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Apocalypse : The New Reality
Author :Phantom_DX
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1 A New Dawn

Sun's rays crept through the window curtain on to my face .

"Haaaaaaaaaw it's morning already..? What time is it...? "

I slowly turned my head to look at the alarm clock at the table top right beside my bed.

"8:30 .....Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 8:30 "

I jumped out of the bed and took the clock to take a closer look.

"Crap i'll be late like this...!"

Panicking i rushed into the bathroom brushed, washed my face and took a quick shower.

Putting on my uniform i shouted to my mother.

"MOM.....why didn't you wake me up....?"

Hurriedly fixing my cloths i went to the kitchen for a quick bite.

"MOM where are you , i gotta go now" But still didn't get any answer from mom.

Looking around the house i couldn't find a trace of her "Dammit where did she go."

"Dad probably went to work early , did she go somewhere too....?" Looking at the time on my watch it was past 8:45

"I ain't got time for this shit" Mumbling i got outside locked the door and took my scooter to college.





"My name is Michael Harper

I'm 18 years old and studies computer science engineering.

I'm a bit fat and kind of an otaku. Don't get me wrong what i meant was that i'm not a weeb. "

"Wait a sec , who am i talking this to....?"

Usually this time the roads should be bustling with traffic.

Looks like i'm in luck today no traffic jam.

'Oh shoot what am i gonna tell doc as a reason.....? Maybe let's try stuck in traffic today , will see what happens later.'

Thinking that i drove the roads and took the highway as usual to get to college.

"What the hell....! even the highways are empty...What happened don't tell me something happened that traffic was restricted today"

'I didn't see nothing in the news yesterday though'

Even though soomething was going on i decided to still go on and reached the institute finally.

Parking the scooter i climbed the stairs to the main compound and still couldn't spot no one.

"Okay....somethings weird....defenitly weird.....First mom was no where to be seen , no vehicles in the road and no one in the campus too.... "

"Hey Mich....." I heard a shout from behind and turned around.

It was Carol Watts or Z as we call her.

"Hey Z did you see anyone around when you came here..?"

"No, i was about to ask you the same. Even the seniors staying with me was missing in the morning."

"At first i thought they went early , and even the phones are not working."

"What , the phones..." That's when i noticed that it displayed no reception at the top.

"Something serious is going on" I said gravely.

Waking up from the thought i looked at her and asked "Shall we go look at the hostel to see anyones there...!" And saw a horrified expression on her face.

"Mich....what.... is that....." she said pointing behind me.

Turning around i saw a big smoke coming from the part where hostels were situated and a dust cloud coming toward us from there."What the fu*k ....."

After a bit more time we could see the vague figures of some corpses walking towards us.

Seeing that i took her hand got ready to run "Shit , we have to get out of here"

And dragged her along with me to the parking lot and mounted my scooter and drove outside the campus.

"What in the world was that....?" She asked me sitting behind me.

"I don't know....somekind of zombies or something ."

"Don't joke at a time like this mich..."

"Do you think i'm joking right now"

I looked back with panic on my face.

"Look forward when you drive idiot. "

"Ouch , that hurt you know. Look behind to see if they are following us or not. "

"Mmm.....it looks like nothing is following us....Oh wait somthing just came outside the gate."

"Dammit , hold tight...." I said before speeding up the scooter.

After sometime i turned the scooter to a gas station i saw to refill some gas.

"Hey do you have money to pay right now...." She asked me.

"Some who knows what creatures are following us and i refill gas from a pump where no one is right now and you asking me to pay now" I said with an indifferent face.

"But that's stealing anyway."

"Then do one thing , i'll give you money to pay. Stay here and pay them when they arrives. How's that..!"

"...Nope i'm good."

"Then shut up and get on , we have to hurry." I said starting the scooter again after refilling.

I also didn't forgot to take some in the bottle i had in the scooter storage.

After driving some more time we finally reached my home. And got inside fast before anything happens to discuss about what to do next.


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