A Deer's Journey
19 First Expedition VIII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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19 First Expedition VIII

Groggily waking up, Deer found himself in a basement prison. It didn't seem like he was the only person here because on waking up he could clearly hear other people talking in a whisper around him.

There were many cells divided up in the small basement prison, with each cell around the size of a small public toilet cubicle but longer in length. "Where are we?" His voice echoed in the dark, angry gazes could be seen glaring at him.

"Keep your voice down you idiot, can't you see we are whispering for a reason," a guy to this left spat over in a angry whisper, it didn't seem like it would do his throat any favours, his voice already raspy from lack of water.

Suddenly keeping quiet, Deer was slightly intimidated, after all this was the first time he was in such a situation, however he still remained confident, he was glad he had kept Sunder a secret and recalled him.

Looking around him as his eyes began to make sense of where he was and adjusted to the dark. He could make out the figures of five more people in the prison basement. The furthest one was in a corner whereas the one closest to him was the guy to the side of him who just reprimanded Deer.

"Who are you guys and where are we?" hoping to find out more information Deer couldn't help but ask again this time in a well concealed whisper, but it seemed like they were all unwilling to talk as they have him the silent treatment.

It was at this time that the voice seemed to appear in his head, startled Deer looked around but it didn't seem like anyone else was paying him attention.

"Hahaha you must be a player as well!"

'A player? What was that, was this person like him', Deer was slightly confused but he figured it must be another person in the prison basement.

"I'm here" with a wave a hand moved in the corner furthest away.

"Don't be surprised this is my Talent, I can talk to others through my mind, I wouldn't bother with the others here two of them are villagers that live in this world and the other two players you can even more likely forget it."

"If you want to talk to me you need to fulfill some conditions, it's to do with my Talent, otherwise you can hear me but it doesn't work the other way round."

Uneasy, Deer was unsure what to do wondering why they couldn't just speak out loud.

"Just so you know I received this Talent through the opening bid by sacrificing my ability to talk so I'm no different to a mute, never mind sign language, I don't know any!"

'So that's how it was no wonder', keeping his thoughts to himself Deer was feeling slightly better he wasn't sure how useful this Talent was but it did look like it was more trouble than it was worth, he wasn't sure even how he would survive without being able to talk.

There was even a condition for the other party before they could initiate a communication. 'This person must have been lonely', Deer couldn't help but feel some empathy for him as he himself had a condition. But that was not to say he fully trusted what he was told. He had already experienced too many betrayals.

"Actually I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking even before you say it, I met other people before too, you must be doubting what I've said is true but I have no better way to convince you right now so I hope when I initiate the Link ability of my Talent you can accept and trust me on this."

"I can only tell you what I know now in the hope that there is still someone out there who believes in other people, you might have guessed but we are in Mordor's Castle. You've probably got captured the same way as I did by the cart driver right?"

"Don't worry you're not the only one! Hahaha, from what I know a guard will come here every now and then to deliver us to meet Mordor or whatever Demon or Evil Spirit he is possess with, I haven't seen anyone come back yet."

"Oh before I forget my name is Sijm, there's no real condition for Link, you just need to accept it, I can't read your thoughts or anything like that but it allows me to talk to you and vice versa wherever we are, of course it's not easy to remove though..."

"Deer" the sound of his voice echoed clearly in the dark. Vehement glares seemed to strike at Deer, unconcerned he only shrugged it off. Hearing Sijm's story he was oddly touched, it was rare for someone to still remain cheerful despite those circumstances.

Not to mention the stuff unsaid, it didn't take a genius to figure out that Sijm was abandoned by their party.

Subconsciously already having made a decision he decided to say his name as acknowledgment of the fact that Deer had paid attention to what Sijm had said.

Not long after Deer received a notification on his status screen.

"Sijmentje has initiated a Link, will you accept?"

The response was almost instant, as Deer tentative whispered to Sijm using the Link.

"Hello can you hear me?"

An excited shrieking could be heard as he instantly heard a response, "thank you thank you Brother Deer for placing your trust in me, even after meeting so many people you're the first one who has believed in me, if you ask me to go West I won't dare to walk East!"

'This... was Sijm a girl, what was this', Deer couldn't help but think if he asked for more trouble than it was worth, it seemed like she could go on and on.

"Stop Sijm, you're talking too loud can you quiet down first," Deer could only ask politely as he could even feel her emotions through the Link.

"Brother Deer look first, I'll show you my stats" it seemed like Link was more useful than he had thought, you could even share that.


Lvl 1

Race: Human

Stamina 4

Strength 3

Agility 4

Wisdom 6

Intelligence 5

Charm 4





Create a 'Channel' to a recipient, both parties must agree for this skill to be activated.

After glancing at her status screen, Deer felt like he had made the right choice, it didn't seem like she had been dishonest. Actually it was very tiring to live like he had, doubting every person he met but as a matter of course the increasing situations of being betrayed one after another had taught him to be more resolute and wary.


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