A Deer's Journey
7 A Princess or a Witch
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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7 A Princess or a Witch

Surprise flashed across Iilya's face, that guy, she had seen him before! 'How did he make it through the opening bid', not a inch of hesitation marred her face despite being thrown into this new strange environment.

Since young she had always been used to exploring and doing as she wished, after all with her background she was clear there wasn't any real danger that couldn't be dealt with. Maybe it was this which caused the wild streak in her temperament; despite who she was, it was this, her background which had acted as shackles which bound and restricted her all her life.

So unlike the other contestants who have been carried to this stage, she was like a fish in water. She was happy, not knowing why she had been chosen or how it had happened didn't bother her, to her the most important thing was the full freedom she finally wanted had been handed to her like an early Christmas present.

She was happy, of course she knew what she was faced now was dangerous, the snapping hound at the back of her feet didn't dispel her from this illusion. But the feeling of freedom was too exquisite, it was intoxicating, her life was in her hands and her hands alone.

As a scion of an age old clan she had always been brought up with responsibilities and obligations, there was no discussion, even her birth was all carefully planned out. Had she been born a boy, life would have been much different but as she was herself, life had been set in stone since the moment she came out of her mother's womb.

Looking ahead she could see the guy seemed to be shivering. Contempt flashed across her face as she saw him slouch down in fear.

Even the situation didn't seem to faze her, the only thing she found strange was the fact that he seemed to be topless, small wounds crisscrossed his body like he had been in a struggle.

From this alone she could tell that he had crawled out of a dangerous place. Her mind was working overtime as she gave it her all with a small burst of speed. She could smell the stench of the hound on her back.

Faster and faster, it seemed she still had a chance. The thought of asking for help never crossed her mind, she knew that each action was like a transaction, why depend on others when all you need is yourself.

Slowly weaving her body in a zig zag motion left to right, the distance between the hound became unbearably close and she could feel a gash at her shoulder where it had nipped her in passing.

Timing it right, she pushed the hound as she approached the exit from where the guy had appeared, all the while maintaining vigilant against a sneak attack. It was a shame, but not all plans go as you want, her body was too small and barely put enough pressure on the hound to push it in.

Her face became pale at this time as she slipped her hand out to hold the small hidden dagger from her body as she prepared to fight.

However surprisingly the guy, who she hadn't thought much of since the start, maybe had the same thoughts as her, because giving a final shove he pushed himself towards the hound making it fall down into the hole. Two seconds later a notification rang in her head as she quick checked her status notification.

"Congratulations, you've killed a Carnivorous Hound. You've level has increased"


Lvl 2

Race: Witch

Stamina 5

Strength 3

Agility 5

Wisdom 6

Intelligence 8

Charm 7





Looking at her stats it didn't look like anything had changed. Apart from the figure showing that her Level had increased to two, there was no real changes.

An annoyed look could be seen in her eyes, glinting a murderous aura. "You!" pointing in anger Iilya began to shake her small dagger at the guy in front of her, it was clear she was mad.

Opening and closing his mouth the guy stared back, finally seeming to get back control of his body, it looked like he was flabbergasted. Hesitating slightly, words began to pour out of his mouth, "I have a name, I'm Deer" not knowing if he being particularly annoying or hitting on her she gave him the silent treatment.

The silence seemed to sit heavy in the air. It was not till a short moment until Iilya finally began to regain control of her temper, as she began to prod him for more information. After all he should be like her.

"Can you see a status screen in here" tapping her small slim fingers on her head, she slowly looked at Deer. He nodded, his eyes seemed to be glued on her face, blonde hair and a sharp nose accentuated by beautiful lustrious eyes. It was like she was a small doll.

Although keeping it to himself, he knew she wouldn't take kindly to his first impression of her.

Pondering slightly, she began to tap her fingers on her side in a rhythmic beat. Iilya began to seize up Deer, her eyes seemed to contain a bright light as she scrutinised him. "Hmpff" the sound extruded from her mouth as she began to hesitate how much they should share.

Looking down into the hole, Deer could see the carcass of the hound impaled on a stone. 'Wait, wasn't there a new notification earlier', that was right he almost forget when he saw the girl next to him, after all it was first time he had met another person.

"Congratulations, you've killed a Carnivorous Hound. You've level has increased"

His Level had increased! So helping to kill monsters can also do this, Deer had a strange feeling, this seemed more and more like a game. But other than the increase in Level there was no other changes to his stats.

Trying to start up a conversation, "you've still not told me your name, who are you?"

Looking at Deer again she could tell the guy was a typical idiot, he didn't seem to have any bad intentions after all he did try to help her earlier, not that she needed his help.

"You can call me Min", she wasn't stupid enough to share anything with a stranger in the first place.

"Okay Min, nice to meet you" holding out his hand he stretched it out sheepishly. Ignoring him Iilya took a closer look at the hole in the terrain, she could see that the Carnivorous Hound seemed to have dropped some sort of item next to his body.

Even though she didn't play any games she wasn't an recluse, living in the twenty first century with her age she surely knew this world was very similar to those online popular games. Thinking whether to follow her instincts and get the item she took another casual look at Deer.

His body didn't seem to be particularly wounded although scratches and markes covered his whole body. Pointing at the belt wrapped around his hands, "Can I have a look at that?".

Her earlier impression of him seemed accurate, he stupidly handed over the belt, pretending to examine it while inching closer to the entrance of the terrain. She quickly jumped, her petite figure hung in the air for millisecond, in that moment as shock and surprise pierced Deer's eyes, he couldn't help but clamour 'she looks like a princess'.

"Plop" careening downwards, he could see her small figure, the outline of the clothes hugging her body. It was a stunning sight, it more than made up for the fact that she took away his belt, not that he needed it now. There was no chance he would go down there.

Swimming to the shore he could see her pick up an item from the Carnivorous Hound's corpse. So that was why she did that! Still he couldn't bear to shout out, "there's a huge spider in there be careful!".

That was it, he was no hero and she had made her choice when she jumped into the cave, after she had successfully completed the opening bid too, who knew what abilities or skills she had. She didn't spare a thought for him when she had decided to run off with his belt or grab the item. Decisive and cunning, this princess was no damsel in distress.


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