A Deer's Journey
26 First Expedition XV
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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26 First Expedition XV

"Sijm where are you? I can use your help right now against this other you..." unexpectedly, Sijm's ability had saved their lives from a deadly ambush.

Moments before Deer had arrived he had received a weird message through the Link from Sijm just before she had transformed into a bee with Melissae's Sting. It was unfortunate but she couldn't communicate with him while transformed but could still receive his messages through the Link.

This was partly because of her ability which only allowed their consciousness to connect in a network similar to a channel on a tv or WiFi, because of the changes to her physical body, some of the functions of her ability had been temporary restricted.

Deer could clearly tell Sijm was in danger and arriving within the chapel the first thing he did was to communicate to her through the Link but she never responded even though she was right in front. He had even joking said to her she looked good in some red lingerie, but the reaction on her face hadn't changed at all.

A sense of danger raised the hairs on the nape of his neck. He had come so far on following his intuition, at the moment they were face to face he decisively attacked. The one in front of him had to be an imposter!

"I know you're not Sijm, who are you?" keeping his distance he could only look at the stranger in front of him.

The face in front of him looked the same as Sijm but the feeling it gave out was more sinister, instead of surprise rather he could see her frown. A sudden change seemed to come over the body; the surface of the body began to distort like looking through a funny mirror, transforming into Father Storn!

"Do you recognise me now?" A small smile played at the edge of his lips, as his eyes looked at the calm man in front of him, he was too composed as if he had already known.

Indeed Deer had guessed but he wasn't sure but now after revealing his face, he was at least eighty percent sure about the circumstances. "Tell me if I'm wrong but, the person who has behind all this and the disappearances in the area is you isn't it 'Father'?"

"Hahaha haha you're right but so what if it is, you're late far too late to change anything, if you're wise you'll hand over that book in your hands."

"Sorry I just have something I'm really curious about, I think I can be satisfied after this: there's not a witch is there, in fact the mysterious guest I have been told to investigate is nothing more than someone who has rescued Baron Mordor from your evil clutches, you demon!"

A smile that was not yet a smile, the silence only confirmed what Deer thought. It was likely that hiding behind his identity as a priest of Mordor's Castle, Storn, if that was his name, had committed a lot of vile acts behind the scenes and was even eventually discovered.

Thinking back to the guards summoning one of the prisoners earlier, they must have been following someone's order, who else had the authority to act in Baron Mordor's name and that without being questioned.

It must have been someone of some standing in the castle, what more when he had been send to search for the 'Witch' room being told that both the Baron and his mysterious guest were conveniently away. Didn't this mean there was still someone in charge who was acting behind the scenes.

A small buzzing sound could be heard through the Link, as at the same he could see a small yellow bee slowly approaching Storn from the back. "Now!"

Charging at the same time, the three pronged attacked by Deer, Sunder and the real Sijm took Storn by surprise, even more when a body appeared directly out of the air carrying a long sword stabbing from behind.

Faced by this sudden attack even the powerful Storn could do nothing as he saw himself ferociously attacked by the three. Sunder had used it's skill to attack from below, swiping at Storn's feet while the attack by Sijm from behind followed by the frontal assault of Deer, left him with no escape.

Don't forget he was already injured before through Deer's sneak attack!

It took a few moments to describe but the situation soon ended just as fast. Aiming for his jugular, Deer managed to create a heavy wound on his neck as blood began to cascade down, at the same time locked in place by Sunder and the teamwork with Sijm, a thrust to the heart left Storn falling down.

Exhausted the party fell down on the ground while moving away from the dead body at their feet. At this time a notification rang in both Sijm and Deer's status screens.

"Congratulations you have killed a named Lesser Demon, Storn, completing a hidden quest the Mystery Behind the Disappearances. You've have leveled up."

Checking their status, it was official, Deer had jumped up to level three while Sijm turned to level two. Though sharing their status screens it seemed other than their level increasing there hadn't been any other changes.

It was at this moment that Sunder as if in a trance proceeded towards the corpse of the Lesser Demon Storn, biting down it began to maul at its body as if digging for something, it's sharp claws easily tearing apart the flesh.

Noticing this too late, Deer was surprised by another notification from his feed. Bringing up Sunder's status screen he could see the following changes.


Lvl 2

Race: Bark Gecko

Stamina 5

Strength 3

Agility 2

Wisdom 3

Intelligence 4

Charm 2


[Nature's Friend]



[Bite] [Burrow] [Corrosive Breath]

He didn't notice it earlier but it looked like even Sunder could level up too, it had even learned a skill after devouring the heart of the Lesser Demon Storn, 'Corrosive Breath', it seemed to be a long range skill which dealed a damage over time. This sudden discovery made Deer slightly dazed.

Sharing with Sijm, she could only congratulate him while petting Sunder but unfortunately it didn't want to be touched, if not for realising that Sijm was his master's companion it would have already snapped.

"Deer you sure are lucky, hey I almost died back then, it was a good thing you convinced me to stay in that booth, I sensed something fishy and Father Storn approaching me so I used Melissae's Sting to escape and hide."

"Look maybe we should search his body there might be something useful in there."

Drawn back to reality by Sijm's suggestion, Deer carefully made his way to the ravaged corpse of Storn. His stomach was feeling slightly queasy looking at the sight, not to mention the strong smell of iron.

He was surprised though by how easy it had been to kill Storn, although a lot of it had to do with the teamwork they had displayed, the Lesser Demon's body didn't seem to be very different to a normal person. The only exception was that skill, Storn's own overconfidence and the group's excellent timing, failing to allow him to showcase his might.

Going through his pockets, Deer's heart began to drop as he found a scroll.


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