A Deer's Journey
14 First Expedition III
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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14 First Expedition III

'Her?' Slowly coming to terms with that fact, Deer gave her another look, seeing as they had obviously decided before he didn't express any other opinion, it wasn't like he wanted to lead. But he was definitely surprised, she must have her own methods to be able to take charge of a group like this.

The first thing that greeted the group as they walked out of the village hut was the almost dead silence that hung in the air, it seemed like this place had been abandoned.

"It looks like there's been an epidemic of sorts, there is no way all these village huts are empty but in such a good condition, there doesn't seem to be any signs of a struggle, not that I can see" musing out loud, Zahra looked confident. It looked like her being chosen as the captain was not without merit; a sharp eye and a keen mind would certainly make things much easier, her body alone captured a lot of his attention.

"You're were right Robby, didn't you say before we might not all be sent to the same place! I can't see any other parties apart from us."

"Hey Duncan what did I tell you, I don't just look good I'm smart too" winking at Deer, he could gradually begin to understand why neither of these had been chosen as captain. Their personalities just didn't seem to be suitable for such a role in the first place! There wasn't anything more that needed to be said about Trinny, he couldn't even feel her presence.

Carefully looking around it was clear the village was still in rural development even the cooking utensils they had were wooden, with only a couple of pots made from hollowed out stone in some of the bigger village huts.

Taking the chance to look around, Deer began to explore each and every place he could hoping to find something useful. From the location of the twenty huts it could be seen that the village was placed quite well. A stream not far away with one side enclosed near a steep rock face.

The boundaries of the village even had stone walls although it looked like it must have taken a long time to build for keeping animals away. The wall was made of small stones piled together and held by mud, the height reaching just to half his waist.

"I'm keeping this!" Deer shouted out as he finally found something useful, a collection of sharp throwing sticks the length of his forearms. Although his aim wasn't too good, he believed that the sack containing the sharp sticks would still be useful.

Coming closer to where Deer was looking over his new find, Zahra couldn't help but frown. "I think we should leave this place as soon as possible."

"Why what's wrong?" glancing over Duncan looked like he didn't seem to agree, after all, moving far from here was the same as surviving in the wild.

"Look at what Deer has found," she pointed out at him.

"Sorry can you explain I'm sure I'm not the only one who is left in the dark."

Speaking in a serious tone, "actually I agree I think Zahra is right, it looks like these villages had the means to defend themselves but even after searching through so many places that's all you've found, although it doesn't seem like there was any signs of a fight they must have ran away for a good reason, I think we might be better not to stay here."

An unanimous decision; "okay which way should we go then, we don't even know why we were send here, but three days, we will be sent back in three days", Deer could only speak out as he thought being silent at this time wouldn't help matters.

"That way..." a small voice lifted from the side, Trinny's figure seemed to be trembling slightly. It didn't look like anything needed to be said as they all prepared to head South. Only Deer seemed to have some reservations 'why were they so sure, was this one of her skills?' although no one decided to explain.

Taking one last look, Deer swept the houses clean for anything he thought was useful. There wasn't even crumbs of food left, it was like a horde of locusts had come and devoured the place clean. Thinking it might be a good idea, he did take a small container as he filled it up with water from the stream.

Robby walked up to him, his eyes looking at what he was doing "hey not bad, did you see any more containers back there?" nudging his thumbs towards an empty house Deer continue what he was doing. It was only several moment later with everyone prepared and ready that they set off.

As the party cautiously walked towards the South, following a trail that seemed to be well used, they could see the surroundings begin to become more peaceful the further they walked.

Trying to start a conversation Deer couldn't help but ask, "Robby do you remember what happened before you came here?"

"I was hiding in the school gym, I'm not really someone who likes to study, I guess I had one of those days. Honestly I'm happy to be here at least this seems interesting, I don't think I want to go back home."

Surprised by his honesty Deer could only keep his silence while thinking of his family and whether his parents would still attend Church every Sunday without him.

"You know maybe you have people at home who miss you."

"I don't think so, my parents are always away working. But it's not all bad, in the private school I went to we had everything we needed, best of all was the monthly events we had with our other sister school. I went to an all boys school so you know."

Indeed everyone had different situations, it sounded like Robby was from a wealthy family.

Thinking about his room Deer couldn't help but ask, "I'm sorry if this is private but it's been bugging me since we got teleported back the first time, when you guys got back from the first world did you get sent to your own room?"

It seemed this topic had generated a bit of a stir because even Zahra decided to speak, "for me it was a mountain lodge room that I frequently liked to spend time at whenever I was free, I think the system programmes it so it is a place that you feel safe in or treat like just you would a home."

The tinny voice of Trinny softly whispered back "I don't have a room, I like the garden of butterflies.." It looked like it was true, still Deer was happy it was his bedroom and not anywhere else just seeing the familiar space made him happier.

In the midst of this Duncan kept silent while walking at the front, his eyes peeled for danger. It didn't feel like he wanted to share or maybe he was used to keeping his thought to himself.


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