A Deer's Journey
15 First Expedition IV
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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15 First Expedition IV

The path ahead was like a long road, grasses and shrubs lined the side as it dipped downwards, probably the village they had left was on a slope. With such a good location Deer just couldn't figure what had made the people want to leave.

A change seemed to spread in the air, a slight palpitation in his heart warning him of danger. He wasn't the only one, Trinny in particular stopped completely, tugging on Zahra's sleeve. There was no sound but a mist began to appear out of nowhere.

It was an ambush! Mist like creature appeared all around them, taking out a wooden spear from the back of the carrier Deer shot it at one of the figures but it only pierced through. Cursing in his head he looked at the rest of the party who saw the reaction his spear had on the strange monsters.

"We need to run, do not engage them! Follow me let's go through the woods."

Following her lead, the rest of the party soon ran in the direction Zahra had escaped to hoping to escape the danger. It was at this moment that Deer could hear a scream and he stopped as he saw the creatures had somehow carried off Trinny. Hesitating whether to try and help her or escape he could only look helplessly as the others didn't even glance back at the scene.

'Are they cold blooded!' The thought ran in Deer's head as he could only keep running towards the rest of the group. It was only after some time that they stopped.

Clenching his fists and grabbing Robby he could only shout "didn't you guys hear that, those things got Trinny why didn't any of you look back I thought she was your friend!"

Smiling at him, Deer could hardly refrain from punching Robby in the face, the guy who he had such a great impression of before had just plummeted in his books by a thousand fold.

Seeing the scene Zahra could no longer take it as she voiced out her thoughts "do you think we would have done that if we didn't have no other choice, not to mention I think you are sorely underestimating Trinny or Yvette..." a shudder seemed to shake her body.

"Yvette? Who's Yvette?" Completely confused Deer loosened his hold on Robby's shirt, staring instead at Duncan who had remained the quietest so far.

"I've not seen it myself but from what I have heard it's like Trinny's defense mechanism, you ever read the story of Dr Jekyll and Hyde. Actually out of us all I think she has the most chance to survive in a situation like that."

Seeming to talk more and more, it was like the dams of a floodgates had been opened. "Did you ever think about how many of us could survive the first world or be successful in the opening bid, you might not have even met more than three people in the first world, did you ever think why?"

He was right this had been something he had wondered about slightly after seeing how many people were summoned to the clearing the second time.

"Enough Duncan, that's enough Duncan, he's right we should still go back and check", reprimanding him Zahra's mood seemed to be agitated.

Finally breaking out of his silence, Robby began to speak in a low voice. "I saw it, I still can't forget it, idiot, she'll be fine I'm sure if it. I still remember it, she won't die that easy after all she's already dead", the sudden words dropped like a stone silencing the mood.

'Dead? What did he mean', it was like ten thousand horses were running rampant in his head, he just couldn't understand what he meant.

After a few moments the silence seemed to emptily hang in the air but the mood was still heavy as if something was in the atmosphere, a ominous warning.

The group of four quietly made their way back while being careful to remain vigilant of their surroundings. It took some time but they eventually made their way back. Getting closer to where they had escaped the mysterious mist creatures they saw signs of devastation in the surrounding shrubs and deep claw marks.

There was even a 6ft tree which looked like it had been uprooted entirely and used as club, half broken on the side. In the middle of this Trinny appeared fainted in the middle of the path.

"Guys looks like you were right, she's here", walking closer as he was speaking Deer could only feel silence behind as he felt the others seemed to have stopped. Looking down at Trinny's face he could see her eyes were red. "Why are you guys over there, come look!"

It was at this moment he could something fiercely biting into his neck and he seemed to feel weaker and weaker. His face became pale but he couldn't exert any strength.

"Aaahhh!" A brief shout but it over just as fast. Holding his neck he could feel the imprints of two small puncture wounds. Quickly checking his status Deer saw a surprising notification.

"You've been bit by a vampire, your body will now undergo a constitution check, you've passed the check congratulations you've overcome a critical condition and your body has absorbed the essence of a vampire, Strength and Agility will be permanently increased by one."

Horrified, Deer wanted to quickly move away from Trinny but he could feel that he was extremely weak, although her face looked peaceful resting, the small drops of his blood on the corners of her mouth was more than enough to startle him. He was extremely lucky to have survived such a situation, had she not been more weakened from surviving the fight earlier he was sure he would have been finished.

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see a satisfied expression on her face and his mind began to thunder as he even faintly heard the words 'delicious' being uttered during her sleep. Waiting till he regained control of his body the first thing he did was move away. Lurching over to a nearby fallen tree to rest.

Paying no more attention to Trinny or the rest he looked again at his stats.


Lvl 2

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 5

Agility 5

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 2

Luck 9


[Heart of the Pure]


[Contract of the Bark Gecko]

Able to summon a Bark Gecko, loyal until death do you part.

It was true they had gone up, at least he had gained something from the dreadful encounter. Quickly getting angrier his face was still pale but the veins on his neck were lit up like a bright network of stars in the sky.

"Why didn't anyone warn me she was a vampire!" his shout awakening the others from their stupified gaze, staring at him as they had seen a monster.

He could even hear Robby quietly whisper, "he's still alive... but the others who had even touched by Yvette had their whole bodies drained till they were like mummies!"

Trying to break the awkward moment Zahra could only take the bullet and stand out as the captain. "Actually even I wasn't sure she would make it but you were the one who was the most concerned, you even charged ahead before we could even say anything."

She wasn't completely honest, Deer could feel it in his bones, most likely this had happened before as he guessed from what Robby had said, although to recover she needed to drink blood. The question was only whose blood it was. Being the outsider and the last to be chosen for the party it was a no brainer as to who they had planned to sacrifice.

Deer quickly realised that he had been too naive, he was right, it was hard to prepare for the knife held at your side, whether they had meant to or not, he couldn't forget this hard learned lesson.

Thinking to here, Deer quickly began to run, he was glad he had quick reflexes because in the middle of this Duncan had been slowly moving closer to him. The distinct movement of his fingers as he prepared his skill to silence him was very much apparent.

Getting rid of the false facade, it was not long before the rest of his former party began to coordinate and attack him. All he could do at this point was to run!


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