A Deer's Journey
35 Second Expedition I
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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35 Second Expedition I

Gripping his fist tightly, Deer glanced at his surroundings. 'Where was Sijm?'

Before anything else the heat that shrouded the air caused him to feel slow and sweat. Glancing around him he couldn't see any signs of anything living. If he had to describe it, this place was definitely a desert!

Thinking back to a few moments ago they had even been discussing their party when all of a sudden they were forcefully summoned to the clearing. Although it was sudden, it seemed some of the people there had been expecting it. At least he didn't see anyone running around naked.

A notification had failed to even show or be announced before a timer counting down in the sky could be seen and they had somehow been sent here. But the problem was where was everyone else.

He was definitely unprepared and wearing the wrong clothing. He still hadn't made use of their 'storage space' before the sudden situation changed.

Trudging across the sand in his bare feet he could feel the warm sand on his toes, a strange curious feeling which was almost soothing except...

"**** **!" Something had pricked his soles. Quickly moving away from the spot he sat down to see one of his feet bleeding. His instincts tingling he quickly ran away with all he could further and further. The first thing that entered his head was to move away from that spot, let alone save time to discover what it was.

Exhausted he could only finally rest as he neared the distinct area he just entered, although this was still the desert, there were rare scattering of some strange dried out trunks of trees, although the size was on a completely different scale.

It was closer to describe it as an graveyard of trees, an eerie atmosphere hung in the air with only the occasional clattering of some strange creature hiding in the area. Cautiously he decided to summon both Sunder and Goliath.

The familiarity of seeing a close friend soon caused Deer to feel more at ease. Quickly commanding Goliath to carry him onto its shoulder, he decided it would be safer on such a big creature than unarmed and bare foot. Looking at Sunder he could see the Bark Gecko obviously already making itself at home in the new surroundings.

It seemed like Sunder greatly liked the new environment, although looking at Goliath he still remained expressionless. Actually it was more discomforting to sit on top of it but if he was not worried for his safety, there wasn't any other choice.

Trying again to see if he could contact Sijm there was no sound, all was quiet in the desert. Eventually deciding to check his system Deer found that other than a notification showing that the Second Expedition had now begun, there was no official announcement.

'Come to think of it I didn't see that mysterious person again even when we were teleported to the clearing again'. Questions began to emerge one after another in his head, but try as he might he couldn't find any answers just like a ship lost at sea without any direction: he was adrift.

Checking the bottom of his feet again he could only make a makeshift bandage by asking Sunder to tear a bit of his clothes and bind it, 'hopefully it isn't poisonous whatever it was'.

Deciding to stay in this area for now the first thing he did was to organise a safer place to stay.

"Sunder can you go and find a place for us to stay?" quickly pointing at Goliath in case it forgot, he could hear a strange snort of reply from the Bark Gecko, it seemed it was a bit reluctant.

"Sunder I can only rely on you, don't go too far!" Burrowing down its claws making quick work of the sand it quickly disappeared to search the area. All this time Deer remained on Goliath only commanding it to move towards a neighbouring tree trunk which was smaller than those around it.

The wood seemed to be of some strange material. Tapping on the surface, Deer felt like the wood was like metal, it was definitely quite sturdy. As if hit by an idea, after some fancy gesturing he finally managed to make Goliath understand him, as it began to try to break up a smaller branch from the dried out husk of the trunk.

Describing it as a branch was not really a good description, by all accounts it was more like a middling staff. Imagine Gandalf carrying his staff; making a bit of a scene, he tried to heft the staff like pole before trying to place it inside his storage, the mighty wizard!

'Looks like this works too...' disappearing and reappearing, the newly acquired long piece of wood flashed like magic out of thin space. But after two more tries Deer found himself strangely tired. It looked like there was a limit to what this new system ability could do. Even more it looked like it was linked intrinsically to his own health.

'Whoever said pies freely dropped down from the sky were the real fool', even this newly updated system had it's own drawbacks. 'This isn't a game, I need to be more careful...'

His adventurous spirits dying along with his new found curiosity, he decided to look again at his system status.

<<Deer>> Honeykeeper of Party Zilver Bee

Lvl 3

Race: ??

Stamina 6

Strength 4

Agility 4

Wisdom 7

Intelligence 5

Charm 2

Luck 9


[Heart of the Pure]


[Contract of the Bark Gecko]

Able to summon a Bark Gecko, loyal until death do you part.

[Contract of a Demon Weevil]

A strange creature summoned by a ritual sacrifice from the Netherworld with overbearing strength.

Glancing at Goliath, he could only think it was weird. With Sunder a tattoo had emerged on his body when they had created a summoning contract but when Goliath had been binded to him, other than a new detail appearing under his skills tab, nothing had changed.

'Did this mean there is different types of summoning?' The question niggled in his mind as he knew he couldn't find an answer to it right now, least of all Goliath didn't seem like it would talk anytime soon either.

A sense of danger soon sounded in his head as he could feel his connection with Sunder feeding back to himself, danger!

"Goliath quick carry me, head that way!"


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