A Deer's Journey
31 First Expedition XX
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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31 First Expedition XX

Half asleep Deer felt himself in a strange dream, his body couldn't move but her heard a voice calling him. Somehow he drifted in front of a window, and he was outside looking in, his eyes were glued to the window from the outside.

He could see a lithe body in their nightgown just casually sitting on a bed, their face was in shadow but for some reason the voice seemed familiar. He could hear strange words being repeated as if the person inside was talking to him, it was like a magic spell slowly pulling him closer.

His body felt hot for some reason and he could feel the temperature turn up, the gentle movement of an arm wiping a bead of sweat from the forehead, the face was still unclear but, he was approaching closer and closer, she was so wet...

"Deer wake up you idiot!" Startled by the harsh tone, Deer suddenly snapped awake only to find his whole body limp, there was no surprise, even such an exciting dream hadn't caused any changes to his little brother, he was glad in a way because it was only a second later that he remembered he was sleeping next to Sijm.

'Wait where was this, this isn't the burrows! What's happened?' Calling out the first thing he did was check Sijm through the Link.

"Sijm are you there, where are we, I think we've been captured!"

"Oh no shit Sherlock, what made you think that", she was still annoyed at Deer and how fickle mens' mind were, even if that kid was younger than her. It had been a chance discovery but she had realised early on that she was actually older than him by two years.

"Sorry, what happened, why do you sound like that? Are you okay?"

'Now he asks how I am', Sijm could only grumble inside before she filled him in on and what happened when she woke up earlier.

"Hmm, I think the best option is to stall, in the worst case scenario just accept and see what happens."

There wasn't much he could do or suggest, after all they'd arrived into this situation because of him, who knew his water was poisoned. The best thing they could do now was wait, looking at the slowly trickling light through the window, Deer guessed that it was already the early part of the morning.

In any event they would be soon out of here if the previous time was anything to go by.

The sound of slow steps approached the door and it opened as Arnya entered. "So I see your friend is awake now too, I doubt he is mute, I tried earlier by poking him with a needle."

Beads of sweat appeared on Deer's forehead, she checked by poking me with a needle, "are you sure it's my water and not her who poisoned us?"

She decided to ignore him, there was no use to disclose the fact that they could talk via her Link. Catching onto her silent treatment Deer began to act once more, "who are you, where are we?".

"Arghh! I can't move! Sijm Sijm where are you?" Sijm could only roll her eyes as she looked at the Witch while passing him a glance, 'that idiot can you make it more obvious, why don't you just tell her that you came out a camel's behind, she would more likely believe that than your acting!'

Ignoring Deer, Arnya directly approached Sijm and looked into her eyes. "So did you think about it?" She could only blink hopping she would understand.

"I will cure you first, whether you can save your friend depends on you and how much you can learn, saying so she unstoppered a bottle filled with liquid and force fed Sijm drop by drop. A soothing feeling surged through her body as she felt a tingling as well as movement below her knees.

"Once you can move again just come through that door and we can begin your apprenticeship."

Finishing talking the Witch left through the cottage door without barely a glance at Deer who was feeling more and more awkward: "err... did I overdo it do you think Sijm?"

"What do you think? It looks like I don't have any choice, you better wait here and don't do anything stupid I'll come back".

As her body slowly regained sensation and she could move again, the first thing Sijm did was sit up and stretch herself before going to Deer's body and giving him a look before she coolly headed outside.

The clear sunshine, and the lack of any sound of animals surprised her. Looking around they were deep inside the forest, and the area of the cottage seemed to blend into its surroundings.

"So you've made your choice then, you must be surprised about what I've said to you before."

Staring in front at the Witch's back Sijm could feel some tension in the air as she approached her. As Arnya turned around Sijm's face was one of shock. The Witch, she was blind!

"Now do you know why I picked you?" Sijm could only hesitatingly nod although she wasn't sure if this was appropriate.

"Don't worry I can see, but the ways I look is no longer the same as other people. Do you know I've seen into the future and I know you're someone who can bring glory to this passion of mine, what other people call Witchcraft."

Time seemed to pass as one listened and the other talked, despite this, the atmosphere seemed to be like that of a grandma talking to their grandkid. It was strange, no other words were said but Sijm knew Deer probably had been cured, Arnya had only wanted her to pay attention to the stuff she was passing down that she had said what she did.

It looked like one of the reasons the Witch was looking for an apprentice was because she was soon approaching the end of her life. It was just so that she found a strange sort of affinity with Sijm because of her condition.

She even explained to her how she bad employed one of her abilities to scry for the future that she predicted that by helping Baron Mordor that she would meet her disciple who she could hand down her mantle to.

The Baron himself had long left under the provisions provided with by Arnya.

Lying on the floor, time passed slowly but it didn't seem like Sijm had encountered any problems in fact he could feel her mood swing from elation to pity and even at times excited. Although he didn't date to contact her, they had clearly decided they would stall as much as they could before it was time for them to be sent back.

It was at this moment that Sijm came back as the thought floated inside his head, she seemed different though. Coming closer she poured a bottle of liquid through his mouth, drop by drop. He could feel his body gradually regaining control.

A few moments later he finally managed to sit up and he could see her face as she looked outside the cottage with a depressed expression. Nudging her and not sure if it was good to talk to the Link or to still pretend, he saw her face turn around.

Holding onto him he could feel tears falling down his shoulders as she began to cry. He could only hold onto her and stroke her back "Sijm, what happened?"

As if recalling something, instead of answering his question she asked one of her own "Deer do you think the people in these worlds have feelings too? Are they real?"

But before he could answer, it seemed the time had already arrived so he could only smile in reply as they had finally survived the First Expedition.


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