A Deer's Journey
6 A familiar face
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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6 A familiar face

Running the smooth coin in his hand, Deer could feel a strange sensation on his palm. It seemed like the coin had a story of its own: who knew whether one day you would encounter bad luck or good luck.

Even this leprechaun called Fergus wasn't infallible. His parents were right, hardwork would never go to waste. He could understand now why they had been pressing him to study harder at school and put more effort in preparing for his future.

Honestly speaking Deer had never been one to have good grades at school, he was naturally more interested in other things. The funny thing was, the things he was interested in, he did relatively well in, just like his hobby of collecting outdoor brochures and reading encyclopedias. Or cataloguing monsters from his online game.

He was spacing out, there was no time to think about this. He couldn't rest too long, while he still could move he needed to move away from this cave and escape outside. It seemed to be much safer there compared to here where he could be ambushed in any moment.

A chill ran through his heart as he quickly scanned around him. After all he had been going through the same thoughts when he had been captured last time. The chance of it happening a second time was rare, but he still kept his vigilance high as he looked once more around him.

The best thing to do now was a to find a way to climb outside, the hole he could see above him looked like it was big enough for him to pass through. Looking up he saw that it was quite wide although skewed in one direction, enough for him to climb out. Reaching up there would be a problem, it would take more than just effort.

Taking off his shirt which had become ripped and tattered, he quickly searched around him to find a sharp stone so he could tear it further in half.

It would be important to give his hands some protection and a bit more grip if he was to climb the walls of the cave, luckily at 5"8 he was not particularly heavy, slim with broad shoulders he was happy he took after his parents.

If he had been like his cousins he would have been doomed, most of them were much taller than him, truth be told he could almost be considered the runt of the litter, scrawny. Among his friends he was relatively tall, it must have been something in his family genes.

As someone who was of mixed birth, he could be considered both an Easterner and a Westerner. Parents who were themselves of mixed cultures, it was easy to tell why his family was more liberal despite being strictly religious.

Successfully tearing his t-shirt into two strips, he was glad it had been a summer day and he was wearing a thin shirt otherwise coupled with his measly four points in Strength he wasn't sure if he would have been able to succeed.

It always looked so much easier when he saw the action scenes on tv of people tearing their clothes, even the women when they began to fight over a guy, pulling and tearing. However to be fair if he was comparing his slightly tanned body apart from being slim, there was no other words that could describe it any better.

Wrapping the two strips around each of his hands and fingers he decided to make his first attempt to escape from the cave. It didn't look hard but his muscles were sore from the previous fumbling through the Cave Spider's lair.

It was not long but he quickly made his way up halfway on the wall, it was unfortunate but he could feel himself losing his grip, as he fell down into the water with a huge splash. As he was falling he had hurriedly pushed himself farther from the wall kicking forward with his feet or else it may have been something more serious than stinging across his body.

Swimming back to the edge of the pool, he began to slowly gulp in deep breaths of air to try and refresh his weary body.

This didn't seem to work, he needed more support, racking his head he couldn't help but frown. It was not a couple of seconds later before a shout split the air "I'm such an idiot!". Almost forgetting the fact that he had been wearing a belt.

Using the belt as an harness between his two hands it was much easier to stay still and rest and reach closer to the opening in the cave, he couldn't believe he had forgotten. It was true even fools have their day.

Taking out the belt from his trousers he could not help but remain dumbstruck as he had another dilemma. His trousers were too loose! The trousers were his only clothing he had on, since his shirt had already been torn, not to mention the rugged surface of the walls, they acted like a thin barrier against his skin. rolling up the trouser legs to stop them from falling down later, a passer by might have mistaken him for a hill billy.

He couldn't help but imagine what a comical sight he looked like now. Just imagine if he encountered someone, Deer was sure he was not the only contestant who had made it through to this stage. That was right, contestant, at some point he had considered it like a super real online game, he even had a system interface showing his status.

He had to survive, there was a strong feeling he had that dying here would soon end his chances of going back home, despite everything he did miss his family and his life back then before all these strange things had happened.

Snapping out of reminiscing, Deer began to practise simulating climbing across the surface of the walls. Walking closer to a jutting stone on the floor he tried bracing himself to see if the belt would take his weight. Luckily he had been wearing a webbed belt that was interwoven with fibre, doubling up had increased its strength.

Finally ready he began to make his way to climb to the top, rugged determination flashed across his eyes he was resolved in escaping from this cave, forget about the secret map, nothing was more important than surviving at this point.

Bit by bit he edged his way upwards, rapidly making it more than halfway there, two more inches to his right he could see a handhold, reaching out he made to grab it only to slip as his hands began to glimmer with sweat. 'No I can't give up now!' Clenching on by the teeth of his skin, his handmade harness had began to show it's use as he slowly charged his energy and sprawled on the surface to rest.

Time seemed to go much slower, inch by inch he crawled, like a tiny ant marching. Surprisingly it was not long till he could almost taste the fresh air a few meters above his head.

"Finally, I made it!" A shout like a celebration of World Cup goal blasted from his mouth, his whole body already becoming limp. Relaxing, not a moment too soon, he heard the shout of a girl.

Heart racing he couldn't help but look in front of him. There was another person here and it seemed she was being chased!

Deer's heart was crying inside but the tears would no longer pour, it was really that, "out of the frying pan into the fire". 'This was too much wasn't there a limit to hitting someone while they were down', in his mind he couldn't help but curse, 'I have a nine in Luck!'.


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