A Deer's Journey
25 First Expedition XIV
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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25 First Expedition XIV

"Marcus, where's the rest of your team, aren't they supposed to be stirring up a mess in the castle? The only reason we decided to storm the castle was because you were so confident the gate would be disarmed by the time we arrived!"

"Doesn't look like it does it Robby", a sneer could be seen from another guy standing with his party.

The man called Marcus could only keep silent at this point, there was no reason in arguing back he was outnumbered by these wily foxes here. While their parties were standing back it was only the rest of his team who were storming the castle and taking the brunt of its forces and still they complained.

If they thought he was easy to bully they were wrong, he was just bidding his time: ' Drizzt, what was that fool and his partner doing?'. He could only keep quiet and grind his teeth in silence while looking at the astounding sight of ripples forming across the castle waves as one of his people exhibited their ability.

Meanwhile following the description of the castle provided by Storn, Deer was having a carefree moment wandering through the castle wondering why it seemed much emptier than it should be.

Passing through an another room, he saw through the small opening slit the commotion happening in the grand courtyard leading towards the castle gates.

"Hey Sijm can you still hear me?"

"Yeah but I'm growing bored here, do I really have to wait in this confessional booth, I feel like have done something wrong, it's like being punished to wait at the steps when you're little."

"Sorry Sijm just bear with it, it might get exciting very fast and soon, I can see some other players breaking through the castle gates, I need to hurry up, just stay put."

A noncommittal response echoed out on the Link, there was nothing Deer could do, if he had known the chaos was like this he would have asked Sijm to accompany him, he had only been thinking that she might stick out too much that he asked her to stay behind.

Hurrying down the corridor he cautiously moved closer and closer to the parapet tower the mysterious guest was staying at.

He hadn't really planned it through but Storn had said the mysterious guest and Baron Mordor weren't in the castle so he had decided to take the risk.

Approaching the door of the tower parapet where she stayed at, he hesitated before deciding to barge in. Unfortunately it was locked.

"Sunder come out!" Summoning Sunder he decided to ask for his help to destroy the door to get inside. There was no point about hiding he had been there at this point, other parties were already prepared to break into the castle after all, all he had to do was escape before they were discovered.

Entering the room, Deer felt a strange sensation on his skin. It was like he entered the lair of a spider and he was a fly caught on the web.

The room wasn't anything special, it looked like nothing you would imagine a witch's room to look like. No boiling cauldron, no signs of strange ingredients or anything out of place.

"Are you there Sijm, did you find anything there?"

"Nothing, there is nothing particularly strange here, maybe she just sleeps in here?"

"Check her bed maybe she kept a journal," Sijm could only suggest based on her own experiences, it was quite normal to hide things like that out of sight, after all the witch was a person too.

Quickly searching the bed, it wasn't long till Deer actually found a small thin book.

"I found it, there really was a book there!" Excited Deer began to share the news with Sijm but he was soon interrupted.

"Okay don't look at it there come back quick quick, I want to read it too", recalling Sunder he took one last look at the room, 'was there really nothing else here?'.

Other than a cloak it seemed the witch wore, there really wasn't anything else there. Keeping the cloak for Sijm to wear later he rushed back to Father Storn's chapel his heart beating in his chest as he searched around the corner of each passage before running, afraid he would be discovered.

It took some time but Deer arrived back at the chapel.

Holding the thin book triumphantly in his hand he was greeted by the grinning smile of Sijm as she walked closer to him. The book in hand, as she approached him closer and closer he too smiled.

However something unexpected happened because as they were almost within kissing distance Deer lunged out with the hidden dagger in his hand, stabbed forwards into her chest!

A strange glint could be seen in Deer's eyes as he called out to Sunder, "Sunder attack!" A brutal fight thus began as the party of three began to struggle to the death, but the strange thing was at this moment there was no sign of Father Storn.

The sharp yapping sound of the Bark Gecko created a stark contrast with the almost silent atmosphere, pulling back the dagger in his hand Deer suddenly clenched the thin book tightly to himself all the while looking at Sijm.


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