A Deer's Journey
4 A sticky web
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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4 A sticky web

'It's really like this...' the crestfallen sigh seemed to echo loudly in the cave in Deer's ears. "Heart of the **** Pure.'

It was a miracle it was still there, an unbearable feeling of loss coursed through Deer's body, words were hard to express how he felt right now: his best friend for so long. Although by all accounts everything was the same, all to the smallest detail. The problem was the word "small", seemingly like a shrunken head, it had become much smaller, more comparable to a new grown baby.

No wonder in his status Race was highlighted by a bunch of simple question marks. Yeah sure, even in the animal kingdom the same rule applies; the bigger, the louder, the better. Deer's face suddenly became thinner as the shock hit him hard, it was at this point as if poking fun at his predicament, he saw a new notification on his status.

"Due to the condition of the host, Charm has been temporarily lowered by one".


Lvl 1

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 1 (-1)


[Heart of the Pure]



Expletives and sounds exploded from his mouth as his mood began to bubble dangerously like a volcano ready to erupt.

It was only a moment later that Deer began to calm down, perhaps he had become the world's first person to successfully hypnotise himself. Expelling deep breaths he could only think of more pressing matters.

He could only think of how many others like him who had successfully completed their opening bid and what kind of talent or skill they had obtained from this strange system. As for now he couldn't see any other people which struck him as odd, considering how many there had been in the gigantic forest clearing they had been summoned to in the first place. It was strange but the whole situation seemed full of mystery, like there was a hidden force working behind the scene: like he who shall not be named but lives far far above. 'Could it be?'

Since young Deer had always had an aversion to religion, to him whose family was brought up in a strictly religious home, it had seemed like a long drawn out scam, if someone was really there then surely he wouldn't want you to spend every Sunday with your Father.

It was a habit more than anything else but the G word had been deemed particularly sensitive in his house, any inappropriate mention would have got much worse than a scolding. In some ways his family was more liberal, like his room plastered with illustrated posters, even his Dad had seen the beauty of it.

But family is family, everyone is different.

Come to think of it, he was surprised, he had been making a lot of noise but it had suddenly become eerily quiet all of a sudden. 'It was probably a good idea at this point to move closer to the light...'

No sooner had the thoughts come out of his mind when he felt a numbing sensation across his body and something tightly binding him towards the wall. His organs seemed to shake from the vibrations of being thrown across the tunnel.

Panic filled his face as he was about to yell only to hold back as his tongue seemed to dry like a mummy in his mouth; in front of him he could see a huge arachnid body, eight legs menacingly strutted the floor, in contrast to the dark black body filled with eyes glaring at him with it's compound vision. A strong sense of danger emanated from the huge spider.

He could not resist let alone move,a sudden spurt of webbing shot out at him as it turned around to wave it's rear in his face, gloatingly dipping in the air. Darkness, he could no longer hear anything other than the muffled breathing of his mouth as he gasped for air.

Calm down Deer, calm down, he needed to think and stop resisting. He knew spiders often preferred silence rather than struggling prey, of course it was at moment like this that knowledge from his hobby began to surface.

More than anything he could only slowly relax his body. There was still a chance, he still had time, after all, even a five year old kid knows spiders never eat the prey when they are caught, rather rationing them like snack bars. Just watch a house spider when it has caught a fly at home and you would understand this simple scene.

Even so his body could not hide the tingling sensation hitting him, It seemed like the spider web must have some kind of numbing agent because he could feel his body slowly becoming less and less responsive. There was no point to struggle, he couldn't even move even if he had wanted to.

It was at this time his higher stat in Wisdom began to shine, after all being smart is all well and good but being able to make the most of what you know and how to act appropriately in different situations more than often or not could decide your fate.

It has to be said Deer made a very clever choice because it was true whether this was real or simply a dream, the pain did not lie, it would only take a moment to find out: not necessarily a happy ending.

Feeling himself being pulled and dragged across the floor, Deer was partially glad that his body was slightly numb and secondly that there was a lot of webbing protecting him against the friction caused by the spiders swift movement.

Without much to do, he could only check his status and see whether he could learn anything new he could use to rescue himself from this situation.

Whether because of the shock or surprise, it was not long before he noticed the new notification, 'you've been ambushed by a Cave Spider, you're body is undergoing a Strength check, you've failed the Strength check and will remain bound'.

'What kind of world is this!' Deer could only roar inside as he knew his chances of escape was looking slimmer and slimmer.

It didn't seem long but time seemed to drag on, unknown to Deer he had been travelling quite fast and he was much deeper inside the cave.

A notification soon came into his head as he realised just how much trouble he was in 'you've entered the Inner Reaches of Abord's Cave, congratulations for finding a secret map'.

'That's the good news? There was no good news!' From the sounds of it, this was far, far more trouble than a spider's cave. Let alone being able to escape from his current predicament, it seemed like there was something even more dangerous inside, a named monster!

If this was a game he would be kicking himself in joy because named monsters and a secret map often meant huge opportunities, but in this case the question if he could escape and survive heavily played on his mind.


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