A Deer's Journey
20 First Expedition IX
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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20 First Expedition IX

"Sijm which two are the players?" thinking it through, Deer thought it would be a better idea to try approach them and see if they could work together to escape.

"It's those two in the corner, the cells opposite yours but I wouldn't bother I tried whispering using my skill to them for a long time but they just ignored me, I think they purposely led themselves to be caught."

Looking at the other end of the prison basement Deer could indeed see that the two were playing something, although they pretended to be lying down, doing nothing of significance, the positioning was weird.

There was one who had their back to everybody else while the other was facing directly looking towards his side as if guarding against a sneak attack. It seemed like these two were at the very least, acquainted or from the same party.

Interrupted by Sijm's rambling, Deer could understand why she had been ignored. Maybe it was true she's been lonely too long or she was a natural gabber because the next moment he could hear her in his conscious asking him another question.

"Don't bother with them I've tried, hey Deer where are you from? How old are you? Where's the rest of your party?"

Taking a deep breath, he slowly replied to her questions while ignoring the others. "I'm probably younger than you you know so I rather like it if you stopped calling me brother, also I had a falling out with my party, they tried to kill me so... here I am."

"Instead of asking me so many questions do you have idea of how to get out of here?"

"Actually since it is you that asked, I do, in the first world we went to I was lucky and found this" surprised at what she was talking about he glanced her way only to see her flip her cloak at a small dull pin like object attached to the hooded cloak on her body.

"The guards took everything they thought dangerous or valuable away but they missed this stinger I secretly sewed to the inside of my cloak."

Saying that Sijm send over a description of the item through the Link.

[Melissae's Sting]

A magical item imbued with the power of the magical bees, given as a sign of friendship: it allows the user to transform into a bee for a short duration at the cost of a token of blood.

"If you don't mind me asking Sijm how did you even get this?" he was curious, it seemed like a pretty good item for scouting or escape.

"To be honest I was stuck in a cave for the most part of the time I was in the first world and I couldn't get out, it was lucky that it ended but during that time I spend a lot of time talking to the bees of a hive that was there, especially the Queen Bee, it's easier than you think with Link".

Not exactly the answer he was expecting, Deer couldn't help wonder if her stats in Luck was anything like his. 'Talking to some magical bees and so happened to receive a heaven defying present, who said that pies don't drop from the sky!'

However it was not long before Deer realised what Sijm had said, 'what about Fergus' Coin'. It didn't have any use but he had grown a little fond of fiddling with it, especially considering the plus two in Luck he received, he was certain there was a hidden secret behind it that he hadn't unlocked.

Searching his pockets his heart dropped as he immediately put one and one together, it wasn't there so it must have been taken by the guards. Compared to the pin on Sijm's cloak, it was obvious that his was a coin that was worth some money, even if they had found the pin on her cloak he doubted they would have taken it.

By all accounts items like these were usually bound to players in a game and couldn't be traded. Although he was sure that he could probably take it, but whether he would be poisoned by the stinger or become a bee was a risk he didn't want to find out.

"Sijm have you tried using it before or used it on someone else?", he could see her head shaking even before she replied back through the Link.

"Err I used it before but why would I stab someone with it, have you seen how small this is, wouldn't it be better to use a knife or dagger even if I had to stab someone?", Sijm's casual reply had left Deer speechless, talking about stabbing so casually, she definitely was extraordinary.

"Never mind I was just asking, also can you not make it so obvious you're talking to me, stop moving so much."

Looking straight at him, although he couldn't see a smile but he could feel the emotion through the Link. "Don't worry look half of these guys already think I'm crazy, look!" With that Sijm's body made splurging motions as her body became restless, dancing to something unknown. Strange sounds came out of the corner.

Deer wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or not. All the while he could hear her maniacally laughing in his head through the Link. "Muahahahaha!" He was slowly starting to regret accepting the Link, imagine hearing this for the next 24 hours, was there any way to mute her.

"Okay stop now, stop" he didn't know what to say, he was gobsmacked.

Still he wanted to try to see whether the other players had decided to come here as Sijm thought.

Looking around him and the stone floor he was sitting on Deer tried to see if there was anything he could throw to get their attention. Obviously shouting loudly would get him given some 'special' treatment so he decided another way.

Quickly throwing the stone to the opposite side he tried to whisper with a barely audible voice that could still be heard "why are you two here?", there was no use in hiding behind corners, sometimes the direct approach was the best.

But other times it could fail, just like now, he was ignored just like that, other than a cursory glance they didn't pay him any more attention as they were focusing on something.

At this point Deer wondered if he had obtained a observation sort of Talent wouldn't it have been more useful. Like the ability to inspect other players or see their skills. Half the time since being summoned he'd found himself in situations that was hard to judge or ones in which he simply didn't know what he was doing.

More recently he wondered what the rest of Robby's party was doing and whether they were suffering like him.

On the spur of the moment he decided to pass time while talking to Sijm, he still had his secret ace in the hole, Sunder! And of course Sijm could escape any time, it was obvious she was just passing the time here, she was smarter than it would appear.

"Sijm do you miss home?"

A slight pause seemed to permeate the air as she was silent for the first time. "Actually since its you who asked, I'm adopted, I don't know what my real parents are like since they left me since I was a baby but I do."

"I miss my family, I miss them, home to me has always been where my family are, so yes: although they're not blood related to me, they haven't ever treated me any different, they're all the family I've ever known."

'Woah! That was deep, maybe I shouldn't have asked that..' internally Deer was at a loss, don't forget he wasn't much older than eighteen, if first impressions were anything to go by, comparing Deer to Sijm, it was like an older sister confiding in her younger brother.

"I see... umm sorry I don't know what to say, I didn't expect you to tell me so much, I miss home too although I'm actually missing someone more right now" trying to make a joke to lighten the mood Deer could only try to pique her interest.

"Who's that, do you have a girlfriend? No but I have been a long fan of hers for a long time and I've known her just as long," mistaking his reply for something else, Sijm seemed to cheer up as she prodded at Deer to make a confession.

"Whats her name?"

"Oh you wouldn't know her, she's called Nagai Mihina," after a slight embarrassed pause he could only reply her with this name.

"Wait, WAIT! Isn't she a JAV ** star!"

' What you even know this, who was this person!' Surprised for another reason altogether, Deer could only awkwardly laugh, she was definitely extraordinary.

"Hahaha no you've got it wrong it's just someone with a similar name", it looked like the atmosphere had suddenly become more cheerful!


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