A Deer's Journey
9 Meeting a new friend
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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9 Meeting a new friend

Looking at the fire, he could see that the flames were starting to dip, turning cooler. He couldn't help but stare at the small bundle of dry twigs he had piled up on the side.

Making up his mind he left his makeshift club on the floor. Whether the monster could understand him or not, he decided it would be better to maintain things as they were.

Raising his voice but keeping it slow and steady, Deer made small pointing actions as he said "the fire is running cold, I'm going to get more branches to put it in to keep the fire going".

Whether it could understand him or not it was never clever to underestimate animals, he knew this from the amazing feats and anecdotes he had read about.

What more was there to say when everything here seemed to be very different to back home, even the spiders were as large as a bear! It wouldn't be surprising if the Bark Gecko could understand him. Although the movement caused it to move slightly it didn't rush off.

Slowly putting in more branches for the fire, Deer felt like he was entertaining a friend. At the very least someone more friendly than anything else he had encountered here. A certain sense of ambience built up in the surrounding as he took this opportunity to relax.

Moving back to his seat he decided to pass the time while talking to his new 'friend'.

He wasn't sure if it had understood him or how long he had been talking but having spilt out some of his stories of his life back at home he felt slightly better. It looked like talking had helped him to feel more comfortable in this strange environment.

It was not long though, that as he lay there gazing at the stars and talking around the fire that he could feel himself getting drowsier before nodding off to sleep.

The morning soon came and with it, a rustle as life continued in the forest. Waking up Deer glanced around at where the spot where the Bark Gecko had been. Rubbing his eyes he knew it had ran off, feeling a bit lonely he could only drag himself up to start next day.

Checking the remains of the fire and making sure there was no stray embers burning at the bottom, he cleanly swept the floor with his makeshift club. He was lucky nothing strange had happened over the night. But the morning chill was certainly refreshing!

Don't forget to come as far as he had, he had to make a few sacrifices, one of these being his t-shirt, not that it would have made much of a difference in the new environment he was in.

It was time to hunt for food! Rubbing the club in the ashes of the died out fire on a whimsy, he also picked up a handful of soil to place in his other empty pocket careful to mix it up with his other pocket containing Fergus' Coin. Who knew if might be useful.

The difference between someone who used what they knew and learned to adapt was certainly not to underestimated. A handful of soil could definitely be used well in an unknown situation to blind the monster if he was close enough. It was all he could do to prepare himself.

Choosing a new direction Deer began to viligiantly pay attention to things around him while keeping a sharp eye on the path ahead. Strolling through the forest he couldn't help but wonder how many people had made it through the opening bid, after all from what he remembered there must have been hundreds of hundreds of people, like an ant army before a march.

Not far in front of him he could see the sudden movement of two monsters fighting, a low yapping sound and a strangely familiar form. It seemed like the Bark Gecko had encountered danger and it was being attacked by a boar like creature.

Not hesitating Deer began to charge in, focusing on hitting the boar. It's tusks seemed to be glinting ominously in the morning light. "Bam, bam, bam", the makeshift club shattered under the impact of the blows, one coincidentally hitting a sensitive part, it's snout.

Distinct ash grey marks could be seen on its body, particularly clear on its nose where it had its sensitive part, inhaling the leftover ash as it did, instantly adding an extra effect to that attack.

Without any other weapon Deer could only move further back with one hand reaching in his other pocket as he checked the reaction of this new monster. It was also at this time that the surprise attack by Deer that had caught its attention seemingly infuriated it.

Deer could only gulp as it ran closer and closer to him in a straight line, the impetus of the charge seemed likely able to topple a tree let alone a human person like him. Waiting till the last moment he threw the handful of compact soil in its eyes while throwing himself to the side.

Seizing the opportunity the Bark Gecko took action, despite the ferocious battle it didn't seem to suffer from any injuries either, only limited by its size against the boar.

Springing forward, it tore itself onto the boar's snout, viciously hanging on. Sweat beaded Deer's face as he saw the exposed inner teeth that lined the its mouth and the thought that he had been lying so close near it last night.

He was glad he hadn't acted out of hand because he was certain, tired as he had been last night and unprepared, the only outcome of a battle between the two would have ended up with him breathing his last breath.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Deer couldn't be amazed with how tenacious the Bark Gecko was, maintaining its bite on its snout causing it to charge across the forest. It didn't last long before finally succumbing to the pain and collapsing on the floor.

Rather than move closer Deer started to edge backwards he wasn't sure it was safe to stay in such a situation. Especially wild beasts that were close to death, they were known to violently react in its death throes, even rats when corned can fight a cat to a stand still.

Unconsciously, he glanced at the Bark Gecko to check its condition, he could see it moving away and towards him. Not sure how to react in this situation, he decided to trust his instincts and stop, waiting for it to retreat to his side before both of them moved further and further away from the destructive scene.

A pang rumbled in his stomach as he couldn't help but imagine what the boar's flesh would have tasted like in this world.

It was clear that the boar was still alive but as unprepared as they were, there was nothing the two could do to cinch the finishing blow. It was fortunate that the boar was still laying down, obviously impaired, even his sense of smell defeated, even if it had decided to come and chase them.

Leading the way Deer followed the Bark Gecko as it seemed like it wanted to bring him to certain place.

Following a winding trail, Deer soon arrived at the entrance of a burrows underneath a giant tree. Stopping outside he watched as the Bark Gecko walked inside. Not a moment sooner and it popped out its head, seemingly beckoning him to enter.

Slowly squeezing himself inside he found that the small entrance contained a mid sized room that was enough for him sit in if he was crouching. There wasn't much inside apart from worn fibers of woods and different plants creating a small bedding for the Bark Gecko.

Returning home, it lay down its head as it was tired from exhausting itself.

On a whim Deer decided to check his status notification, other than a simple notification giving the name of the monster he had entangled with, there didn't seem to be anything else, with a name like the Craven Boar, Deer knew he had been luckily once again, that is, if it's name was anything to go by.

"Ouch!" A sharp nip appeared on his wrist as the Bark Gecko bit into his skin. Blood seemed to glow towards its mouth, though it didn't look like there was any hostile intent.

At the same moment a new notification appeared in front of Deer: "your favorability with the Bark Gecko has reached a Threshold and it has initiated a Contract, will you accept?".

'What was this?' Looking at its eyes, Deer immediately accepted, 'how cool was this!'. Excited and pleased at the same time the Bark Gecko turned into a swirling aura that approached Deer, slowly binding to his soul.

He felt different, he was surprised at what had happened, clearly pleased. He quickly brought up his status screen as he checked his body.


Lvl 2

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 1 (-1)

Luck 9


[Heart of the Pure]


[Contract of the Bark Gecko]

Able to summon a Bark Gecko, loyal until death do you part.

A brown mark showed up like a blemish or tattoo on his skin on top of his shoulders, similar to the skin texture of the Bark Gecko. His eyes flashing lights Deer was ecstatic, never mind what abilities it had, he had made another new friend. But the question was how to name him.


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