A Deer's Journey
8 Hunting in the dark
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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8 Hunting in the dark

After seeing Min trudge deeper into the cave without paying any further attention at his warning or him, he knew it was useless to worry about her.

Moving away from the hole, he was careful to keep his balance as he moved further out, there was no way he could climb back out again after all he had been through. His body was sore and what it needed now was a place to rest and recover not to mention he didn't have much clothes on.

There was no telling how long he would be like this. He could only depend on himself if he wanted to survive. Luckily it was still bright in the sky, he hadn't noticed before but there were two Suns in the sky. It could well be why the day seemed longer, after all despite the things that had happened, it was still light.

He was sure that time he spend in the cave was not a short time, though there was no way to tell the time, the agonising escape had seemed like more than half a day.

Looking around him he could see the rocky terrain, if not for being aware that there was a hole behind him leading to the pool, it was actually relatively well hidden.

To begin with he was startled when he heard another person as he had climbed out of the hole, more than tired it seemed he didn't needed to have helped Min as she had the situation in control, she was even more prepared than him, judging by the sharp blade she had been carrying.

It made him wonder what kind of person she was, she didn't look much older than him, if anything she seemed even younger because of her petite size.

Putting the matter to rest and firmly behind him he shook his head vehemently, trying to forget her lithe body emerging from the pool, normally he would have been excited but knowing his condition even faced with such a scene barely elicited any response from his body.

It seemed like his physical desires had been sealed, he could appreciate beauty and he was pretty sure he was as normal as could be but...

There was no issue thinking about it, first thing first, he needed to find a place to shelter and rest. Normally in surroundings like this it was very common to find caves or abandoned resting places used by animals.

But considering his earlier time spent underground he was pretty much put off with going back any way closer to the mountain. Spying the burgeoning green horizon in the distance, it would be easier to head towards the forest and see if he could find a clearing to make a fire before anything else.

In the time it took to enjoy a cup of tea, Deer finally made it to the edge of the forest. Looking ahead of him he could see a sight slightly different to when he first teleported to this world however he was glad he was finally far far away from the mountainous area behind him.

It might be strange but the question of why Deer had not even seemed fazed by encountering strange monsters and animals in this new world was simple. He had already slowly adapted to this situation, not to mention despite being an ordinary person, Deer was after all someone who had anything but ordinary hobbies and interests.

In fact had anyone asked his family about Deer, his family would have gladly told everyone that their missing son had a spendid future ahead of him, they would have told you that he was an aspiring zoologist or anthropologist.

All in all despite all the dangers and the risks to his life Deer was enjoying himself immersing in what he loved best.

Carefully keeping watch on his surroundings for fear of being ambushed again, he began to head deeper and deeper into the forest while keeping an eye out for monsters and twigs. He needed some dry small twigs for starting a fire later.

He had all he needed, unwrapping the bindings of what was left of his t-shirt on his hands he used this to bind together the twigs he gathered as he slowly walked deeper into the forest.

Having survived a near death experience, Deer seemed to be emitting a sense of confidence as he bravely walked into the unknown forest. Getting slightly tired he set his mind on finding a suitable clearing to create a fire and rest.

Although it didn't seem to be getting cooler, it did look like night was soon approaching. Having a fire was better than nothing at this point, even more important he was slowly getting hungrier by the minute.

Finding a suitable place, Deer began to set up camp for the night. It took some time but after digging a shallow trench for the fire using the bundled twigs as a shovel and enclosing it in a small space he tried to make fire for the first time.

Unfortunately this took quite a long time, it was a lot harder than he remembered from the pamphlets he had read about camping outdoors. Just keeping the twigs in one place and using the friction to generate heat, enough to make a spark for the small flammable dry leaves to burn had taken a very long time. It had taken even longer to make sure the flame would keep burning for a longer time as he had to find heavier and more sturdy pieces of wood to support it.

But rather than wait in the warmth, he had to first deal with solving the second most important problem of the night. Food.

It was funny but the shredded t-shirt of his had proven to be very useful, enough to bind together a couple of branches of medium length to make a hefty club.

Knowing that the fire would attract animals he had decided to hide further out low to the ground while keeping watch on the fire in the hopes it would draw something out that he could kill and eat.

Checking his status he couldn't help but look at his Talent, 'Heart of the Pure'.


Lvl 2

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 1 (-1)

Luck 9


[Heart of the Pure]



Frustrated he couldn't help but think when this skill would ever become useful. It was at this moment that he sensed something approaching the fire. A strange noise could be heard in the air.

A sound of something dragging itself across the ground, at times similar to a 'hiss hiss' sound, at others more like the noise of something padding across the floor.

Paying attention to where the sound was coming from Deer could see a brown creature, had he not been paying attention, he was sure he might have missed it. It was pretty similar to a salamander, but it must have been of a woodland variety for it survive here.

It's skin was strangely rough like bark, followed by ridges across it's back body a little bit like armour. Eyes that were yellow, tinged with a black iris, it was not very big, instantly dashing Deer's idea of a feast.

Quickly checking his status notification, Deer was curious to see if it had any further information.

"You've encountered a Bark Gecko".

Just looking at its skin it didn't look like it would be an appetising meal. Rather quickly giving up, Deer slowly stood up so as not to startle it, there was no need to fight it if it was peaceful.

No sooner had he stood up when the monster's eyes began to stare at him. It seemed like it could see pretty well in the dark even from where he was far from the fire.

Slowly brushing off his clothes he gave it a friendly grin as he made an effort not to approach it from behind, a lot of animals would react in an unfriendly manner when you approached it from a sensitive side. He knew this from the books he had read and habits of animals he had seen in his collection of encyclopedias.

It didn't seem to move as he slowly and carefully held his makeshift club in one hand clearly for it to see while walking closer to the other side of the fire. Far enough not to startle it but just enough for him to run if there was any sign of danger. Slowly sitting down he began to enjoy the fire while watching the Bark Gecko.

Wariness could be seen in its body but even so it remained in the vicinity of the fire. Giving it another glance, it seemed to look pretty cool with its rugged exterior, had he been given the chance he was sure it would have been a nice pet.

Perhaps it was more intelligent than he thought or he sensed that Deer didn't mean it any harm but it no longer paid him any further attention as it laid diwn where it had stopped near the edge of the fire.

While pondering about the difficulties of the past day and the strange situations he had been put in Deer could hardly help but miss home, at the very least he wouldn't be as hungry as he was now.


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