Break The World
26 Xiao Clan Junior Tournament - Part 2
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Break The World
Author :Jinzou
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26 Xiao Clan Junior Tournament - Part 2

There were thirty two participants in each stage. Xiao Tian then noticed two familiar figure in first stage and fourth stage.

He wispered to Xiao Feng and pointed certain beautiful young lady in arena, "Big brother, look at fiery looking young lady at first stage?"

Xiao Feng focused at the pointed person, then nodded his head.

" She is Xiao Hu, even though her temper is bad. She already reached Foundation Stage level three. Look at fourth stage." Xiao Tian pointed another beautiful young lady in arena fourth then said, " She is Xiao Mo Chu, right now she already reached Foundation Stage fourth level. Big brother be careful of them." Xiao Tian warned.

Xiao Feng looked two of them once again, nodded his head nonchalantly. He didn't care about them because he knew they were not his match.

" How many Foundation Stage participated? " Xiao Feng asked.

" Big brother, why are you so relaxed? though there are not many that reached Foundation Stage only twenty of them excluding me and little sister. There are ten at first level, five at second level, three at third level including who I am pointed just now and one fourth level that was Xiao Mo Chu, lastly at sixth level his name Xiao Fa. That person at sixth level person already nineteen years old." tell Xiao Tian to Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng then looked at him, "Don't worry to much, maybe I must wary of you who was already reached Foundation Stage Peak at thirteen years old and little sister that already reached Foundation Stage level seven" said while smiling on his face then he looked at his left side. Xiao Mei right now still trembling because nervous.

" Little sister? are you still nervous? " Xiao Feng asked with concern.

Xiao Mei turned her head to Xiao Feng like rusty hinge then nodded her head.

" Just treat what make you nervous like wind. You will be used in the future." Xiao Feng advised.

Xiao Tian nodded on agreement.

" Or look your opponent like someone you hated. " Xiao Feng continued.

Xiao Tian that almost nodded dumbfounded by what he heard then looked at Xiao Feng then smiled bitterly.

Xiao Mei eyes calmed down then exclaimed, "Alright, I will treat them like second brother !"

Now Xiao Feng turn dumbfounded, "em... little sister, what happened?"

" Second brother peek at me while I am bathing several days ago." Xiao Mei glared at Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian then blushed embarrassed. He rub his own cheek then turn his head from his little sister.

" Little sister, let big brother help you beat him. " Xiao Feng said seriously.

" Un !", now Xiao Mei full energy to beat all his opponents.

Xiao Tian pretended not hearing what they said and muttered with worry in small voice, " If mother know it, I am done for." while imagining last time he angered Yun Huang Mei.

Right now, in the arena after battling full quarter hour had been decided. Then Elder Yao shouted " number five to eight, please come to determined stage according to your number."

Xiao Feng looked at his number in his hand. Its number five. He stood up followed by Xiao Mei. Xiao Feng raised his eyebrow then asked, "Its also your turn too little sister? "

"Un. I am number eight." Xiao Mei answered before dashed to her stage.

Xiao Feng also dashed to stage number five. After he arrived, he looked at all his opponents while determining their cultivation level. He though himself, "three body tempering, twenty nine at Gathering Stage level five to nine, one Foundation Stage level one."

He little worried about his little sister because his cultivation at Foundation Stage level seven but he didn't know anything about her fighting experience but he forgot he had yet ask her.

Elder Yao then declared, " Begin."

The person with Foundation Stage beside Xiao Feng dashed to the crowd and incited them to attack Xiao Feng because he can't detect Xiao Feng cultivation base.

Xiao Feng who was watching the crowd that mark him as common enemy. Xiao Feng sighed and muttered, "Troblesome."

The crowd attacked him together. Xiao Feng used his body cultivation to preserve his qi.

He evaded every attack that coming to him effortlessly and counter attack at their vital point strongly that send them flying uncounscious.

In just one minute, all his oponents except the Foundation Stage guy had been fainted.

"Hahaha, Young Master Feng. Why you don't surrender ? So you won't be humilliated by me." The foundation guy said arrogantly that make Xiao Feng rolled his eyes.

Feeling insulted by his reaction the Foundation stage guy then dashed toward Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng just used minimum movement, shifting his step to the side and hit the The foundation stage guy on back of his head that make him unconscious.

Xiao Feng sighed, "Is this battle technique entire Xiao Clan or what? this too lousy. Better give the clan better one if this true." planned secretly.

