A Deer's Journey
27 First Expedition XVI
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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27 First Expedition XVI

The scroll admitted an eerie light. Deer could feel his heart throbbing before a strange resonance formed between him and the scroll.

"Deer what's that you're holding?"

Before he could answer he could feel his curiosity take hold as he slowly unfurled it, "I'm not sure Sijm but..."

A strange light seemed to spread before the scroll disappeared in the air, another notification appeared on his screen. Immediately checking his status he saw the following.


Lvl 3

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 2

Luck 9


[Heart of the Pure]


[Contract of the Bark Gecko]

Able to summon a Bark Gecko, loyal until death do you part.

[Contract of a Demon Weevil]

A strange creature summoned by a ritual sacrifice from the Netherworld with overbearing strength.

Happiness appeared like sunshine from over the clouds, suddenly lighting up Deer's weary face. As a monster fanatic, he was of course ecstatic about a new summon, it was like this whole quest had been made for him even the drops had benefited him greatly.

Although slightly glancing at Sijm he couldn't help but look sorry. "Sijm..."

As if knowing what was on his mind, "Deer are we friends or not? You don't have to look like that, it's clear you got something useful from that Lesser Demon, if you feel bad about it just remember to treat me nicely, oh and of course the next good drop will be mine!"

It was strange even though he couldn't hear her grinning, he felt the same sensation through the Link, but the one thing he did see was how clear and pure Sijm's smile was as she looked at him. He often wondered why his dad always said a women's best feature was their smile but he didn't get it till now.

'Yeah their second best feature', Deer couldn't help but smile himself while lost in thoughts of who knows what.

"Deer, where's that book you got, throw it over here and let me have a look."

Passing the book to Sijm that was still tightly clenched in his fists while smudged with blood. He focused on his new summon and what he should name it.

'Let's first see what it looks like', focusing he activated the ability for the first time.

At this moment elsewhere in the Mordor's Castle, an injured Drizzt and Zorin were frantically escaping from the huge creature chasing them. Luckily it had low intelligence, although this was more than made up for through its fearsome strength and power.

Using some guile the duo had trapped the monster inside the room after luring it and freezing it for a moment with an ability. They could only promptly run away, ignoring the guards lined behind the monster like flies, barreling through with Drizzt in front.

Beads of sweat lining Zorin's face he couldn't keep up with Drizzt pace, after he was not someone trained for combat, with a weak physique. Seeing the situation Drizzt almost stopped as he scooped his partner up over his shoulders but even he was tired, the pace was even more unforgiving as they slowed dramatically, keeping ahead by only a few inches of its mandibles.

A strange pressure seemed to be exerted from behind as not sooner had they looked that they found the monster had disappeared.

Meanwhile in the chapel, Sijm was going through the book which was like a diary while lost in thoughts.

The sudden appearance of a huge monster shaped like a human version of a dung beetle appeared surprising her.

"Ugha aaahh harh! Deer what is that! Keep it away from me, keep it away from me NOW!!" Even over the Link Sijm's voice had been particularly clear and loud startling Deer from the sight in front of him.

"Sweet, I'm going call you Goliath!" No longer paying attention to anything else he brought up the Demon Weevil's status screen.


Lvl 4

Race: Demon Weevil

Stamina 8

Strength 10

Agility 2

Wisdom 1

Intelligence 2

Charm 1



[Brute Strength]



It took some time before everything calmed down. Looking at the huge guy in front of him Deer couldn't help but look proud, you would think he had won the lottery or something.

Glancing at Deer, Sijm couldn't help but think why all guys were like that, while picturing her dad's face when he had bought a sports car for his retirement even thought the whole family had disapproved. Shaking her head she silently chuckled to herself.

"Hey come here stop admiring that thing and look at this."

"Sijm don't be like that, this is not a thing, he's called Goliath, he has a name."

Calling out to Sunder to meet his new friend, he found Sunder seemed to be a bit sullen and he couldn't help but be shocked speechless, as he quickly remembered his exaggerated reaction earlier.

Cajoling him while calling out Sunder's name and how good a job it had done earlier as well as saving both his and Sijm's life, it took some time before Sunder walked over while staring at the giant in front of him.

The helpless sight of Deer praising Sunder made Sijm feel slightly better inside as she couldn't help but think, 'serves him right!'

"If you're done monkeying about come look at this," an annoyed expression on her face, Deer could only look back sheepishly, putting Goliath to the side for now while followed by Sunder.

Comparing intelligence, it seems the higher the better for summoned creatures, Sunder looked like he understood a lot more and had played a crucial role earlier. While Goliath with his low stats in wisdom and intelligence was still standing there like a log.

"What did you find out? What was in that book anyway?"

Hesitating she handed over the book for him to read himself it would be faster than explaining it.

Gripping the book in his hands, Deer slowly read the journal as he stopped at times to glance at Sijm only to see her nod, before carrying on with the large batch of information that was inside.

"It looks like there was a Witch after all..."


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