A Deer's Journey
13 First Expedition II
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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13 First Expedition II

Deer closed his eyes as soon as the announcement finished. Unlike the last few times it seemed this time the feeling was different; a slight vertigo hit his body as mind became disorientated.

Slowly opening his eyes, Deer found himself in a villiage hut with four other people. 'Wait! Wasn't this the group of four from earlier! What about the random allocation based on abilities?!' Frantic thoughts ran in Deer's head as he couldn't help but become embarrassed.

Not forgetting how he had acted earlier and declined the group's invitation to join them several times, he could even see an unfriendly stare from the man in a business suit although the colours seemed to have changed.

Looking at the others he realised that the clothes that they had been wearing also seemed to be slightly different, forgetting about being embarrassed he quickly checked his clothes. 'Yeah definitely the same clothes but...'

Unlike the first time, it looked like their whole wardrobe had been 'localised' when they had been brought to this new world by the system, for them to blend in and not to stand out from the locals.

Greeting him with a smile, the guy who he assumed was the captain started to introduce the group after shaking his hand. He could only pretend that this situation didn't bother him as he returned the handshake.

"Well I'm not sure what happened but I'm glad you decided to join us haha, so I guess I should start off with names, I'm Robby", pointing in turn he called out the names of the rest of the party. "Zahra", surprisingly it was the assistant, "Duncan", it seemed he was the oldest here, "and Trinny."

"I'm Deer, nice to meet you all", nothing could be done since what had happened had already happened, he could only move on and try to play it by the ear.

Staring at Deer, Duncan suddenly spoke "since you just joined it is a good idea to explain your strongest stat for the benefit of the team, unless you're thinking to go by yourself, mine is simple and straightforward, Strength". As if to demonstrate, he made a grasping motion in the air, flicking his finger pointed at the floor.

'Whooosh' a clear sound of air being dispelled and shot down could be heard followed by a small hole in the floor of the village hut. More than anything it was clear, Duncan harbored some animosity to Deer, this was nothing more than intimidation: at least he could see from the action that Duncan must have used some sort of skill.

As if to break the awkward atmosphere, Robby quickly interrupted, confidently grabbing his attention "well I guess there is no need to hold back now, not after that, my ability is slightly different, my strongest stat is Intelligence, although I hate to disappoint you, it's nothing as showy as Duncan's, I have a Talent called Maslow's Ladder."

"If I had to explain it it would be quite lengthy but if you have heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs you might understand it better, to put it simply, it allows me to rearrange this; whenever I impose a condition on myself and successfully complete the ladder my intelligence doubles for ten minutes."

From what he could understand Robby's ability sounded very overpowered, a doubling of your highest stat was equivalent to a level upgrade of nearly five times if this had been a game, certainly more in the later stage. Deer couldn't help but imagine how he had achieved this ability, compared to Duncan's air gun it seemed more normal now.

Although it was true that Robby's ability had a huge advantage it also had its own limitiation, it shouldn't be missed out, he had even briefly mentioned it. The set condition that he could rearrange the needs in a given order, but for this ability to work all these needed to be met for it to be activated. Whether this was as easy as it sounds, Deer knew there may be very strict conditions for this ability that was not covered, definitely not as simple as he made it out to be.

Interrupting the thoughts running through his head, Zahra suddenly disappeared in a blink only to approach him from behind "mines Agility, I can appear from behind someone and catch them from surprise", her voice was cool and exuded a sense of seduction.

Trying to keep calm while pretending it didn't bother him, even so his body couldn't lie as his ears went red, Zahra had been very close behind him and her voice had whispered into his ear. As a inexperienced young man meeting someone with her standards had actually created a warm feeling in his head.

It was a good thing his body was different to before. Not only wouldn't he have kept his composure he was sure it would be more obvious how interested he was in her curvy body as it had pressed him from behind. He knew she had probably done it on purpose.

Hoping to change their eyes from looking at him, Deer could only point to the last member of the group. "What about her? Hey! Where is she?" Looking around he couldn't see the little girl, was she a ghost! A ripple shook the air as she reappeared, her soft voice further creating a ghostly aura of a person who had died with long grievances "my ability is a bit low, my highest stat is Charm, but if I want to I can hide myself for one minute and no one can find me."

Quickly thinking to himself Deer knew the party might not have been actually 100% honest with him and it was better to keep some things back too. "Okay I'm sorry to let you down but my highest stat is Wisdom, my talent is actually called 'Heart of the Pure' and allows me get an friendly impression from animals".

Although he had told them his ability, he decided to keep Sunder a secret for now. It wasn't like they were very close, who knew if sharing so much was a good thing or a bad thing right now.

He hadn't lied in any case, unless like him they had uncovered a hidden stat, this was something he didn't want to share. From what he could tell, a figure as high as nine could evoke jealousy. Just comparing his stats and those of Sunder, he guessed that there might not be many people with higher than an eight in their most strongest stat. The exception was those who were abnormal.

"I guess that's the introductions over, let's go outside and check out this place, oh by the way our captain is Zahra don't forget it."


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