A Deer's Journey
28 First Expedition XVII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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28 First Expedition XVII

Going through the journal, Deer eyes occasionally looked up as they glanced at Sijm. Rather than a diary, the small book had some strange chants and symbols however interspersed throughout were the anecdotes of the Witch's thoughts.

Reading through suddenly everything seemed to make more sense, but it was hard to think that Baron Mordor would be schemed at by both sides.

It was clear that originally the Baron on finding out the strange happenings around his castle and the surrounding villages, was keen to discover the secret behind these mysteries. Unfortunately for him, this led him deeper and deeper into a mire which he couldn't escape from.

Finding out that the castle was slowly being taking over by Father Storn who had a more sinister identity, that of a Lesser Demon, he knew he had to go through other means in order to survive.

With some difficulties Aryna was invited to the castle as a mysterious guest of the Baron, from the small notes left behind it seemed even the Witch had dreaded the power behind Father Storn and could only temporarily move out and escape with Baron Mordor before taking any action.

However this did not escape the notice of the Lesser Demon Storn who immediately took action to silence the two. In their rush Arnya left behind her most important journal, which recorded a number of her own findings and experiences regarding Witchcraft.

Knowing that she could not go back, nevertheless in preparation for emergencies her room had been heavily awarded against evil spirits and demons which must have been the strange feeling Deer had discovered entering the room. No wonder Storn had asked them to go investigate the mystery behind the guest. In the hopes they could obtain her note journal.

If not for the other parties who harbored the intent to explore Baron Mordor's Castle and eventually led away his most powerful bodyguard the Demon Weevil, Deer and Sijm most likely would have been become someone's dinner right now.

Looking at the huge figure next to them, Goliath seemed to sense their gaze and turned his neck causing the two to break out in goosebumps.

But the main thing was that they survived, whether the Witch and the Baron would come back was another question that hung in the air. It was not without reason that the Witch wouldn't come back for something as important as her journal. The fatal clue was in the fact that she warded her room as she had.

This was a hot potato but it wasn't sure yet if it would cause more bumps on the road further up.

With the main guardian of this castle gone and the disappearance of the Lesser Demon Storn, it was very likely that the other parties would soon make their way into the castle.

In fact this was what was happening at this moment! Having escaped the Demon Weevil it didn't take long for Drizzt and Zorin to recover and come to their senses: storming the inside gate and opening them for their party.

Looking at Deer, Sijm gave off a feeling of helplessness "what do we do now?"

"I don't think we have much choice we need go into hiding, just one day, just wait till tomorrow and we should be okay but the only thing we don't have is time."

"Say if we share this secret with everyone else, the first thing that will happen is that the parties will fight each other for this journal. Even if we don't join in its' likely we will be caught in the middle, if we even pretend to not know anything there is still the chance we will be caught for some other reason."

"I think we should take our chances and escape," Sijm's response was simply but clear, it made sense but how could they escape and where could they go.

As if coming to a realisation Sijm excitedly shouted out in the Link "wait, Deer, do you think this chapel might have a secret exit or area? I mean this is where that Lesser Demon spend most of his time, as for what he was doing, there should be somewhere that he carried it out".

"You're right, why didn't I think of it, why were all those villagers disappearing to, what about the other prisoner that we were with earlier, there must be a secret in this chapel. We should quickly look for it.."

A sharp glint appeared in Sijm's eyes as she raised her eyebrows "come to think of it we might not need to search for that place, I think we have someone here who might know where it is better than us", not understanding what she was on about Deer could only look at her confused.

"Who?" It didn't take him long, following the finger of Sijm's hand he carefully looked at what she was pointing at or more specifically, whom.

"Goliath!" 'yeah she's right, he must know where it is, considering the previous master of him was the Lesser Demon Storn!'

"Did anyone ever tell you what a gem you are!" A shy blush spread through Sijm's face as she took the compliment head on. After all there is no girls that don't love being complimented, especially when it's being said so directly to their face.

Trying to communicate to Goliath, Deer quickly ordered him to show them to the secret entrance in the chapel. However this wasn't easy because of its low intelligence, it took some time before it understood what Deer was asking.

Slowly, moving its feet that resembled broad spindles it scampered around till it faces the stand where a priest might read from the pulpit. Stopping at this location it didn't move no matter how long Deer urged it.

It seemed like a special switch or action needed to be performed before the secret entrance could be opened up.

With both Sijm and Deer searching the almost empty area, it didn't take long before they discovered an odd bump near the speakers stand. Coming closer, Sijm decided to step on it but nothing seemed to happen.

"Hey this is not working, do you think we need to say a special word to make it work?"

"What like open sesame," the bottom of the stage seemed to be going through a slight tilt as they felt a section of the pulpit moving downwards.

"Don't! I'm sure it just needed time to open, I will not believe the magic words were open sesame so don't even try to fool me!"

Seeing the adamant frown on Sijm's face Deer couldn't help but stifle the teasing remark that was left on his lips, 'at least she can't read my thoughts'.

"I heard that!" An unbelievable gaze spun out of Deer's eyes as he looked at Sijm again, 'did she really read my mind?'

Ignoring Deer, Sijm casually walked down the steps that appeared on the platform: although she didn't read his mind, she knew he must have been thinking of something no good, a woman's intuition can be as keen as a steel wire.


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