A Deer's Journey
36 Second Expedition II
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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36 Second Expedition II

Rushing further into the sea of dried out husks, the speed although slow was a lot safer than him running by himself. There was not much he could do, other than being able to summon Sunder and Goliath, he didn't really have any other skills or abilities.

His mind was racing with thoughts as he could only tell himself to be calm. All the while trying to send out reassuring thoughts to Sunder. Although they didn't have a Link ability like that between him and Sijm, strangely he could tell where he was and feel Sunder's emotions.

"Quick there!" pointing in front, it didn't take long before Goliath charged recklessly forward to a small cluster of trees, Sunder was surrounded on top of these drawn out giants.

Strange creatures that looked like the size of dogs with sharp mandibles gathered in a group around Sunder. A group of five, they looked identical to each other in every way; sturdy oval bodies wrapped in a shell, they looked like hunters seizing up prey, strangely making Deer think of carnivorous ants.

"Stop! Don't get too close", cautioning Goliath to keep his distance, it was a good thing Deer kept his calm. Before anything else he tried to recall Sunder, light seemed to surround Sunder as he transformed moving back towards Deer. A comforting sensation of warmth descended on his shoulders.

Keeping their distance from the small group, Deer clenched his teeth as he hesitated whether to run or confront them. It didn't take long for him to make a decision: actually there wasn't any choice, before he had even decided, the group had already noticed them and began to rush towards them.

The sound of 'clee-eee-' could be heard in the air, as he could only guess it meant something like "food!", there was no mistaking the intent radiating from their beady voracious eyes that were focused on their every movement.

Left with no little choice, he could only jump off Goliath as he ordered him to attack.

Freeing him from any further mishaps, he also summoned Sunder. Staying near the back he could only watch as the two groups fought against each other.

The monsters were vicious, hounding at Goliath like a pack of hyenas sensing blood. Sunder warily watched at the side looking for any opportunity to harass them, unfortunately it seemed he could deal little damage to their sturdy bodies. This was not to say it didn't help.

A sudden mist seemed to appear as Sunder used one of its skills <Corrosive Breath>. This was the first time Deer had witnessed this skill and it didn't fail to disappoint, although it didn't look like there was any change but the next moment the pounding of Goliath's 'arms' seemed to have a remarkable effect.

Naturally because of Goliath's size, it was also not so easy for the other group to take him down, added to this was his natural abilities which was shown here in the fight [Resilient] [Brute Strength].

Grabbing one of the monsters in one hand, with the other punching, the Demon Weevil showed the perfect picture of a juggernaut, although one very much like an insect, like a Hercules Beetle.

Using the bodies of the monsters themselves as weapons, it seemed like the fight was going smoothly. At this point Deer quickly remembered that he even had a skill, what was it...

Thoughts quickly running through his head, he made a motion to Sunder to keep his distance as he immediately shouted "Goliath use Tremor!"

A strange dark aura seemed to emit from the Demon Weevil as it immediately stopped.

His mouth seemed to run dry and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears at this moment as he tightly clenched his fists and stared at Goliath.

A strange aura seemed to follow as if time was frozen, following the shout the dark aura began to spread, as in the same moment Goliath launched its arm like apendages to the air and jumped like a jumping jack, bursting down towards where he was standing on the floor on landing.

'** *****!' Deer couldn't help but be astounded, a small crater was all that was left at where he landed.

On the floor small parts of the previous monsters could be seen as well as greenish splatters of what could only be described as the remains of the monsters.

At the same time, Deer received a new notification on his system, 'this was...'

It looked like Goliath had leveled up! Quickly bringing up his system he looked at Goliath's new status screen.


Lvl 5

Race: Demon Weevil

Stamina 9

Strength 11

Agility 2

Wisdom 1

Intelligence 2

Charm 1



[Brute Strength]



Two of Goliath's stats had risen, Stamina and Strength! Excited and happy Deer celebrated with the best way he knew how. Staring straight at Goliath he clenched his hands in the air and pumped out a fist that quickly turned to a hand with one thumb sticking out: 'well done!'

Not forgetting to compliment Sunder in case it thought it was being left out he strode towards it and petted him on the head. Meanwhile Goliath seemed to be happy as it slowly moved to the broken parts on the desert floor and began its feast.

Seeing the spectacle, Deer was hopeful, maybe it could get another skill like Sunder had. Watching it as it ate and keeping an eye on its status screen Deer was soon let to disappointment as his dream remained just that, a dream.

'This wasn't right, did Sunder level up too? Didn't he join in in the fight earlier? What about me?'

The questions that rose quickly were like a cloud moving up, billowing with air. Quickly checking the system again, he could see that both his and Sunder's screens hadn't had any changes. Apart from the system notification which showed that his team had encountered and fought Zirge Ants, all was normal.

'Wait... we need to leave quickly', gathering both his summons he hurriedly commanded Goliath to carry him away from the battle scene, motioning for Sunder to scout ahead as they began to move further and further away.

Zirge Ants. These monsters were a type of monster that if judging by name lived and worked in large groups, perhaps they had even been lucky and only encountered a small group, who was to say how big groups normally were. There was no point to risk himself, especially so after narrowly winning. All the noise and commotion must have attracted attention to this area already.

The sudden quiet was like the calm before the storm.


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