A Deer's Journey
16 First Expedition V
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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16 First Expedition V

The teamwork that instantly showed itself as they all began to coordinate and attack him told Deer a lot more than anything he could ever hear from this party. It wasn't the first time that they had done this.

He didn't even have a moment to doubt if all that he had been told was a true, still that wasn't the most important thing in his mind. He was frantically looking for a way to escape, "tssttt" the sound of something shattering as he narrowly missed being hit by Duncan's air missile soon brought him back to reality.

He had to find a way to get out of here and quick. Without any other choice he could only run back to Trinny's body laying on the floor and hope to use her as a hostage to get out of the situation.

Seeing him run towards her, Robby lunged towards Trinny, dragging her body roughly across the floor without a care. His main plan thwarted, Deer nervously kept an eye out behind aware that Zahra could sneak attack him at any moment.

His mind was churning as he was desperately trying to avoid Duncan's shots while being wary of Zahra's sneak attack. On impulse he decided to throw caution to the wind and try with a daring risk. Running in a direction with the sun behind him he went all out not looking back as he ran in uneven lines not staying in one direction for long.

It seemed to have worked because he could feel the pressure behind him slowing down as the shots fired by Duncan careened around him, widely missing their mark. It seemed the team had been overconfident, they weren't prepared for him to have survived Trinny's blood sucking tribulation.

In fact back on the path Robby couldn't help but praise Deer as he stood next to Zahra whose face was livid with anger. "He's certainly smart to even guess that your ability has to do with shadows, it's unfortunate but you still haven't managed to appear from the front."

"How can I! Do you know how hard it is to even use my ability to sneak attack someone from behind, first I have to make sure they have their guard down or it might even be me who receives the wrong end of the stick. Not to mention with the sun behind him he has instant vision of his shadow infront."

It was clear the party had been pretending all along, in fact the real leader of the party was Robby. Using his looks to play a fool, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, "count him lucky! Duncan what did I tell you, didn't you tell you've been practising that skill of yours all this time!"

As the three began to argue, laying still on the floor a smile could be seen on Trinny's face.

Meanwhile having escaped the pursuit, Deer immediately summoned out Sunder. "Sunder come out!" The appearance of the Bark Gecko brought his confidence up slightly, he had just narrowly escaped his death, who knew what else lay round the corner.

Playing his cards when he needed them, this was of course the best plan. With Sunder summoned he was more reassured about his chances of keeping himself alive. But first he needed to stay low and recover.

Not forgetting Sunder's "Nature's Friend" ability, he decided to see if it could help here. Slowly hinting at it to find a safe place for him to rest, Deer followed the Bark Gecko as it seemed to meander through the woods in no definite direction.

While he was running earlier the unnatural movement of the short arm spears' carrier had caused him to chafe across the shoulders. Even more a couple had fallen out and he was only left with three. It didn't seem like he had worn the carrier properly or the material of the carrier was oddly lacking or how did they even use this for fighting.

Although it may seem like Deer knew about a lot of things, in many areas he was still lacking, lets not forget he was still a young teen who hadn't even completed second base with a girl, let alone hold hands. So it was not without reason that he was he wouldn't have guessed that the short arm spears were mainly used as throwing spears for hunting animals with a spear thrower.

Stretching his shoulders Deer decided to hold the carrier instead as he comfortably walked following Sunder. It didn't appear like being summoned to another world had phased it, maybe this was due to the system but he was curious about how it all worked.

Right in front, Deer could see a giant tree. Happily approaching it, the floor was littered with what looked like apples and Sunder soon took quick bites of the fruits on the floor. Seeing the scene Deer wasn't sure if it had understood him properly.

Still the place didn't look bad, not sure if the apples were safe to eat. Deer decided to split one open and take a small bite, after all Sunder and him didn't have the same biology, what might be safe for him might not necessarily hold true for Deer.

After a quick bite with no immediate reaction, Deer decided to finish the rest of his apple. Looking around he could see Sunder tearing the earth around the tree probably planning to dig a small burrows to sleep in. He had understood Deer after all because the opening kept getting bigger and bigger.

It's claws and body were adapted for digging and in the time it took to enjoy a cup of tea, the small entrance had already been finished, the inside was just big enough to fit both Sunder and himself.

Stroking it's back he couldn't help but praise him "good Sunder I knew I could count on you, not sure what I would have done without you!" As if agreeing a small bark vented the air as it happily replied.


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