A Deer's Journey
42 Second Expedition VII
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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42 Second Expedition VII

As he was looking around Deer could feel his body acting more slowly, his limbs became lethargic. "You!" It was too late, he wasn't clear when it had happened but he could feel his body start to go limp as he became more and more tired. It was like an invisible poison had been realised as they had been walking but Wiseman seemed to be fine, standing still and looking at Deer at the side, he could even see him turn his lips in a strange smile.

"Ha haha it's been too long, count yourself lucky. I've been waiting for a live specimen for a long time, you just happen to fit my new collection." Lying on the floor unconscious Deer was unaware of what had just happened, he was already in a state where his senses had blackened out.

A strange mist could be seen surrounding Deer, that's right he was back at that place. In actual fact, this place was nothing more than a space created by his subconscious and the mystery of the system. Looking around Deer could once again see the bright fruit laying there, his eyes were in a daze. Unlike before as he continued to look at the fruit it looked slightly familiar, despite his body calling him to eat it, he stopped himself lost in thoughts.

'Who am I? Where is this place...' unsure about the situation Deer constantly looked around while checking his body for any sign or tell tale that could tell him what had happened. A sudden memory flashed in his mind. He could see a little boy holding the hands of a woman as they walked towards outdoor park of some kind, animal noises and birds could be heard in the background. Posted signs in animal shapes led the way, one showing they were walking to the Reptiles Forest.

As they walked deeper and deeper he could see familiar and strange creatures of different sizes, even one that strangely looked like something.

Breaking out of his thoughts Deer stood up in his dream space and walked closer to the fruit laying on the floor. 'Was this?' picking up the fruit, a pungent aromatic smell overwhelmed his senses, it was like being assaulted by a fiery flame that carried a woody scent. Resisting the urge to eat it, turning over the fruit in his hands, the texture was similar to bark that had been dyed a deep dark colour. Somehow it felt warm to the touch and reassuring in his hands.

As he was thinking about why he had such a strange feeling towards the thing in his hand. He once again caught the sight of a small flashing light, holding onto the fruit he carefully made his way closer to the source of the light. It was the fairy! For some reason 'll these strange things that had happened to Deer didn't seem to phase him, despite losing his memory he could still recollect simple things just like how a person who had dementia could still remember that water was water, or perhaps their favourite drink. The problem was his memory came in stages and staggered, some things he could remember but others he couldn't.

Carefully approaching the fairy he tried to not startle it. "Who are you?" as if not seeing Deer the fairy remained silent and just carried on playing in the air, floating around like a butterfly. Trying to make sure it had heard him he tried once again "how do I get out of here?". Hoping that asking something else might give him a better response he could only politely look at it while asking the question.

For some reason this time the fairy seemed to hear him as it casually looked at him, it's eyes seemed to reflect something. A person stood in it's pupils staring back at him. A shudder went through Deer as he quickly realised that the person was him.

Still looking at the fairy he could see it pointing, it's slender finger pointing to some distance behind Deer. Sparing a quick look he glanced behind him but no sooner had that happened when he looked back he'd discovered the fairy was no where to be seen. Without any other better way or idea Deer could only follow the way it had pointed. Still holding onto the warm fruit in his hand.

As he started to walk he could feel the fruit that he was holding was seemingly alive, it started to give off heat in a rhythmic way, his heartbeat was thumping 'du dudu du', for a short amount of time Deer could clearly feel that both movements had synchronised. The feeling made him all the more sure that the fruit was somehow alive and he was glad he didn't eat it, it would be strange to eat something that was still moving in his mouth.

Soon, in the distance Deer could see a shrine of some sort, it was like a tomb that could be seen in a graveyard however there were no markings on it. It remained blank but imposing. Made like a small hollow concave with a simple rectangular wide pillar sticking out, the closer he got to it, the more it seemed there was a secret behind the simple construction. An urge to place the fruit on the shrine inexplicably emerged from deep inside Deer however trepidation filled his mind as he was unsure about the strange scene in front of him.

Pushing the thought away, he decided to carry on walking past the shrine. Only at this moment as he did so a strange force seemed to stop him, pulling the fruit from his hands and hovering it into the hollow concave basin in front of the shrine. For some unknown reason Deer felt weirdly unhappy as the fruit began to move towards the basin. Clenching his teeth he forced himself to move until eventually he managed to just closely grasp towards the fruit, narrowly touching it before at this time both he and the fruit sprawled into the basin.

A harsh deep shreak sounded in the air and blinding light seemed to illuminate the area. Excruciating pain racked Deer's body again and again, he could feel like his body was melting. At the same time the fruit had also began to glow a fierce colour as it appeared like running lava covering Deer in the shrine.


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