A Deer's Journey
21 First Expedition X
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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21 First Expedition X

The rustling of keys could be heard on the prison door. Accompanied by a burly figure with a mask on his face. Gesturing at the two other players in the prison, the two other guards behind the masked figure went to open the cells while cuffing them.

A dangerous glint flashed in the eye of one of the players, in the dim light from the doorway Deer could finally see the faces of the other two players more clearly.

Out of the two the one who had been facing the others earlier had brown coarse hair, his whole appearance gave the feeling of a dangerous animal. His palms were even a size bigger than Deer's face causing him to gulp in shock. He was stocky with wide shoulders and short.

By comparison his companion looked more normal with blond hair and a tall frame. He seemed to be unable to look away from the wall, even all the while the guards had dragged him out he had been looking that way as if waiting for something, other than how he looked from behind Deer had still yet to see his face.

It was at this point as one of the guards dragged him to turn around that Deer first saw the shocking glazed eyes of the blond man, he seemed to be blind. With both eyes glazed over like someone suffering from cataracts, other than this he looked not much older than him.

Like a signal had been arranged, it was as this man turned to look at the guy in the mask that a surprising change began to happen. The guy with a stocky body looked like he grew several sizes bigger, his whole body rippled as muscles burst out making him look even more monstrous.

In the blink of an eye, hair grew all over and his face became more like that of a huge brown bear standing on two legs, it was like a scene from a circus but rather than perform, the only thing he did was maul the guards at his side with his huge paw like hands. In fact even the chains and cuffs binding him had already split. Though this change took some time to describe it happened almost instantaneously.

Looking over Deer could see that the masked guard was not doing any better, it seemed like he was trapped in a nightmare and his burly body shrunk at a fast rate right of his eyes. It was hard to describe and even stranger to see, imagine someone wasting away but put this on a hundred times fast speed forward right in front of your eyes.

A shriveled corpse lay on the floor, at this moment the blind blond uttered a name "Drizzt we need to go they're coming", without even a glance at the others the two started to move out. As he was moving Drizzt slowly reverted back to his human form. At the doorstep, he suddenly spoke.

"Kid you're lucky I don't have time, no has ever provoked me and survived." With that direct statement both escaped from the prison basement.

Sweat cascaded down the back of Deer's back, he wasn't arrogant enough to think he could fight such a fearsome person head to head. Still for some reason despite his rapidly beating heartbeat, his palm unconsciously clenched together.

"Deer, Deer, are you okay? Don't pay any attention to him, we need to escape, it sounds like something big is about to happen," Sijm's voice was like a magical stabilser pulling him back from his thoughts.

Slowly returning to his usual self he decided to ask Sijm some questions.

"Sijm how long can you become a bee for? Is there a cool down limit?" This was important part of his plan to escape. At this moment Sijm could escape and search for the keys next to the guards and open the prison door but he thought it be better to keep this last measure a secret, after all it seemed she hadn't told anyone part from him.

It was always better to keep a path to escape for emergencies, he also wasn't sure if they were being watched right now.

After confirming the details he decided to summon Sunder while telling Sijm to hold tight for now. "Sunder come out!" As for the reason he summoned Sunder, he realised after witnessing so many people with skills and abilities much stronger than his that summoning a pet wouldn't stand out too much.

Also because Sunder was a summoned pet, it could spawn anywhere with three feet of Deer. Communicating with Sunder while ignoring the pings Sijm had been sending him about his pet, he finally managed to let it understand that he wanted him to drag the keys over to him.

Unlocking his cell door, the first thing he did was go towards Sijm and open her door. Although he kept Sunder at his back as lookout in case anything strange was to happen, after all it was better to be safe. Slowly walking in he finally saw Sijm up close.

He couldn't tell before but he quickly realised that Sijm was black skinned with beautiful clear eyes and a sharp nose.

"Sijm let's go", holding out his hand he pulled her up as she stretched out her hands to grasp his. The smooth feeling of warm palms caressing his, especially a girl was something of a first for him causing him to unconsciously blush.

It was lucky it was quite dim even with the prison door left open. Ignoring the weird feeling in his head, he carried on.

He had already made a clear decision to ignore the other people in the cells as at this point he couldn't spare any more time to look after anyone else never min whether those guys could be trusted.

Noises sounded out from the other two people left in the cell as they angrily clamored for them to be released. Ignoring them Deer hurried on as it would not be long before they attracted more guards here.

Looking at the masked figure on the floor he decided to check his body, at this point anything was better than nothing and the fact that he was wearing a mask must have a reason.

"What are you doing Deer?"

Startled Deer forgot Sijm was behind him as his habit of treasure seeking had got the better of him. Imagine when a person who has lived most of his life playing games being sent to a world like this. Of course it makes sense for them to regain the habits from that time, after all the system really did feel too much like a game setting interface, what more about each world they entered.

It was fortunate that he did because he found Fergus' Coin in the the inside pocket of the masked guy other than this he had been carrying a whip at his side which he didn't even have the chance to use. It was quite basic made of hardened leather.

Other than the whip which he had no idea of how to use, he had uncovered the mask from the guys face but it seemed like it was just a normal decoration to hide his pockmarked face.

Handing the whip to Sijm in an embarrassed way while thinking of some strange things he quickly walked out with his other two companions behind.


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