A Deer's Journey
30 First Expedition XIX
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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30 First Expedition XIX

"Aahh this air is so good!" Deer couldn't help but shout out, Sijm remained silent slowly taking in the fresh air.

"Lets find a place to rest first and clean up, I still got some water left do you want some Sijm?" seizing the canteen filled with water from the first village he took a swallow before passing it to Sijm who took a few drops herself.

"Sunder can you find us a place to rest?" Looking at his reliable buddy he knew this was no problem. Setting off, the two began to follow the Bark Gecko as they walked behind it.

"Deer..." he knew what was on her mind. The things they had encountered before was indeed too shocking.

"Don't worry Sijm I know what you want to say but I will try to control him, he can't help it after all its what he's been used to".

Sijm knew it wasn't as easy as Deer was making it out to be, after all this new summon of his was a Netherworld creature, even if Sunder had eaten the heart of the Lesser Demon, he wasn't as aggressive or intimidating as Goliath who directly ate humans. More than this, it wasn't the idea of them eating that repulsed her, she understood in a way. Her mom had become a vegan for her own reasons.

"I'm just worried, he's a lot stronger than you and me, also your summons, you need to be careful, they're..." glancing at Sunder she could only sigh.

It was right that Sijm was worried but to Deer after accepting them, they had already become part of him just like close friends: it had always been his dream to become a monster tamer and now he could live that life. He could only make sure he disciplined them and made sure they stayed on the right path.

He understood that even though Goliath was a dangerous creature he was also a powerful ally right now, for their survival and to go back home he needed to stop restricting himself to the reasoning and logic of Earth. They were far far away from there after all.

This time as they stopped they found themselves lucky, discovering the empty burrow of some monster, it looked like it had been left empty for awhile. Simply making it bigger, the straight away went inside to rest. Although a bit cramped, it was a lot safer and warmer inside as the winds began to get colder.

It didn't take long for the party to fall asleep burrowed inside. Although at first it had been quite awkward, after all they were very close side to side, tiredness and the events of the past day soon caught up to them.

'Mum, dad! Where are you?' Sijm was dreaming in her dream, in her dreams she was once again helpless, her voice carried out through the damp air, she was a small kid, her eyes staring underneath the bridge longingly waiting for her parents, clad in a short t-shirt and jeans she sat there long till time past into night.

Waking up she could only shiver as she looked around her but she couldn't move her body well. It was like she was paralysed, looking around she wasn't in the burrows where she was sleeping earlier, instead she was in a small cottage. 'Where was this?' Keeping her calm she could only look around her.

In the corner of her eyes she saw Deer still asleep, why, even Sunder seemed to be tangled and bound hanging from a beam in the air.

"You're finally awake huh? I didn't expect you to be a mute, all I could hear was groaning earlier, this makes things a lot easier."

"You can understand me right?" The voice emerged from the shadows, it was a heavily cloaked woman with an intimidating disposition, her voice carried power belied by her confidence.

'Was it her? The Witch?'

"I'm glad you guys found my journal, otherwise it would have taken me a while to get it back, don't worry your friend isn't dead, but this monster sure is interesting, I've never seen anything like it before."

"I'll give you some time to think but you have two options in front of you right now, although I'm thankful to guys for bringing back my journal, one thing at a time, did you guys know you're poisoned?"

'Poisoned? Was this?' Thinking back it seemed they had indeed missed out something, how did the Lesser Demon abduct people for his ritual without anyone discovering or the absence of signs of fighting: the water, it must have been poisoned! It was more than likely Deer had obtained it from the same source.

"Option one is that I save one of you, option two is I save both of you and you become my, Arnya's apprentice, let me tell you there is a lot more benefits than simply being apprentice if not for my circumstances and because of your condition I wouldn't even bother."

'My condition? What did she mean, did she mean me being mute?' Questions spun in Sijm's head as she could not help but shout at Deer to wake up faster through the Link, however it was no use, it looked like he was a heavy sleeper.

The Witch left soon after, the small cottage returned to a quiet stillness. Sijm couldn't help but be frustrated, she had to make a decision and soon; it didn't look like she had any real choice but why her. A sudden thought spiralled into her head as she only just remembered but 'didn't the Witch escape with Baron Mordor, where was he?'

It looked like behind the scenes was a huge conspiracy and she was only digging herself in deeper and deeper.

Coming to a decision of sorts, she could only attempt to try and wake up Deer one more time before a sudden bolt of inspiration struck her, even so a flush couldn't help but stretch across her skin as the slow words uttered across the Link.

"I'm so hot right now, even this silk dress is sticking to my body... mm it'll feel so good right now if someone could wake up and bring a cool hard ice lolly to suck...why is my body so sticky right now, I feel so, so, so hot..."

It looked like Deer was following every word she said as she could even see his expression change on his face and his Adams apple quiver as he gulped while half awake.

'This pervert!' She had been shouting his name so long and there wasn't even a reaction but now, 'if I wasn't paralysed like this hmpff'.

Still, carrying on with her act, her final words were like the straw that broke the camel's back "...it's so wet..."


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