A Deer's Journey
23 First Expedition XII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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23 First Expedition XII

"Deer, Deer?" Sijm's voice urged stronger in his head. "You know we didn't have any choice, if you want to survive and go back home we need to survive.."

'Yeah she was right but...' the sensation of blood on his hands, he had to forget there was no right or wrong, to survive there was no things he couldn't do only things he daren't do.

"Sorry I'm okay Sijm, we need to quickly move from here I'm sure more guards will be on the way, I think since these three came from that direction hopefully there won't be any more guards coming this way any time soon, let's just move forwards first for now."

Nodding in agreement, Sijm rested her hand on his shoulder after a moment's thought as if to comfort him. Unlike Deer she had realised much sooner than him the cruel reality of being summoned to a new world with this game like system.

Although she abhorred hurting other people, that didn't mean she was stupid enough not to understand what was meant by saving others at the cost of hurting yourself. Maybe it was her unusual upbringing and being cast away by her real family but other than those who she acknowledged as true friends or family, she would normall be quite cold too despite how she talked.

Moving further down the hallway, they soon arrived at a wooden door: from the outside of the door they could hear people talking.

The best thing about Sijm's Link were moments like this for example he could directly tell her to keep quiet without even a sound, on the other hand he could also feel her contempt and as she even without responding she thought he was an idiot for treating her like a five year old kid.

'It was obvious they were sneaking around!'

From the other side of the door: "Mullens what do you think all that commotion is? There's been a lot of strange things happening inside the castle ever since the Baron brought make that mysterious lady, don't you think so?"

"Jack you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, and I haven't got nine lives left to live. We both know the Baron we're serving is not anything good, so why are we still here, simple, money. Why worry so much about things you shouldn't."

"Haha you know I don't mean that. I just can't help stop thinking about those eyes of hers though, they really turn me on, did you look at the way she looked at him, it looked like he was under her spell. I wonder if we need to go out and join Hemmins and that they've still not returned yet."

Looking at Sijm, "it sounds like there is some mysterious plot behind the scenes but we better move away from here before we get discovered, this sounds like it's the restroom for the guards."

Quietly so as not to draw attention, the party of three slowly moved further away, following the hallway down. While keeping one eye out on the guards rest room behind them they quickly moved away before they could be discovered.

Turning right, the atmosphere became more solemn, as they arrived in front of two wooden double doors carved with some strange symbols on the entrance.

Putting his ears to the door Deer couldn't hear anything, the doors were too thick but after a moment's hesitation Sijm quickly prodded him as she suggested through the Link for them to go through.

The sound of the doors opening produced a wonderful creak, that set both Deer and Sijm's heart on edge. It was no wonder when they saw the wide hall and high canopy that they realised they had entered the inner chapel of the castle.

Suddenly the voice of a man shouted out "who's there!" Holding onto the sword with the signs of blood drying out on the blade Deer could only pretend as he harshly called out "be quiet or else that will be the last I hear from you".

Rather than appear scared, the priest, dressed as he was, was hard to miss. "We don't want to kill you if we don't have to, it's a sin to commit murder in the presence of the Father, so please be quiet."

Seeing the appearance of the priest, Deer's voice became more respectful as he realised that the man would not likely be a match against them.

Giving the party another look, he could see these people were not to be messed with and by the tone of the young man he seemed to be of religious faith. Hoping to avoid losing his life was naturally the best. Ignoring them he could only sit down and continue praying to the Father to avoid this calamity

Actually at this point, Deer had already been prepared and had instructed Sunder to remain hidden as a precaution, quickly getting Sijm to close the chapel doors he sat down next to the priest as he tried to get a better grasp of the situation.

From her side Sijm sent Deer a message through the Link asking to find out more about the situation and tell him to ask the priest if people normally visited here, they only had one more day left before they would be sent back, if the situation allowed hiding here would not be a bad plan. Sticking to keeping a look out, Sijm stood to the side of the double wooden doors that were the only entrance to the chapel.

Putting the sword to the side, Deer positioned his hands out in front in an empty gesture as to show he meant no harm. Looking at the priest in front of him, the man's face looked overdrawn and stressed.

Actually Storn was a very surprised to see the two enter, it was only moments ago he had been praying for the Father to send help to resolve the problems troubling his heart. He was a shrewd man and could tell immediately that these two were not ordinary people and had most likely escaped from the prison basement but they didn't seem to harbor any kind of ill intent. The man even spoke in a way which made him believe that he was a fellow devout believer.

Heart slightly palpitating, Deer was nervous about how long he could keep up with the act, of course his family being devoutly religious, he had done his stint as a choir boy at the local church in his youth, even the way he addressed the priest was convincing.

"Can I ask if many people visit here often, we really do not mean to bring you trouble if we can but we just want to find a place to rest for now before we go, at most we will gone tomorrow."

Listening to the reasonable way he spoke and the fact that it really didn't seem like the young man before him bore any ill will, Storn could only truthfully reply him as he told him that the chapel was rarely used for awhile and that no one would come visit in the short time.

Feeling relieved, Deer quickly messaged Sijm as to resolutely tell her that they would stay and hide here till tomorrow. Having arrived to some sort of peaceful resolution both parties remained silent.

Noticing the pallor on the face of the clergyman, Deer could not help himself but ask him what was troubling him. Who knew it was at this time he noticed a notification from the system!

"You've activated a storyline quest, <The Witch of Mordor's Castle>."


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