A Deer's Journey
34 An Absurd System
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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34 An Absurd System

Opening up the party interface on his system, Deer could see that things were a bit different to what he expected. What he thought he would see was one of those party style screens that listed party members like that used in a lot of the games he had played before.

Instead looking at what he could see in front of him there was none of them familiar options. Apart from the ability to assign party members to Zilver Bee, there was also some categories like 'titles' and 'authority' which reminded him of guilds. Maybe this system wasn't one, but it certainly stood out too much from what he expected.

"Hey look, actually never mind you can't see this anyway, but there is some extra functions for the party on my system. This actually looks more like a Guild menu, more than a party menu..."

"Well at least describe it to me, you better not set me lower than you else I'm leaving!"

"Erm... I don't think I can change the party leader... wait let me see."

"Done! I can set titles, have a look!"

"... ... ... I'm going kill you, what's with this name! Queen Bee!!"

"That was the highest authority setting I could give! Plus such an important role needs an important name to make sure you can't go back on your word."

"What happens if you really leave. Where can I find another reliable friend like you to join our awesome party!"

"Hmphh.. did you have lessons or did you've lessons while I was sleeping? Can't believe a person like you still knows to talk to girls like this. So what does the titles do?"

"Ah haha.." a short cough punctuated the space as Deer quickly replied, "actually I'm not sure I think it's just for fun?"

"You know like in guilds you can have the treasurer called Honeykeeper..."

".... don't tell me, you actually named your title that!"

"Hahaha you know I never have made the wrong choice in friends in my life, they say having a good friend at your side is like having two pots of gold."

Secretly Sijm couldn't help but swear in front of Deer, although it was clear he didn't pay any attention to this, nor could he hear what she was saying inside her head.

"You are an idiot!"

"Okay so what have we got then?" Trying to stop herself from being flamed and more pissed off, Sijm couldn't help but regret why she hadn't named and created the party herself. At the very least she was sure she had a much better naming sense, like the Majestics or the Moon behind the Clouds. She had only been trying to have some fun with That's my Jam.

After a slight hesitation Deer carefully told her the different roles that could be assigned in the party as well as the titles he had came up with on the spur of the moment.

"Okay so there was actually five positions that were vacant for the party. Although I'm not sure what they do, these titles probably have some use later, I've only named yours Queen Bee and mine Honeykeeper."

"There's still three more that are blank, I don't feel any different with having a title so maybe this is just for fun."

"You must be stupid and crazy, we've been sent to this place and nothing makes sense but one thing I know is I really doubt it's so simple. Is there anything else you missed out for these roles?"

"Well it does say yours had authority precedence as it was in position one before I named it, from the top of the list to the bottom I guess one beats two, two beats three and so on?"

Other than team Zilver Bee a lot of other parties were going through a similar discussion. Absurd names were being picked and in some in cases simple ones like party A to Z with the titles Apple, Bacon, Donkey, Pigeon, Yellow.

It was all a matter of preference but what these people didn't know was that titles would have far reaching consequences in the future. They would as act unique identifiers when teams were put together to compete.

Deer was right in some parts, they were no longer who they were before. In fact far from that, describing it as a virus; the bodies of all the participants had changed in many ways, what was real and what could only be imagined was no longer as far apart as you would think.

"So we have three more name positions here, how about we go for something different?"

"Like this you mean or do you think any of your naming sense is normal: I give up, here let's swop I'm tired, your chair isn't even comfortable."

Getting up Sijm made herself comfortable as she kicked Deer off where he sat.

Looking at her a bit awkwardly, Deer could only sigh at how fast she was making herself comfortable in his room. Relegated to his desk chair he began to look through some books while trying to get some inspiration for the last three names.

"Done! Wax and Wane, Hoverbee, Stingdrone."

Only sighing in reply Sijm decided to refrain from replying. Looking at her system she could see there was a new addition to her status screen which showed her party affiliation as being Queen Bee of the Zilver Bee party.

Trying to change the conversation, she decided to open up with something Deer had mentioned before.

"You know what you said before, I think you're right, even though it's been a while now but I don't feel hungry but I still miss having something to eat."

"Hmm check that draw next to the bed, there should be a packet of cookies there i think.."

"What this one?" Opening the drawing Sijm suddenly felt the colour going to her face as she saw some colourful square shaped briefs.

"Not that one!" Even though the two could have be said to be close they were still young, while seeing everyday items that the other party wore inside was nothing unusual, most clothing stores had it after all, it was hard to miss especially in huge department stores.

But being there while the other person was looking at you seeing you gawk when it happened was absolutely embarrassing.

"I hope you didn't do that on purpose because you're definitely going to regret it", watching Sijm's reaction Deer was almost tempted to say he had. It was weird to see a girl tightly staring at him through clenched teeth, with not a sound to be heard. After all they had been communicating through her ability using Link.

"Sorry sorry, definitely not on purpose, look.." moving towards his draw he took out a small plastic container containing double chip chocolate cookies.

"Here" like a peace offering, the container was soon snatched out of his hands as Sijm carefully sniffed it before tasting the cookies and savouring each bite.


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