A Deer's Journey
32 End Transmission #2
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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32 End Transmission #2

Finally they were back, a short loss of vision and a moment Deer realised he was back in his room.


The sound of a new notification was all that was different from the first time, other than this, he was back in his own room. The first thing Deer did was to jump on his bed and relax, before forgetting to check, he quickly shouted to Sijm through her Link, to see if this still worked.

"Sijm are you there?"

"Yeah, yeah I am," she didn't sound like her usual self but this was the last thing on his mind.

"Lets just rest first, I'll call you again soon, or if you need me I'm here okay? Just wake me up."

Sijm knew they had been through a lot over the past few days; fear and pressure had been heavy burdens on their shoulders. 'Maybe he is right, it's better to relax and talk about it later...'

Looking at the attic bedroom where she stayed, everything looked the same, even the view of the night sky through the window from above, grabbing a huge pillow she snuggled up on her bed and soon fell asleep.

Waking up shoulders slightly stiff the first thing Deer did as was his habit, was to twist his waist to lessen the pressure on his spine. Shrugging his shoulders a few times he stood up and did a quick stretch, while summoning Sunder he couldn't help but glance at his friend amused.

He wondered if he should summon Goliath but there wasn't much room.

Unlike his first summon, he realised that Goliath didn't emerge as a tattoo or marking anywhere on his body. In fact he had his own ideas about this but he just wasn't sure. Why was it that Sunder seemed to be more intrinsically linked to him compared to Goliath. Or was there difference between summons which were hidden.

Putting this to the back of his mind, Deer thought back to the notification he had received before he had decided to go and sleep, he pulled up his system in his mind.

'Crazy, crazy, this was crazy!' He shouldn't have ignored the notification, it seemed like the system he had, had gone through a complete overhaul. Apart from showing his basic information on the status screen it now introduced several new features.

There was something like a friend list which showed the names of people he had met. Even more than that there was now an official party creation function which allowed him to invite people to his party. A new communication channel had also been opened up, similar to a forum where many people had already started posting: absurd titles like 'young and beautiful looking for a sugar daddy' or 'feeding time', 'how to survive danger and keep friends' and 'doing it inside or outside'.

Deer was slightly overwhelmed, he wasn't sure how to make sense of it especially since a lot of the posts were constantly updated. The ones with the most comments were listed at the top, luckily there was also a word search function.

Typing in "system" he found a few posts which talked about the changes that had happened, and a couple which directly discussed their 'Second Life' here. To put it simply there were three main groups: that they had been summoned for some ulterior reason, this was all part of group dream, the world had been thrown into a catastrophe and they were the chosen survivors.

Apart from this, the last change was the most useful, everyone had been assigned a small 'storage space' a strange function which allowed people to place items in, it had also been confirmed by other people through the forum. Apparently the space for everyone was the same, the same size as a small cupboard but some people found that they could change the dimensions of this space although the actual space inside couldn't be changed.

Posting a post of his own, he was curious about what people thought, titled 'your room or mine'. It was an attention grabbing headline, but the only question he asked was if people could access other people's rooms or if they could change it.

Apparently some people had already tried because a few others posted on it immediately leaving only the lines, if you need advice remember to ask for big brother here followed by some suggestive remarks. The one that stood out the most was the simple, check room authority for your system.

Deciding this one was probably the most reasonable, he opened his system in his mind. Unlike before there definitely was a lot of subsections other than status which he had missed.

One of these did indeed say the simple words room authority.

"Sijm are you awake?"

"Ages ago, I thought you still be asleep, so I didn't try to bother you, hey guess what I found, we can make an official party now and we can even name it, look", not long after she spoke he received a notification which stated that the player Sijmentje had invited him to the party "This my Jam".

He was gobsmacked, 'what kind of name was this?'.

"Erm Sijm this party name seems a bit... ", hesitation marked his face, it was a good thing he couldn't see him right now, biting the bullet he decided to be honest. "How about we talk about this before we start, who knows if we can change it later".

Trying to change the subject, Deer quickly mentioned what he had originally wanted to talk to her about "hey i think we can add each other on the room authority list so we can visit each other, well if you're okay with it?"

It seemed like a silence had descended. 'Shit what is this crazy guy thinking, he wants me to go to his room or he wants to come in here!' Looking at her place she was a bit panicked, she hadn't invited a guy to her room before

Gritting her teeth she could only shake her head as she answered Deer who was still waiting for her reply.

"Umm how about you add me to yours first to see if it works?"

Seeing that she made sense, Deer didn't think too much about it and directly added her, apparently the function was only available to players who he had met before, this made things a bit easier.


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