A Deer's Journey
17 First Expedition VI
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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17 First Expedition VI

After a good night's rest Deer felt completely refreshed. The sudden ambush and betrayal had only just caught up to him. Only realising now how fortunate he had been.

Maybe it was under influence of his extreme luck but even that could only be counted as his strength. Touching the smooth surface of Fergus' Coin in his pocket he couldn't help think how true the old sayings were, calamity and blessing was two parts of the same coin.

For example had Trinny not been weakened by the ambush of those monsters would he have known the malicious thoughts hiding behind the party he had working so closely with just yesterday, maybe he might have eventually lost his life to the dagger hidden at his side.

Coincidence then, that he managed to survive such an impossible situation, the fact that he had survived was a blessing in itself not to mention the gains he reaped from absorbing part of Trinny's vampire bloodline.

Though it didn't seem like much, a permanent increase in two stats was very significant. Considering even when he reached level 2 all his stats had remained the same. It made him wonder just how the system worked out experience and what the levels were useful for in the end.

Putting all these thoughts to the back of his mind, Deer shook his head as if to clear his mind.

First thing was first he needed to survive two more days in this new world. From the clues he had discovered, it looked like there was more than meets the eyes but he was just missing just one piece!

It was frustrating! Closing his eyes his mind replayed the scenes so far like a loop but all that he could focus on was the words Robby said: 'they must have ran away for a good reason, I think we might be better not to stay here'.

Even though he hated his face right now, Deer couldn't help but agree, he was right. 'What if the people of the village knew something he didn't like a large scale catastrophe was about to happen, what could have been so important that they urgently left everything behind?'

The village had been well constructed and it would have taken a long time to build, just looking at the materials they had used it didn't seem like it was built as a temporary stop off point. To run away from away from that, their own home, there must have been a very good reason.

There was still the fact that they would likely be travelling with the elderly and the young. But for whatever reason he still hadn't seen any signs of people.

Either way Deer knew he didn't have the means to answer it or find out why, all he could do now was to go with his feelings and run further away.

Preparing to travel out, Deer decided to collect some of the apples from yesterday just in case there was no food to be found later. Taking out the short arm spears from the carrier, he thought it be a better idea to store the apples there after all he only had two hands.

Undoing the belt at his waist, he quickly bound the three short arm spears together to make a thick heavy pointed club. His throwing skills was nothing to boast about and it didn't take a lot of skills to bash something or poke it either.

However after having second thoughts he removed one to use in case of emergency lining it in the inside of the container with the pointed side up. He could already imagine himself using it only to find it jammed against the apples if he had done it the other way round. Leaving just enough of a gap to grasp the bottom of the spear head, he looked satisfied.

"Swoosh swoosh" the sound of the two spears bound together made a nice sound as he swung it in the air.

Recalling Sunder he set off in a random direction. Quickly making his way out of the woods. He hadn't noticed it before but now that he was alone it was even more clear, there was no sounds of wildlife in the forest.

The evidence only reinforcing what he thought as he increased his pace forward, carefully paying attention to everything around him. The colours of the forest didn't look much different to one which was on Earth, everything was green or brown and some patches of yellow or ruddy red spotted here and there. Evoking memories of picnic he had with his cousins and family while camping a few years back.

Time gradually passed as he made his way onwards and the fact that he saw nothing or anything living for that matter stupified him. Further up he could see what looked like a sign post, strange characters were written on its surface but he didn't know what it said, symbols he had never seen before pointing out a direction or warning.

Actually looking closer he could see some sort of red paint on the sign, touching it with the butt of his makeshift spear he drew it closer to smell. A nauseous feeling soon entered his senses as he could identify the iron taste of blood. It must have been from quite a long time ago as he had to scrape it off the sign.

Sweat dropped down his forehead as he slowly began to understood it was most likely a warning sign, as it was pointing in the direction he had just escaped from. Thinking back to the mist like creatures he saw before, a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

But what was important now was to travel further away from this place. It was not long before he encountered a crossroad with another sign post, seemingly to three different places.

Seeing as he couldn't read anyway, he took out Fergus' Coin, standing a bit further out he rolled it across the floor in the direction of the post. It was not long before almost there that it stopped, sliding to the left in the direction of one the signs posted.

Picking up the coin and putting it in his pocket Deer confidently headed West.

His eyes peeled out for anything strange he actually met a cart driver, he could see it from a distance. His cart long since empty after delivering his goods. Stopping in the middle of the road he decided to hail it.

"Hey!" Startled the driver urgently slowed down his ox, well it looked like an ox although it had an extra eye in the middle of its forehead.

"What do you want? You don't seem to be from around here," caution was evident plastered across his face.

His face lighting up Deer could only smile, he could understand him, whether the system had a built in translator or for whatever reason he was happy to finally get some news.

"Yes, yes I've been struggling to find my way, I was with my group before we were attacked by some strange mist monsters and now I'm here," he quickly nodded like a pecking chicken at corn hoping to convince the cart driver.

It seemed the news had shocked him as he face turned paler "you actually survived a meeting with Mist Wraiths?" an incredulous expression lined his face as he looked again at Deer in a new light, briefly glancing at 'long spear'.

"Wait why are you travelling this way, don't you the only thing further is Mordor's Castle," lowering his voice to a whisper he seemed like he was afraid.

"Sorry I'm not from around here and was confused by the signs."

Sighing to himself the cart rider made a quick 'hop on' gesture as he began to introduce himself.

"Lucky for you you've met me then, the name is Condor."


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