Blue Roses
6 6. Taking Bath
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Blue Roses
Author :White_lotus
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6 6. Taking Bath

In the morning, Yuki wake up with a stomach ache. Don't know when the last time he eats, his stomach has been growling asking for food. He wants to stand up, but he feels like there's not even a drop of energy left in his body. The lower half of his body feels numb and weird.

At that time Hakuto comes in with a bowl of porridge, some side dished and fruits.

"You're awake?"

"Hm", looking at the dazzling man in front of him, he answered with a nod. He doesn't know why, every time he saw this man, he feels like all his word stuck on his throat, his breath stuck in his lungs. So frustrating!.

"Your body is week right now, don't move to much. Eat up, I'll help you clean after this, you're sweating a lot last night." After that he left the room. Leaving the absent-minded boy.

He almost drops his spoon! What does he mean by helping him clean after sweating a lot last night? He's not going to help him take a bath, right? NO WAY!

After half an hour, Hakuto come again, this time he brought some ointment with him.

"Are you done?"

"…Yes". Please… pretty please, don't say you'll help me take a bath (ToT). Yuki plead in silence.

"Good. Now let me help you clean up." Hakuto said while putting aside the left over.

F***! for real? "NO!" Yuki refuse without second thought, his face flush red. He's a grown-up man, how can he let another man help him bath. His ego and pride won't allow him. (author: dear Yuki, you're not a man)

Hakoto face turned sour. "…Yuki, be good, you're weak now. You barely move by yourself. How can you clean yourself? I'll help you, so be obedient".

Your grandfather be obedient! What am I you're asking to be obedient, a dog? "No… really, I can… Arghhh!". Not waiting for Yuki to finish his sentence, Hakuto scope him up, carry him like princess and bring him into the bathroom.

Surprise with his action, Yuki put his arms around his neck to support himself from falling.

This grandfather! How rude. He is so angry that his face turned red, but to Hakuto, Yuki face right now is extremely cute and delicious! He really wants to eat him up!

Thinking that Yuki is still weak now, Hakuto try to calm himself. He needs to preserve his own urge to eat this delicious sweet looking young man in his arms. He needs to wait at least a week for Yuki body to stabilies.

Putting him down gently in the tub, Hakuto hands reach for his pajama button to undress him.

"No!...T... This… I can do this myself…re... really!" Yuki tries to convince him that he can undress himself. Please… this time please listen to my pled, let me do this myself, really! He cried inside. He lost count how many times today that this grandfather made him want to find holes to bury himself in.

"hmm" This time Hakuto did not object. His just pull the curtain to cover the bathtub slowly. "I'll stand here, finish quickly."

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What? This sickly pervert! Yuki almost split blood. Fine! Stand there all you wish. I'll take my sweet time bathing! Soon Yuki really regrets taking his sweet time bathing. He'll wish, he kills himself.

Somewhere, at the back-garden's pavilion, beside the lake there're two silhouettes, one standing while another one sitting cross leg calmly drinks his tea.

"Say, Hattori…"

"Yes, Young Master Fujiyama"

"I'm quite worry for those two. Hakuto especially."

"Hmm? Yes, indeed they are worrisome, but Young Master… you are Master BFF, you should understand Master the best right? You know He'll be alright. Although He look cold and unfeeling but deep inside He's pretty warm. "

Listen to Head Butler Hattori said the word 'BFF' Aoki lough out loud. "Hahahaha… Hattori since when you learned this modern word"

"Young Master please, don't look down on this servant. I'm not that old yet."

"Pfft…" Yeah right, you serve 4 generations of Kudo's head already, Hakuto is the 4th. 3 of them have such long life almost 1000 years old when they die, you should be nearly 4000 years old or more! You damn warlock!

Of course, Aoki will never dare to say all this to Hattori face. He's pretty scary when he's angry.

Hattori has been working in the family for so long. Although he looks old, but people should not be trick with his appearance. He is a very powerful warlock. His status should be way above any elf, but to serve the Kudo's family head for generations, there's must be something happen long time ago, but no one knows about it till this day.

Different from an Elf that mostly can live until 1500 years old, but warlock has longer life span they can live up to 6000 to 7000 years old.

The two persons happily chit chatting beside the lake, while another two persons in the bathroom inside the house are about buries in their own turmoil.


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