A Deer's Journey
44 Second Expedition XIX
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A Deer's Journey
Author :Mierlegion
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44 Second Expedition XIX

As he broke free from the room that he was locked up in, Deer found that he was in some enclosure. It was like a holding pen for pigs, at least that was what it looked like but a lot larger and sturdier. He had taken a trip to a farm before when he was younger and this looked a lot like it.

Looking around he could see other small prisons just like the one he had escaped from. However before he could go any further he heard a voice calling out to him. "Hello help me please!" He could see a hand reaching out from the wooden barreled window. Four fingers and a thumb.

Hesitating whether to escape or not, he was stuck with conflicting emotions as he wasn't sure of where he was or where he should go. The pitiful voice eventually broke down his walls as he quickly gathered himself to go closer and have a look.

Peering out of the windows a head full of strange quills could be seen on the person or creature, it was clear that it was a man but one who had been severely malnourished. "Who are you? Where are we? Answer me first if you want my help."

"I'm... Janvil, I got captured just like you. I've been here a long time so I know where to escape!"

A canny negotiator, Janvil didn't seem like he would take a no for an answer. It was true that Deer wasn't sure where he should go next but time was pressing. A quick decision soon turned in his head, he had to take the risk. Pushing his whole body against the wall and clenching the wooden bars, a huge groaning noise sounded out from his body as he strained himself trying to pull out the bars.

Unfortunately it didn't seem like it was helping. To add to the current predicament, Deer found out his new skill was also on a cool down, and could not be used for another hour. Seeing the slim figure of Janvil, he decided to try a new tactic. Instead of pulling the bars out he tried to wedge a gap between two bars large enough for him to go through. Going back to his own window he seized a bar that he had broken but still seemed useable, forcing it open by leveraging his force against the window.

Time slowly ticked away as sweat beaded his face. The anxious gaze of Janvil who was constantly looking at his only hope suddenly showed a clear sign of relief because it was done. Not a moment soon Deer pulled up Janvil from his enclosure. "Ok lead the way quick."

"Indeed it seemed Janvil hadn't lied, he was familiar with the area, bypassing some lights and other small window rooms like theirs they quickly and stealthily escaped the confines of the enclosure. "Now is the hard part, we need to run straight into those woods past these buildings, don't stop no matter what!"

A suspicion surfaced in Deer's mind, taking matters into his own hands he quickly picked up Janvil and sprinted. Caught by surprise there was nothing he could do, malnourished and thin Janvil didn't dare to resist or do anything else. It looked like he was right 'you want to use me as a decoy, no chance!'

The two were now bound by the same boat, without hesitation Janvil directed as Deer constantly sprinted, though the pace was not fast it was neither slow and it didn't seem to be anyone chasing them. At least that was what it looked like, unknown to the two escapees, a solemn gaze had already been cast their way. Fortunately Wiseman was engaged in a strange ritual and could not go chase hinself, only directing some strange voodoo like creatures to come out of the shadows and follow them.

"Are you not tired? You can put me down", Janvil was nervous, he didn't like not being in charge of his own body. This was the first time in his life that he had to place his trust in someone else.

"No I'm good." Deer's new attributes were like being sent coal on a snowy day, his increased Stamina benefited him now because it meant he could last longer than before and also recover much faster. Not to mention Janvil was pathetically light after a long time being malnourished.

"Where should we do next?" The question hung in the air as Deer continue to run pacing himself as he knew he had finally escaped from the surroundings of Wiseman's prison.

"Let's go to Morrow first, it's a small settlement not far from here."

Pretending to understand, Deer still allowed Janvil to lead the way while he carried him in his arms. Though the way seemed rough, as time went along Deer could find the road becoming more settled and paved as if there was indeed a small settlement near this place.

'Didn't that stoneman say this was a Forbidden Land, why is there a settlement here?' Without a map or knowledge of the area Deer could only tread cautiously, even when he listened to Janvil he bore this mind as he wasn't a native to this place.

"We're almost there. You're not from here are you?" Janvil quietly asked Deer as he was being carried, the question like a sting from a wasp pricking him.

"Mm" not answering was the best policy but still he could only give an ambiguous answer in case he was led to another butcher like a sheep to the yard.

"Everyone has their own secrets, on account that you saved my life let me introduce this place and let's just go our own ways." It sounded like a good result but Deer was unconvinced, who knew if this little man would betray him at the first instant that they split up.

"You know I think you would make a good tour guide, I'll take you up on your offer. Safety in numbers after all," Janvil couldn't believe what he was hearing, that's not what he had said. 'How shameless can this person be, doesn't he mean to say, just stay here and be a nice hostage or things might become a bit difficult!'

The thoughts of two people completely contradicted the smiles on their faces. One beaming, the other nodding like a hen pecking seeds from the ground.


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