A Deer's Journey
11 The start of a rebellion!
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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11 The start of a rebellion!

He was back at home. 'It was strange but was this all a dream?' Putting his hand in his pocket he could still feel Fergus' Coin smoothly rubbing against his palms, taking it out he was surprised: it was the same one!

Quickly examining himself in a mirror, he looked exactly the same as when he had fallen asleep at his desk, his room was the same too, even to the latest detail of Nagai Mihina's face plastered on his wall and her soulful eyes.

He was wearing the same t-shirt but it wasn't ripped or torn. He could still see his favourite character from Hunter x Hunter on there. 'Could it be...' taking off his top he looked at his shoulders. 'Sunder! It was real but why was he sent back?'

Rushing out of his room, he tried to open the door only to find it locked, 'that's weird, there wasn't a lock before'.

Deciding to wait, he jumped onto his bed trying to calm himself down. It didn't seem like he could do anything at the moment so it was better to wait, 'if everything that had happened was real, then it looks like I might not've been teleported back home after all'.

Everything in his room looked like how he remembered it: reaching out, his hand fumbling underneath his bed he tried searching for his important 'files', a real copy beats things you can't see or touch after all.

'It's here!' An awkward laugh escaped from his mouth ending in a small cough as he wondered if he was being monitored and if this was a secret Government experiment.

Bored without anything to do, he tried to summon Sunder. It seemed this skill could still be used even when he was wearing clothes. Glad he was no longer alone he called his name. "Hey Sunder! What do you think of this place, this is my room, not a lot of people have been here, you're the only friend who has!"

"Let me see, do you want something to eat, I might have something here..." getting up, Deer dragged himself towards his own desk, looking into one of the drawers where he usually hoarded some snacks for when he was gaming. Taking out a bar of chocolate he split it into a very small piece for him to try.

Sunder seemed to be quite intelligent and could understand Deer because he slowly opened his mouth as he made a noise as if asking for him to throw it in. "Chomp" it was gone in a moment.

Going through his collection of encyclopedias and brochures he finally found what he was looking for, in fact when he first saw Sunder he remembered that it looked a lot like something he had read about before.

But other than his size and the small differences on his body, it looked just like it's namesake a Bark Gecko, something that existed in his world. Wondering slightly whether any information here could help him understand Sunder better he decided to take a closer look.

As the time passed slowly, the door began to make a click sound as if it had been unlocked. Not sure if it would be better to recall Sunder or keep him out, he hesitated before finally recalling him and quickly changing clothes. Sunder would be his trump card in case of any mishaps, pocketing Fergus' Coin in his new pockets he opened his door and walked out.

It was like there was a mini array built in because no sooner had he walked out, that the door suddenly disappeared and he was back in the massive clearing where they had been summoned for the opening bid before.

Looking around there were a lot less people than before, in fact some of them had gruesome expressions as if they had gone through Hell or something much much worse.

It didn't take long before something extraordinary happened. A figure appeared out of thin air, floating, it's body roughly looked like a person although it was hard to tell. He looked like he was covered by a invisible barrier or aura creating a mysterious form or mirage covering his whole body.

A voice projected out, it was loud and clear, but before he had even started a small commotion began to develop as small groups of people began to attack him. Deer stayed where he was keeping himself distant from the crowd.

Making a snapping motion of his fingers, the people who had attacked him suddenly found themselves bound by an invisible force as they fell hard on the floor. The first wave of the rebellion had been squashed just like that.

<|You know you guys should feel blessed that I've only restrained you, if I was in the mood it would have been so easy just to make you disappear.|>

As if to prove his point the first group who had began the assault exploded outwards as their bodies seemed to burst like a watermelon covering those around in a sticky substances and shattered bone.

At the sight of this scene some fell down crying but Deer could only feel his heart palpitating faster as he clenched his fists together. 'This was no longer a game, it was real. I could die here...' the realisation throwing his mind into despair.

He had been thinking too simply, forgetting that they were dealing with a unknown existence, for whatever purpose they had been brought here, he could only aim to survive and grow more powerful before anything else.

<|Of course there is a reason you have all been brought here, but that is something you don't need to know yet. Wait till you first survive the First Expedition. I'm curious, so many of you survived this time, did you have fun?|>

The question hung in there air just like the smile that couldn't be seen from this avatar or otherworldy apparition. The loud sound of the Devil's laugher echoed in the air as he began to roll in a dramatic fashion, poking fun at the group below him.

His attitude was clear, 'so what if I laugh, what is it that you think you can do to me'.

<|I'm sorry, you guys just.. hahaa... I'm sure everyone must have enjoyed their First World, I hope you guys managed to grab the opportunities that were there, your next destination won't be as easy. Actually I can tell you much much more but ask me again when you finish the First Expedition.|>


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