A Deer's Journey
24 First Expedition XIII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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24 First Expedition XIII

<The Witch of Mordor's Castle>

'Strange events have been occurring even since the arrival of a mysterious guest invited by Baron Mordor; just who is the one that has cast a spell over Baron Mordor, Father Storn believes a Witch has been invited in. Please investigate the background of the mysterious new guest in the castle.'


"Sijm did you get the notification, look at this", without even looking at her, Deer send her a message on the Link while sharing the quest.

"Doesn't this seem to be a bit troublesome, after all we are escaped fugitives right now how in hell are we supposed to even 'investigate' as soon as we step out we are more likely to be discovered already."

Acknowledging her point Deer remained deep in thought before glancing at Storn he quickly replied Sijm "I think I might have a solution for that, anyway we still have one day left: I can still pretend to be a new disciple of Father Storn here, there's always a reward for finishing a quest."

Respectfully looking at Father Storm, Deer decided to keep in character as he pried for more information from him.

"There has been strange movements in the castle lately, I have even heard of screams in the middle of the night. I am not sure what is happening no more but it looks like the play of a devil."

Hearing Storn's reply, Deer quickly seized his opportunity as he began to convince him, "Father I think there is more at work than you think, maybe I can be of some help why don't you share with me your troubles?"

"Maybe you're right, I have been praying to Him for a long time, maybe it is concidence but it feels like you can be trusted, can you help me discover the background of Baron Mordor's new guest?"

Slightly pausing as if to show he was thinking about a hard decision, Deer's acting couldn't be said to be perfect but rather too strong: "Father I'm willing but my companion, could she hide here for now?"

Quickly nodding his head, Father Storn quickly agreed after all wasn't it just one day and they had already said they would leave tomorrow.

"But as you can see even if I wanted to I don't think I can go out like this..." hinting at Storn, he trawled his fingers through his hair.

"Hey! Aren't you acting a little bit too dramatic, do you think we are shooting a movie!" almost failing to keep his laughter in as Sijm's sudden outburst shocked him, he only barely managed to hide his composure while ignoring her.

"Don't worry I have a spare set of clothes here, even if the others were to discover just tell them you're one of my new followers. Normally I have a boy here who does all the tedious chores of the chapel but he has been missing for a while, they shouldn't bother you too much."

Saying so much he quickly went off to look for the spare set of clothing.

Quickly returning, Deer accepted the long hooded cloak that Father Storn passed to him, it seemed a bit pompous but was more than acceptable as it would most likely cover most of his features. Asking for a basin of water, he made quick work of washing himself clean and maintaining his appearance.

It was obvious that he couldn't carry the sword with him, so he left this to Sijm but fortunate one of the guards they had killed earlier had a dagger which he had pocketed, armed, he was ready.

After confirming everything was in order and warning Sijm to remain vigilant, he decided to talk to Father Storn again regarding the layout of the castle. This was the best time to explore it making use of the distraction and chaos that was still taking place.

"Come back alive, just remember to update me on the Link, I never really checked the limits of how far the Link can stretch to but I imagine that it doesn't work like a normal walkie talkie so I'll be here if you need me." A sense of loneliness seemed to echo through those words as Deer could only reassure her he would and strode out of the chapel.

He had decided earlier to recall Sunder so he could summon him if he met with any more trouble on the way.

After speaking to Sijm they realised that the best course of action now was for Father Storn to resume his 'duties' while Sijm hid in one of the confessional booths in the chapel.

In the case of danger she still had her Melissae's Sting so she could escape easily or at least seem to disappear the moment she met with unseen circumstances. It wouldn't do to really heavily on Father Storn, who knew if he would report them as soon as he left.

"Sijm can you hear me still?"

"Yeah, Deer do you think we will make it out of here? Things have been happening very fast and it doesn't seem we are the only party here."

"Trust me I'll make sure we'll get out of here but you're right, the two from earlier probably escaped now, I'm not sure anything could match with the power showed by that brute Drizzt."

Actually unknown to Deer and his party, Drizzt and his partner had not escaped and were in a fearsome predicament. They were currently barricaded in and we're facing a huge colossal creature constantly battering the door they were hiding behind.

It was fortunate that the castle was build on a strong foundation otherwise even the walls might have caved in at this point due to the strength exerted by the monster outside, it was like it was in a frenzy. Seemingly without any signs of intelligence in its eyes.

It only had one order which was to exterminate the two pests behind the door.

"Hey Zorin how much longer do you think before reinforcement arrives?"

"I'm not sure but I think it will be at least another half an hour before they can break through the castle gates, who would have thought we encounter such a monster like this. I'm sure this castle has alot more secrets than we thought..."

"Can you at least stop leisurely sitting there and help me with this goddamm door, my shoulders are hurting, you know I can only use my ability for a limited time once a day!"

"Well..." sighing he could only stand up and help although honestly he wasn't sure what difference it would make, they'd sorely underestimated the hidden powers behind Mordor's Castle.


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