A Deer's Journey
33 Bee Smar
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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33 Bee Smar

"Dong!" A notification sprang up on Deer's system. 'That was fast', he couldn't help but think how quick Sijm had issued a notice to enter. The system seemed to be quite complex, in a way, it could be said to be over complicated, like whoever had thought of it was overly lazy.

Either way it was good in that it reflected the the real world in some ways. Before Sijm could even enter he needed to give her permission and that was despite her being listed on his room authority list. Privacy was the best after all.

"One moment! By the way where are you now Sijm?"

"Actually I'm still in my room but I just thought I try this, it looks like the system thing is still growing, it's so clunky".

Pausing for a moment while trying to get his bearings in order, especially making sure there was nothing untowards that she shouldn't see, he tidied his bed and accepted her notice to enter.

The next moment a short pause and Deer could physically see Sijm in front of him, although dressed a bit differently. Wearing comfy clothes that were slightly baggier on her, instead of hiding her figure, it actually emphasised how lithe and supple her body was: a woman at the spring of their youth.

"Hi.." a slight hesitation and a bit of awkwardness could be felt in the air.

This was even more true for Deer whose favourite poster was still hanging up behind him. Not for fear of trying but he really couldn't bear to remove it, after all him and Sijm were friends who had gone through life and death, surely she wouldn't act any differently after knowing the real him.

Becoming thick skinned like a heavy duty pair of boots, he could only ignore her gaze as he obviously saw what Sijm was looking at while smiling slightly. "Sorry my room seems to a bit messy ah haha."

Pointing to his desk chair he could only offer that to Sijm while he sat on the edge of his bed. "Actually I have been meaning to tell you but I haven't got a girlfriend, all the things I said before was just something I made up."

Smiling more comfortably Sijm could only reply through her Link: "it's okay I never believed you anyway", with that and a wink it seemed everything was back to normal.

"While you were asleep I was checking through the system's forums that recently opened up, and it looks like there is a lot of interesting changes."

"About that, yeah I had a quick look earlier and I think things are going to be more interesting soon. From what I could tell, this system that everyone has seems to be rapidly evolving as we begin to adapt and complete 'Expeditions'"

"It reminds me of a virtual reality game! One of my best friends would really love this, he's an avid gamer, well not the danger part."

A slightly sour feeling surfaced in Deer's mind as he could not help but see her reaction when she mentioned this friend of hers. Although they had no real feelings for each other, when a guy has friends who are girls, it's not often easy not to feel jealous when they mention other guys. This was his first friend who was a girl after all!

"Yeah I think if I had to give a word to describe it, the system we have feels strangely like a virus, did you ever wonder why since you've come back you've never gotten hungry or feel the need to go to the toilet?"

A short pause hit the air as Sijm realised what Deer had mentioned.

"I'm saying this first because I am someone who doesn't like to over think too much, so can you tell me exactly what you mean."

"I don't think we can go back Sijm, I'm really hating myself for saying this because somewhere deep down there is still that small tinder of hope wishing I'm wrong but I think the you and me, who we thought were sent to this new amazing and dangerous place, are no longer the you and me that we originally were."

"Look at your status screen, don't you see, even where it says Race, you can see that its no longer human, yeah we look the same but our bodies aren't, what I mean is, I think we need to survive. If we die here we won't ever find a way back, I'm not saying it's impossible but we need to change how we think."

"I'm sorry this is probably a lot to take in and... I just want to go home. But I know we can't do that before we get to the end and find out why we've been chosen or why this has happened to us, it's not a game, and it's not just us, I mean before I met you I told you I was with another party and they tried to kill me, they had it all planned out: like this wasn't the first time they did that".

"Deer, DEER!" A loud slapping sound could be heard in the midst of the room as Sijm swung her palm towards his face.

"Its okay I understand, it's okay, it's okay." Grabbing hold of his shoulders she could only hold him in an awkward hug as he strangely quieted down from his hysteria.

That's right, this wasn't a novel where the main character reincarnates or is summoned to a new world. This was reality. This was real, just imagine how difficult it was to get to this point.

It was hard to say if someone were to be put into such a strange situation if they would even take it like those characters from the novel. Not everyone was born a hero or dreaming to become a main character, even in everyday life there are plenty of ordinary people, simple people who just want a simple life.

Trying to change the conversation, Sijm ignored what had just happened, "so what do you think about a name for our party?"

"Our party..." 'That's right, we need to deal with things one step at a time, there was no use worrying about tomorrow just yet'.

Clearing his throat as if he had a small cough rising up, he took a quick look at Sijm feeling slightly more relieved, 'looks like one of us is keeping a cool head'.

"Maybe not That's my Jam?"

"Okay so what do you think would be a good name then!" Pretending mock anger Sijm looked back at Deer sitting on his bed in a funny state, a bit like a disheveled monkey at the zoo. It was all about how you look at things, her father had always told her this ever since growing up, sometimes it is better to take a step back and treat things as they come.

"I keep getting this image of a bee, I know it might sound stupid but you know how they travel so far but they always manage to get back home, they're small and don't hurt others unless they hurt them and even when they do it's because they have no choice. When a bee stings it dies, putting itself in a lot of pain even as it leaves."

"Are you a romanticist or an idiot, who wants to call their party something related to bees?" The smirk on Sijm's lips seemed to have even more riled up Deer's passion as he carefully explained.

"Lets make a party that has the spirit of the bees! Kind to the death ahaha."

Secretly shaking her head inside while thinking that Deer had lost his mind, Sijm could only nod while trying to keep him happy, she could see how much it meant to him right now, it was just a name after all.

"How about calling ourselves the Countless Hive party"

"How about no."

"More Bee?"

"Thats no better than the first one, why didn't you say Bee Serious!"



"HMM... Okay how about the Zilver Bee? Ok, okay, wait! I had the perfect name in my head but it just doesn't translate well, that's the problem when you have parents from different nationalities and you're not good at either."

"I kinda wanted the meaning of the bee that carries the light, something symbolic but you know I'm not very good at naming..." looking a bit miserable, he could only weakly shrug his shoulders.

"Zilver Bee? It doesn't sound like much but it has potential, okay, let's make the party then."

Grinning from ear to ear after settling a name for their party, Deer happily entered his system and send off the invite.

'Sijmentje has accepted your party invite, the party Zilver Bee has been created, please assign your roles.'


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