A Deer's Journey
41 Second Expedition VII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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41 Second Expedition VII

'Where is this? How come I'm naked?' Those were the first thoughts that entered Deer's head as he woke up. However his mind was still groggy. Actually at this moment Deer's body still lay in the same space it had when he had fallen. He was dreaming.

A bright flicker of light suddenly appeared in front of Deer. It was warm and seemed to be trying to tell him something. Focusing his eyes Deer could just about make out the figure of a small human with wings flying encased by the light. In fact it would be better to describe it as a fairy. The light itself was bright, it was like energy that came off from the body of the fairy as it was flitting in the air.

Although Deer couldn't understand what it was saying, somehow it seemed like it wanted him to follow it. Weaving in the air, the speed that it travelled wasn't fast but it was still difficult to follow because there was a layer of mist in the air surrounding Deer. "Wait!"

Trying to catch up with the flying fairy Deer could only keep moving, at times losing sight of it before catching a glow in the mist. However the light seemed to refract in the air making the space seem further than it was because when he thought he was next to the fairy, it was getting further and further away. However he still stubbornly clung on and followed it.

Not long after, his persistence paid off because he could see a huge tree stretching into the sky. As he got closer and closer, he could feel his head hurting.

Clenching his teeth and carrying on he could feel like something wanted to stop him from going near, until only five steps away from the giant tree he saw a red fruit laying on the floor of the tree. An irresistible aroma seemed to pervade the air as he wanted to go in quickly and snatch it to bite and eat. It was at this time his vision blurred.

"Hey wake up! Tell me who you are and why you're here?" A bony stoneman with ridged shoulder was poking his chest. "I'm... who are you?"

"I asked you first, who are you and why are you here? This is a Forbidden Land, who sent you?"

His head pounding Deer could feel his tongue hanging in his mouth like a bloated slug. "I.. I don't know... who am I? Can you tell me who I and why I'm here?"

"Hmm, you must have hit your head pretty badly when you fell down. I'm surprised you're still alive, looks like you lost a lot of blood but..." glancing at Deer's body the stoneman walked around him as he examined him.

"Can you walk?" Prodding at his legs the stoneman looked at Deer's face as he pondered whether he should leave him here or take him to Wiseman who would be able to make a better decision. Hesitation seemed to marr his face as he looked to be in deep thought.

"I.." struggling to get up Deer could feel his body aching as if he had been sleeping in a weird pose. Touching the floor where he lay and the dried up blood on the floor he was slightly shocked as he wasn't sure if it was his or whether he should trust the strange creature in front. His clothes were ragged, 'maybe this creature attacked me? Why, why can't I remember anything!'

Struggling to rise, it took a bit of effort but Deer eventually came to a standing position, hunchung down he carefully looked at the stoneman in front of him.

"Okay follow me, I'll take you to someone." Having said all that he needed, he started to walk away without paying any more attention to Deer.

Seeing that the stoneman was walking further and further away Deer began to hesitate before he clearly shouted. "Wait for me!" His cry ignored, the stoneman continued to walk ahead. Hobbling painfully after it Deer slowly dragged himself forward.

'Maybe this Wiseman can answer my question, I can't seem to think who I am..." a steady pounding in his head caused him to experience a moment of vertigo. His stubborn will persisting, Deer continued to follow the figure in the distance. It wasn't long till they appeared to a hut made of what seemed like stone.

Without pausing the stoneman carefully walked into the hut. "Arthur did you bring a gues, who is that behind you?"

"He.. well I'll let him explain but he seems to be suffering from memory loss. I thought you might be interested." A glint appeared in his eyes as he took in Deer's body and weird attire.

Deer wasn't sure how to respond, it was true that he had temporary forgotten who he was but at the same time he was cautious. "Are you a doctor?"

A slight laugh sounded the air as the figure that was seated finally came into view. At least 6ft tall, wearing dark cloak that covered most of his body, Wiseman reminded Deer of something but he couldn't tell what. Gaunt face and a pointed sharp nose, his eyes were wide and clear but seemed to convey a feeling of suspicion as if Wiseman was inwardly a person who did not trust others easily.

"Here let me check your body," after saying that Wiseman slowly approached Deer. Unsure whether to let him check his body or not, Deer hesitated but eventually decided to stay.

"Sorry to bother you..." keeping an vigilant eye on both the strange stoneman and the tall person in front Deer kept his calm.

"Follow me I have some clean materials and clothes you can get changed to at the back, we'll need to clean you up first before I can check your wounds."

Following Wiseman he continued deeper into the house, on the walls Deer could see strange fauna cased in displays. A feeling of melancholy caught his heart for some strange reason as he saw the gathered pieces on display, in particular he could see a clipping of what looked to be a gossamer thin see through wings that might have belonged to a type of insect.

"Come, it's just further in here. It's best if you take a quick shower first and wash away all the grime and dried blood. I'm sorry to ask but are you sure you can't remember anything? It looks like you were injured quite heavily although I'm not surprised..."

Pausing as he examined Deer's body a weird feeling struck him as if he was being looked at by a spider in its lair. A sudden ominous premonition made Deer become more wary.

"I came with some friends but we've gotten separated but other than that I can't remember anything right now..."


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