hit towards the shrub, but no sooner had it made contact, that vines hidden underneath the surface seemed to thrash out in the air. Sinewy like snakes, they began to dance in the air with powerful sharp movements.

Gulping down a breath of air he could only thank his lucky stars for taking the precaution.

It was at this time a weird notification seemed to appear inside his head: 'you've discovered a pink tattletale shrub'.

'What was this?' A confused expression could be seen on Deer's face as he was distracted by the sudden announcement.

Like a ripple in the lake caused by the toss of a pebble, Deer began to remember the last few moments before he had been teleported here. 'That's right, there was an opening bid!'

Without enough power, there was no use wondering how he had came to be here or why he had been sent to this strange environment, Deer knew he was wasting his time. Instead it was better to focus and adapt, as that was the only way to survive. But the one thing which nagged at the back of his mind, was that he remembered that his opening bid had been successful...

Looking again closely at the notification inside his head he realised there was something strange that he hadn't realised before, similar to a game interface, it looked like there was a system in his head. There was even a notification entry and stats to do with his status.

In his mind eye he could open his 'status' it looked strangely like a game status menu although what was with these numbers...


Lvl 1

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 2


[Heart of the Pure]



'What was this? Not to mention the low numbers apart from Wisdom, these question marks under Race, what did that even mean'.

Questions seemed to pile up higher and higher in his head, he really wasn't sure what to do with what he could see. At least he had a Talent although there was no idea what it did, far from an explanation, the system seemed too basic, lacking any sort of explanation.

'Was this the result of the successful bid?' His face turned pale as he could not help but remember what he put down for the bid. At the time a lot of things had been going through his head, he had been confused and panicking.

He was still young and he remembered he had a feeling he needed to win the bid no matter what so in the end he had put down what he felt was the most important thing he had. A strange wind seemed to rustle from underneath as sweat drops began to pour in beads from his head.

'It couldn't be, could it? They couldn't really have taken my only brother!' Rushing fast as the wind despite his measly four points in agility, Deer quickly ran to the inside of the cave.


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