Battle technique was way of battle of someone in close combat battle. Its like battle manual. The higher the rank, the more profound every attack and contained training of intent and sense law.

As for element spell that can only be studied through Intent or talent so cultivator must creative on their own technique.

The spectactor cheered. Xiao Wuchen, Yun Huang Mei and Ye Yanmei smiled. Ye Qiuyue who has indifferent look sparkled at this moment.

"As expected of my son. It seems in the past year, he not only cultivate his qi but also his body." Xiao Wuchen exclaimed.

"If he already like this at this stage cultivation, I will have great expectation on him." Ye Yanmei said then glanced at sparkled face Ye Qiuyue and continued, "If my daughter already agreed to marry him then I didn't have any objection."

After all she didn't have heart to took away her pitiful daughter happiness so she agreed to it.

Ye Qiuyue heard her mother said, her eyes brightened before blushed.

Ye Yanmei who looked at her daughter change giggled. Because her decision was right, to engage Ye Qiuyue with Xiao Feng was her best decision in the last eight year. Not only bring alliance to her sect but also happiness of her daughter.

Ye Qiuyue then looked at her mother. In the past when Xiao Feng trapped in the trial, she also feel it and changed from truly cold become bit warmer to her kin because Xiao Feng influences.

Ye Qiuyue suddenly turned her head to Ye Yanmei and said with warm and gratitude tone, "mother, thank you."

Ye Yanmei stunned because Ye Qiuyue never talk to her like that. Tears fall from her beautiful face. She truly happy at this moment. After fifteen years Ye Qiuyue finally call her mother with full warm and that means she truly acknowledged her as her mother.

" Yes Yue'er." Then Ye Yanmei hugged Ye Qiuyue. Ye Qiuyue reproached her hug too.

Xiao Feng's parent looked at this scene smiled.

Ye Yanmei suddenly said, " regardless he won or lost the championship, I agreed to marry you to Xiao Feng anytime you want, Yue'er."

Ye Qiuyue smiled happily and nodded her head.

Xiao Feng who was still oblivious at scene in Special bench in the north glued his eyes and gawked at arena eight where Xiao Mei compete.

The scene that Xiao Feng seen not struggling battle but massacre.

Xiao Mei used her gloves and battled like different person !

If the usual Xiao Mei was rabbit on normal day then Xiao Mei in that stage was tigress, truly terrifying tigress.

Her every move was efficient and deadly. If this was true battle, all her opponent bone would broke right now.

She actually used kungfu, karate, taekwondo and several ancient martial arts in her every move to make it perfect.

The spectactor also cheered for her.

After Xiao Feng returned to his original spot waiting for top sixteen battle, Xiao Mei catch up from behind.

Xiao Feng stared at her and noticed but he keep silent until Xiao Mei asked.

"Big brother, what is it?" Xiao Mei asked.

"I learned it from my dream, isn't that good" Xiao Mei lied to him cheekily.

Xiao Feng just smiled and rubed this cheeky little sister head. He didn't dig deeper because he knew why she must conceal her reincarnation too.

"Did you also cultivate your body? from that move before it truly fast even for your cultivation level." Xiao Feng asked.

"Un. I cultivate my body to Body Tempering Five level." answered Xiao Feng then grumbled, "Body Cultivation is truly hard, I have spend training for seven years and this is the result."

Xiao Feng nodded his head and asked, "How you cultivate your body?"

"isn't this just temper your body with something heavy then move?" answered Xiao Mei.

Xiao Feng dumbfounded and looking at her strangely. Xiao Mei just tilted her head meetting his gaze.

"Little sister, I will give you Body cultivation method later." Xiao Feng rub her head and answered.

"huh? big brother, is there any cultivation method for body cultivation?" asked him in confusion.

"Of course, do you think those body cultivation sect truly only temper their body like yourself." Xiao Feng answered her then flick his little forehead.

Xiao Mei eyes shone then rubbed her head and nodded. Xiao Tian from the side heard this then intrude their conversation, "big brother me too."

Xiao Feng just nodded. "Whats your number?"

Xiao Tian answered, "Sixteen."

Elder Yao from the center arena shout imbued with spiritual qi, "Number thirteen to sixteen come inside arena."

Xiao Feng and sibling exclaimed, "that fast?" this only ten minutes passed from their comeback from arena.


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