A Deer's Journey
18 First Expedition VII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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18 First Expedition VII

"Condor is it, I'm Deer", introducing himself Deer remained wary. He had learned his lessons the first time of the results of being too trusting. Still there was no other person in sight and it didn't look like he could get better news about this place other than talking to a native.

"Sorry where are you heading? You mentioned something about a castle earlier?" glancing back at the way Condor had come from he wondered what kind of place Mordor's Castle was.

"It's just a place, there is a Baron there, but it isn't a place you would want to go to. I don't think they will take very kindly to strangers, why not follow me back to the town?"

Considering that he was not familiar with this place, his goal was nothing big; he wanted to survive for the next couple of days and get out of this place.

Quickly nodding he stayed on the cart while trying to make passing conversation with the cart driver. "What do you deliver to the castle?" a sudden curiosity had made him ask the question.

"Just food mostly vegetables," it didn't seem like subject interested the cart driver although looking at the wooden cart he was sat on Deer could faintly tell it definitely hadn't delivered just vegetables. The cart looked pretty new with no markings of the day to day use of carrying anything of that description.

Honestly speaking there also seemed to be a kind of smell coming from the wood or was it the cart driver. It was subtle but faint in the background. He could feel himself growing more tired.

Looking again at the cart rider he soon realised that something was wrong! He hadn't noticed it before but his hands appeared to smooth with no signs of calluses, nothing you would expect for someone handling goods and managing such a strong beast like the ox every day.

'This was!' Those were the last thoughts in his head as his body became numb and he soon passed out.

No longer feeling any need to pretend, it was as if a mask had been unveiled and the cart driver laughed maniacally.

"I should be getting a hefty reward from Baron Mordor this time, this is the sixth traveller I'll be bringing over."

It seemed all this had been a well planned trap. Stopping the cart and removing a type of shackles from his body he bound Deer as he turned the cart backwards towards the castle.

Meanwhile in another small settlement a group of villagers could be seen in a heated debate in the village square with a large group of oddly dressed group. Unlike Deer, a couple of the groups which had already formed their own party before they were summoned to this new world, five of the groups here had been summoned together.

It didn't take them long before talking to the villagers and discussing amongst themselves that they realised a few important points. The situation was like this, for some strange reason the owner of the nearby lands Baron Mordor, had recently showed signs of strange behaviour.

Coincidentally strange monsters had been seen roaming the nearby land, seeing such a situation, some of the small villages had decided to go in groups to Mordor's Castle and seek his protection. Who knew that they had walked right into the jaws of the Devil.

Luckily a few people had escaped and these were the ones who managed to warn the medium and bigger village settlements in the area.

Those who had escaped from Mordor's Castle were naturally incoherent with fear, even to the point of being scared of their own shadow. But one thing they had all in common was that they described the appearance of a cruel creature, one that had taken possession of Baron Mordor's home, and the appearance of black pond that had appeared in this location spawning miasma and evil spirits.

"Oscar do you think anything they've said is true?" The voice came from a young woman, showing a voluptuous figure that couldn't be hidden from behind what she was, loose long pants that gave her walk a mesmerising feel despite the lack of shape to be seen apart from the rear.

"Sonny I think there is a lot of things to be careful of, do you still remember your first experience when you were summoned here? I'm not sure about you but all I know is with risks comes rewards," a strong voice filled with conviction filled the air.

"I want to get stronger too Oscar but I'm slightly worried like Sonny, since we've decided to form a party I decided to place my trust in everyone but that does not mean I'm going do it blindly, this feels so much like a game, if you could call it this, this 'quest' isn't as simple as it sounds."

A figure walked out of the shadows, it was a thin man, his age was hard to tell from his face but it looked like he had some authority in the group.

"Axel let me ask you this final question then, are you in or are you out?" The guy called Oscar seemed to be filled with determination, he looked like the type that was simple and honest, in fact to be a captain of his own party each and every person who had the ability to do so shouldn't be underestimated.

By being the first to speak out, Oscar was hoping to lead the team made of five different parties in the village to come to a consensus and attack Mordor's Castle, he knew that even with his abilities it would be difficult to tell how the situation would open out.

It was better to make use of numbers to create opportunities, he was confidence in his own party but more importantly confident in his own power to create the best chance and grab onto it.

Such a thought ran through his head 'it was yet to see what type of opponent would be waiting in Mordor's Castle and with everyone gathered here, under the reason of helping the villiagers it would be a good opportunity to check out everyone's ability'.

As the plans were underway for a grand confrontation, the unconscious Deer had unwillingly already found himself to become the latest guest of Mordor's Castle.


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