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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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446 Extra Chapter 41

"Alright, it's my turn then!" A female adventurer said this time.

"I started off as a normal adventurer you know. I just wanted to do some normal easy jobs such as picking up herbs, finding stuff, cleaning houses, gathering materials. I just wanted to find myself a pretty safe and stable income. As I wasn't born in the city but outside." She started to say.

"At an outside glance, it would look like you can gather a lot of herbs and get a lot of cash in return right? However, people tend to forget the other adventurers who also take the job. Thus, I couldn't really make money out of doing any of these jobs. If I could even get them at all." She said embarrassed.

"At this point in time, I realized that people with the ability to heal were strongly needed in parties. I only knew weak and tiny healing spells at that time though, as I didn't have the education for it. The only spells I knew were light cure and heal. You know, the minor spells that can only help with small wounds such as a cut and a scratch." She said as she realized how awful her healing magic was back in the day.

"However, some parties saw that I had potential. Since I was able to use healing spells. They said that I can increase the power of my spells if I leveled up. Thus, they invited me to join their party. We went around taking on missions as I did nothing. Aside from using my light cure and heals repeatedly so, I could increase my MP. I also took in a lot of experience from them killing the monsters, thus, raising my levels by a lot." 

"However, not every mission would guarantee success and safety after all. The party got greedy and went into a dungeon thinking they would be able to survive if I could heal all their wounds. Such naive thinking, they were immediately killed by wounds through the head and heart. After all, I can't heal already dead people." She said sadly as she reminisced about her past.

"However, thanks to a teleportation scroll that I had saved all my money on. And also being in the back where I wouldn't suddenly die without warning. I was able to activate it and get out of there in time. The others were already dead though, I could do nothing about it but tell the guild about what happened." She started to tear up.

"And after hopping from party to party, I am finally here where I am now. With the capabilities of an A-ranked healer." She said as her party members went around to give her a hug.

"It's okay, don't cry. We won't die on you. After all, we are party members! We will live together and die together." Her party members said as they comforted her.

"What was that about sad stories... Why does everyone comfort her but not me when I told my sad story?" The man muttered to himself as he saw the disparity within his party and hers.

"Maybe because she looks like she needs comforting. And you don't look like the type of person who needs comfort at all." Chad said as he patted his shoulder.

"Why is a kid trying to comfort me. All of a sudden I want to smoke a cigar right now..." The man said as he felt betrayed by his party members who didn't make eye contact with him as they ate their meal silently.

"Looks like you all need some training after we're done with this mission." He said which made his entire party have goosebumps as they wanted to cry.

"Don't do it leader!" They begged him all at once. However, he looked away from them as he made up his mind.


Author : My stomach doing a big growl. So painful. Where is the food!?!?!?



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