A Deer's Journey
29 First Expedition XVIII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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29 First Expedition XVIII

The entrance was like a maw, it was big enough to fit three people walking side to side and was equally tall as it slanted downwards.

Following the steps with Goliath in front, the trio slowly walked forwards while looking around. A few moment after they had walked further ahead the entrance had closed up. It was only then that Deer remembered the scene in the chapel.

Storn's body was still lying cold on the floor not to mention the signs of fighting that littered the the place like small footsteps. Come to think of it, did they leave any footsteps, there had been a lot of blood during the fight, he wasn't sure if any of them had left any prints.

"Sijm I think we might be in trouble..."

"Why's that, well after we killed that demon I don't think we cleaned up the scene right?"

"Uhh..." she could feel something bad was going to follow but her mind was blank, they'd killed the demon still it was their first time, killing anything for that matter never mind surviving something so dangerous.

"I just remembered but we might have left a lot of prints, like to here. We need to hurry up and hope there is an exit if not we need to move out of here now!"

"Maybe we should get out now but I can't see anything that will open that door again, let's just take a risk and move faster okay?"

Deer could only nod his head as he asked Goliath to speed up. At least they had a reliable tank right now. If gaming experience was anything to go by, they now had two melee, one long ranged and one tank which would definitely increase their chances of living longer.

As they were moving on Deer couldn't help but ask about Sijm's transformation "hey, you know when you turned into that bee, what happens to what you're carrying because when I saw you, you still had that sword".

"I never thought about it. I guess they just get carried along with me?"

"I mean for example if you're touching a boulder when you're transforming does that transform with you? Imagine transforming back on top of someone and reappearing with a huge boulder. That would be a instant kill, how overpowered would that be!"

"I don't know let's try it next time, I hope you weren't thinking of something perverted just now, I know you just smiled even if I didn't look at you."

'Yeah the Link,' he almost forgot, while they couldn't read each other's thoughts Sijm's ability was really useful and could even transfer emotions or feelings through, 'almost got caught ahaha', he was after all still a young man. It did somehow cross his mind that Sijm might have been naked after transforming and the thought had somehow stuck after the danger had passed. He couldn't help but look again at her slim and lithe body from the corner of his eyes.

"No such thing!" "Oww! What was that for", smiling back at Deer, Sijm grinned back after kicking him but the back of the legs.

"I just felt like it, got a problem?" He could only smile back and shake his head. Actually he was quite happy, at least she wasn't talking so much now, he couldn't help imagine why girls liked to talk so much or ask so many questions.

The friendly atmosphere between the two soon made them forget the time as they arrived in front of a stone door. Going to the front Deer tried to push open the door but with no luck, it was too heavy.

"Goliath" signalling him to open the door, the Demon Weevil effortlessly turned the door on the side as a small opening appeared leading to a stone room filled with the stench of blood.

"Deer" stepping behind him, Sijm cautiously glanced at the scene in front while trying not to puke. The room was quite big but the atmosphere was too eerie. A huge table stood in the center, with grooves carved out to drain what looked like blood towards a holes in the ground where the table was placed.

The strangest thing was the sight of a shriveled piece of leather in the center which on closer look was actually an heart.

"Sijm I think we better leave here..." It looked like this room was used for some type of ritual by the demon.

"There should be an exit here somewhere. He must have needed a place to get rid of umm..." hating to say it out and scare each other more he kept silent.

Tentatively looking around they eventually found another long corridor which they had missed seeing due to the dim lighting in the middle of the room.

Following this new path they eventually came to a large pond filled with blood and corpses and corpses of bodies piled up at the side. It was at this moment that Goliath started to move slowly as it followed its natural instincts. Seizing the rotting bodies he began to fill himself up.

The almost automatic reaction caused both Deer and Sijm's eyes to bulge out as they stared horrified at this gruesome scene. "Goliath stop", pausing it's body covered in rotten flesh and crunching bones, it looked back at his new master confused.

Recalling his new summon, Deer couldn't help himself but rushed to a corner and puked up, soon followed by Sijm. On the other hand only Sunder stared at them with surprise in his eyes wondering why they were acting like that.

His eyes seemingly to say 'we gotta eat too, he was only eating'.

Maybe Deer hadn't realised it yet but it was true, for Netherworld creatures like the Demon Weevil feasting on human bodies was nothing out of the ordinary in fact to them it was like a delicacy.

A few moments later after both Deer and Sijm managed to control themselves better, they could only sigh. Not knowing what to say, they rather remained silent before Sijm interrupted the heavy mood.

"We should look for a way out, I don't even want to know what this pool of blood is used for, how many people do you think must have died for them to get so much blood."

Deer could only agree, it was better to get out of here first. Following some worn steps at the side he eventually discovered a hidden exit which led them further out of the underground cavern. The long walk was heavy punctuated by the small sounds of Sunder following behind and small sharp yaps as it excitedly tasted fresh air.

It was not long before they eventually found themselves at the exit. A small opening in the rock face of a mountain path surrounded by shrubs and sparse trees.


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