A Deer's Journey
10 End transmission
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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10 End transmission

Thinking back to the moment when the Bark Gecko had seized the opportunity and bit down on the Craven Boar's snout, Deer couldn't help but smile.

It was clear that his new friend was a bit lacking physically but it was tenacious and vicious, it's temperament couldn't be underestimated. Still a number of names couldn't help but run through his head like muddy water into a stream: Moor, Clive, Buck, and Sunder.

There was a nice ring to the last, especially so because of the meaning behind it, with the connotation 'to split apart', the power to rend things and completely destroy it. It was a nice ambition to have, completely deciding on it, he tried to summon the Bark Gecko.

It seems all it needed was to create an image of it in his mind and Sunder would be summoned forward. 'Come forth Sunder!' He held his hand out dramatically, like the action after throwing out an capsule. The shaded portion of the skin on his shoulders seemed to emit some heat and transform into an aura that spread out in front of him.

Suddenly appearing out of thin air he could see the same Bark Gecko standing inside the burrows next to him. What was more surprising was the appearance of a mini status screen similar to his that appeared inside his head.


Lvl 1

Race: Bark Gecko

Stamina 5

Strength 3

Agility 2

Wisdom 3

Intelligence 4

Charm 2


[Nature's Friend]



[Bite] [Burrow]

It seemed it had even conveniently been named already! He wasn't sure what kind of system this was but it sure was intuitive.

He took another look at Sunder's stats. He couldn't help but cry inside when he saw its Charm stat, didn't this mean he couldn't even be compared to Sunder, if he he was honest, he could admit that he wasn't handsome but surely wasn't that bad!

It was true that he had higher stats than Sunder but even so compared to what he could see, he knew he had made a powerful new ally. It even had two talents and skills. But one thing he was concerned with was the fact that this system in his head didn't explain these abilities.

No sooner had he thought of this, when he felt a sudden rush of information flooding into his head, 'so all it needed was to request it?', confused, Deer could only put it to the back of his mind for now. Scrolling through the status screens he could now see in his mind, he soon learned for example that [Nature's Friend] was a powerful passive which gave Sunder a high affinity with plant based organisms.

His other abilities were pretty straightforward, they were true to its name, like bite, which allowed Sunder to clamp down its teeth on a target to deal damage.

Annoyed and delighted at the same time he couldn't help but focus on his own talent.

[Heart of the Pure]

The user of this ability has a heart which maintains its innocence, increasing the chance of achieving favourable status with creatures.

Conflicting emotions appeared on Deer's face, it made sense now why such an opportunity to obtain a Bark Gecko had dropped into his lap. Although his ability had given a new understanding of what it did, it wasn't omnipotent, at the least it was no use when he was attacked by the Cave Spider.

Still he couldn't help but frown as he wondered if this was what he had obtained from the "opening bid", 'in exchange for that, was it worth it?' It was hard to tell, he made it so far but so what, he wasn't sure if it was a even trade.

A voice rang in his head like the start of the opening bid, it seemed something was about to happen!


Only barely able to digest it, Deer couldn't help reevaluate what had happened in the last day, things weren't as simple as he thought, this was only a "trial" according to the announcement. He couldn't help but compare it to the games he had been playing.

'So if this was just like the starting village, where will we go now?' It was normal in games for players to be sent to a beginner's location where they could grow and grind before they could move ahead and sent on a quest or a visit more dangerous places. If he what he was thinking was true, then didn't this mean this was a land of opportunity created for them.

Suddenly realising that time was almost up, Deer couldn't help but hurry and recall Sunder, who knew if he would be teleported or not since it was a native of this place, as his summon he would of course need to follow him. The aura dispersed as Sunder slowly disappeared in the form of a visible tattoo on Deer's shoulders.

He couldn't help but smirk, things were getting more and more interesting. Holding tight to Fergus' Coin in his pocket, his eyes brightened as he became more excited to see who else he would meet next and where they would be send to!


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