A Deer's Journey
38 Second Expedition IV
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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38 Second Expedition IV

A bitter headache pounded her head 'where is this?' The last thing she could remember was being in Deer's room and now...

Looking around her she could even tell without moving that she was already tied up, her arms were bound to a wooden beam behind her. In fact if she had to describe it, she was in some sort of 'house' or tent. Although, looking around she didn't see anything else that could help her to discover where she was, but the feeling that she was sitting on top of a strange material that felt like a type of animal hide was real, underneath her hands.

Luckily there was some light flowing through the canopy above, what she could find out from looking around didn't look too promising, the house was more or less empty inside with no furnishings. The one thing she did know was that this was another world. Pulling up her system interface she found she had guessed right, she had been teleported to the 'Second Expedition'.

"Deer..." there was no reply, 'where was he, that idiot'.

Slightly anxious, Sijm still managed to calm down and take a deep breath. It was at this moment that there was rustling in front of the tent entrance, a shapely hand stuck in, albeit blue.

Eyes bulging slightly Sijm could hardly help but tremble a little.

"You're awake?" The voice came out before the body had even come forward, a tinge of laughter and deep pride could be heard in those simple words.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you, look at you shivering!" Pointing and laughing slightly, a childish face looked across at Sijm, "I wondered what I had caught, Teyre will be proud!"

Relaxing slightly, Sijm could only stare at the adolescent monster human in front of her. A face that was fair although coloured in blue, the features were clearly of a goose but as if it was sculptured to look like a human face. Clear eyes, a protruding mouth and limbs that were a copy for copy of any other regular person with hands and feet. Other than the striking facial features, he seemed normal, if normal could be used in such a situation, missing a nose or ears, it was still a strangely familiar sight in this new place.

"Hey, don't worry I'm not going to eat you, I don't think you will taste good anyway" a mocking smile, the words poured out of his mouth, cloaked by the smile as if hiding a different meaning.

"Can you talk?" A brusque touch forcefully tilted her chin towards him, forcing her to clench her teeth as she held back her tongue.

Looking closer the young goose like monster in front of her didn't scare her in the least. If she didn't know better she could have easily fooled herself in thinking Daisy had been having some fun behind Donald's back, with Avatars no less: how adventurous.

Pinching her hard on the chest, as if hearing her thoughts making jabs at his parentage, the pain brought tears to her eyes but only a low 'aghhh' sound could be heard. "Looks like I've captured a mute, hmm I hope no one else picks up on it, hey can you understand me?"

Still dealing with the pain and humiliation of having somewhere so private touched, Sijm was not in the right frame of mind as she could only shake her head.

"Haha so it looks like you do, else how would you know what I've just asked you!" a strange glint appeared in his eyes as he evaluated his new captive again with a different eye.

Silently cursing herself for being foolish, Sijm could hardly blame anyone else for revealing even this. Actually she had been shocked from what the Goosemon, secretly she had given him a name, a goose like monster, had done to her chest.

It must have been that their social customs where completely different or maybe their bodies too but it was hard to know now based on what she saw but who in their right mind would dare touch a woman's front so bodily!

However a sobering thought once again calmed down Sijm's face, as a chilling premonition appeared again in her mind, she was no longer on Earth: 'Deer was right, this is real', she needed to be more cautious, she needed to be more careful in how she reacted but above all she needed to survive this first.

Bringing a slight smile to her lips as best as she could she tried to avoid his eyes and look down without too much unbridled fury, as she inspected Goosemon again.

He was definitely young, there was no mistaking it, his arrogant air of knowing everything, she had been like that and much worse when she was younger.

She still remembered the truth of finding out she had been adopted had made relations between her and her parents much worse when she was younger back then. Only later did she realise the importance of having people beside you who cared for you and loved you for who you really were.

Faintly recalling her family and home she couldn't help but sigh as she wondered how they were.

The change in her attitude actually roused Goosemon's interest as he glanced at her again before hesitating as he brought out a container, 'that was...'

Strangely the container of cookies she had been eating before had teleported with her. 'Wait this might be my chance', it was difficult when you couldn't talk especially being tied up.

Seeing her strange expression, a sense of glee entered Goosemon's eyes as he shook the container, the sound of crumbling cookies could be heard as he took a sharp glance at Sijm's reaction.

In an odd spurt of inspiration Sijm made sharp gulping motions and mimed chewing with her face, the difficulty was especially trying giving the fact that she was still tied up. Luckily no one else could see this scene. If Deer had been here, it was assured that the first reaction he would have would be to point out if she was reacting a scene from Jaws!

That's right, her face was strangely funny as she made the same expression over and over again, sometimes like a gulping goldfish and others like a sinking shark shredding it's prey.

It took a moment for Goosemon to appreciate her gestures but it seemed he finally realised what she was trying to say, hesitating just for a moment, perhaps his young curiosity got the better off him but he opened his mouth which was filled with razor sharp teeth and bit down on the corner of the plastic container.

Gobsmacked, Sijm's eyes slightly seemed to grow in size, 'oh what big teeth you have Goosemon...' the unfinished reply sounded clearly in Sijm's mind as she recalled the following line of a childhood fairy tale.

"This is not bad!" Crunching the plastic while spitting out the bits of cookies, Goosemon's face was one of extravagance, imagine if a goose could smile, that would be a miracle indeed but Sijm must have been lucky because she saw it on full display staring back at her.

Incredulous, Sijm was lost for words for once, maybe only a few times in her life had she found herself in such a rare moment. Goosemon enjoyed the plastic container but spit out the cookies, what had the world come to!

'Right, right this wasn't Earth, at least one part of her plan had worked... kinda."


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