A Deer's Journey
39 Second Expedition V
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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39 Second Expedition V

"What's this, it doesn't taste bad!"

Stifling a smile and a laugh that was stuck in her throat, Sijm could only keep repeating her mantra 'he's an idiot, he's an idiot, he's an idiot' of course this idiot currently carried out the power to decided what would happen next to her.

Nodding she could only try to get his attention to her bound body. At the same time she wondered if he would die from eating the plastic, who knew what his stomach was made from but even back at home the problem of how plastic was disposed of had been a big problem: it being non-biodegradable. Slightly off track she wondered if she could bring him back to Earth, certainly she could make a tidy profit by raising Goosemons that could fulfill the job of keeping the Earth clean!

Shaking out of her reverie, she was abruptly awakened by a kick to her body as he tried to get her attention.

"I'm not going to untie you, I'm not stupid."

'BUT you look stupid...' her plan thwarted at the final hurdle she could only glance back at him and see what was coming next.

"Actually you're lucky, I'm one of the friendlier Gosvites in my Clan, if you had met one of my brothers I doubt you be enjoying yourself half as much because I'm pretty sure half of you would be gone already."

The chilling comment brought cold sweat to Sijm's back as she carefully glanced down without looking into his eyes. It was never a good idea to look at someone dangerous in their eyes, especially when you weren't as strong as them: or in a better position.

"Just wait here, I'll be back."

Quiet descended back into the room as he left. Her mind empty, Sijm almost couldn't stop herself from shivering as she was left alone with all sorts of thoughts running through her mind.

Clenching her fists as she tried to free herself from the rope like material binding her down she could only wait as it didn't seem there was any chance of her being able to break herself free. Wondering why it always seemed so easy in stories of people being tied up, the harsh reality in front of her soon sobered her thoughts.

Letting out a deep sigh she could only take a deep breath as she wondered where Deer was.

Actually unknown to Sijm, Deer was not much better off than her, having fallen through the illusion in the desert, he had broken his bones in several places and was not in the best of position to rescue her even if he had wanted to. In fact he was lucky he was still breathing if not dead.

The sound of the flap of the tent entrance moving caught her attention as she glanced at Goosemon who seemed to have brought another person with him. A striking resemblance, the new visitor seemed to be older, and also someone important but she was only guessing based on how Goosemon led the way in front. Wary, there was no other word to describe it, Goosemon was glancing at her while being on alert safe for any mishap.

"Is this it?" A nasally voice broke out from the older Goosemon, his eyes blue and clear, looked at her as if seeing past her body.

"Yes Wldee, I found her in the Wild."

Taking out something from his chestpiece that he was wearing, Wldee made some fanciful fingerings with his hand while twirling an object in his palms before throwing it into the air in front.

A dense and mysterious feeling seemed to fill the air as what looked like a very weird dice landed on the floor.

"Omens seem to find favour", with those words, carefully crouching down to pick up the dice like object Wldee looked at her again before slowly making his way out.

As soon as he was gone, Goosemon began to speak although Sijm was still perplexed with the situation and what happened. The scene reminded her a little of America Indians or Shamans performing a ritual. Not that it was anything out of place in this new world.

"You're lucky, it seems I was right, don't worry nothing will happen to you. In fact you should thank me, I'm going give you a chance. All you need to do is follow me and listen, don't do anything strange or have any ideas: if I find you even making a wrong step, rest assured it will definitely be your last."

Frowning and not clearly understanding what had happened or why it was important nevertheless Sijm was still relieved. Worst come to worst she could still survive for now, she only needed to wait for the right opportunity and bide her time.

Coming to a quick decision, Goosemon also slowly untied the bindings on her body and threw a packet of clothing at his feet. Standing there he looked at her and then the bundle next to her.

Heat immediately rose to her face, he wanted her to undress in front of him! It was clear as day, the satisfaction that appeared in front of his face was hard to miss. Her hands shaking a number of scenarios went through her head, but eventually none came close to helping her solve the situation in front of her. Steeling herself she could only slowly grab the bundle as she moved closer to the back of the tent.

Hesitation shone desperately in her face but at the last moment, she calmly turned her back as she began to change. There seemed to be no further reaction from Goosemon, neither did he force her to turn around, he simply waited but she could feel his curious gaze on her back as she changed.

There was a moment when she though about changing to a bee and flying out but indecision tore her face as she finally decided against revealing her trump card. Without selecting foot in front of the tent she already knew the outside was not as simple as the bare facade inside.

The clothes she changed into was a dull drab colour, making her blend in even more the brown simple interior of the tent alongside her skin colour.

Surprisingly the clothes fitted well although loose, she could team compared to what Goosemon and Wldee had been wearing she was probably in a servants type garb.

"You done? Follow me and don't speak a word although I doubt that will be a problem" the sound of his laughter as she slowly rose and followed behind while leaving her old clothes in the tent caused her sigh inside, wearily approaching the entrance.

'What does he want? There must be a reason I'm dressed this way...'


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