A Deer's Journey
37 Second Expedition III
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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37 Second Expedition III

As he was getting carried by Goliath, Deer could only dwell on the events that had just happened. In a way he was relieved, if what they had experienced was anything to go by, it looked like they could still 'evolve' and get stronger.

Other than being lucky and having two summons, he knew his abilities would not always help or save him in dangerous situations. Although he had leveled up himself twice, nothing had changed. If the changes to Goliath's stats were anything to go by it seemed his stats would only increase every five levels, how this was decided was hard to know but both increases had been in both Goliath's strongest stats.

Furthermore although it wasn't definite it looked like the only way to level was to actively win in a fight and kill the opponent, how 'experience' was calculated was another thing he was worrying about. Unlike a normal game where you could see how much experience you needed to level each time or which monsters gave out how much experience, there was no way to tell with this system.

Exasperated, Deer could only curse how realistic this system was. In the new update they introduced a new storage space for players but there was still doubt where these things actually went but this was something he wasn't too interested in, so long as it worked.

In a way it was unfortunate that he didn't have a heaven defying ability similar to 'scan' like a player from a game, at the very least it would have been useful to find out which items could be used or if it had additional properties.

Not that it didn't make sense, after all of he was a blacksmith it wouldn't be absurd that he had knowledge of materials related to metals and it's uses but in the same line how could you expect a normal student to be aware of something like that.

Luckily he hadn't had the opportunity to discover anything in those lines.

The journey on Goliath's shoulders was destined to be an unrestful and sore inducing ride. After all its overall body structure wasn't mean to be ridden like a camel. The only good thing to come out of it was that maybe because of its level up, it seemed to emit a more savage and ferocious aura.

There had been no eventful instance as of yet. Some time had passed as they moved further away from the incident yet Goliath remained full of energy. Sunder and Deer on the other hand were feeling the strain as the heat seemed to get stronger.

Thinking better of it, Deer decided to recall Sunder as he carried the burden of thirst and tiredness by himself. 'If only there was something to drink...'

Not long after Deer and his party moved away from the scene of the fight, a massive churning seemed to take place from the crater that was smashed to the floor. A mound of sand began to pile up higher and higher as a huge worm like monster emerged from the ground tossing the leftovers monster parts into its maws.

With six eyes that were purple in colour and a body that seemed to absorb the light shining from the sky. The girth of the worm like monster was like a truck or lorry, an underside filed with hundreds of claw like appendages, the monster scanned the area as it seemed to look for its prey.

Deer hasn't realised it then but his decision to move away as soon as the fight had ended had probably saved his life. There would have been no way that they would have survived an encounter with a fearsome creature of that size and unknown abilities, in its home environment no less.

Adjusting himself in his new 'car' Deer tried to activate the Link between him and Sijm but it still remained the same, all was silent.

'I wonder where she is...' shaking himself from falling into deep dark thoughts he could only hope for the best. He could only try to find her as soon as possible, not to mention he needed to place more trust in Sijm's ability to survive. After all she had her trump card, if all else failed she could still escape.

The last expedition had been more of a blessing in disguise. Despite the near death encounters and dangerous moments they had found themselves in, there was no denying the opportunities that they had gained.

Just like his new summon Goliath or Sijm's "apprenticeship", he wondered what had really happened. He didn't have a chance to ask since everything had followed so fast one after another.

'Badump' turning to a sudden stop Goliath stalled to a halt. Awakening from his daze looked in front of him, he couldn't see anything different, everything still looked the same. Tapping Goliath to continue on, try as he might, it wouldn't budge as it remained stubbornly set to stop in its tracks.

Climbing down from his shoulders Deer curiously looked forward but it didn't seem like there was anything different in the surrounding, it was still sand, heaps and heaps of sand.

Some time had already passed and regardless of what direction they had moved in, either way was fine, he had pointed a random direction and Goliath had simply followed to walk.

'Strange, this was strange, why did it stop?' Hesitating slightly, Deer cautiously dismounted in front, no it was still sand. 'One more step...' still sand!

"Hey why aren't you moving, look, it's absolutely safe..." as he was talking one foot after another Deer walked forwards, only after his fifth step...

"ARGGHM.....!" 'Great, there is a **** invisible hole' and so those were his last thoughts as he fell through the air, or was it sand...


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