Buying A Husband
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Buying A Husband
Author :sorantonata
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"Not for sale."

Ray face turn murderous for a split second before his polite smile return. He put the document on the reception table and push it toward Anne. Without saying anything, he turn around and ready to leave when his shirt seem to get stuck somewhere. He tuck it a few time but it would not budge. Without turning back to look, he reach out his hand trying to dislodge his shirt from where ever it got stuck at, but his hand froze a total of five second before he turn around wide eyed looking at the place that his shirt got stuck at. Or more accurately, at the hand that is tightly gripping his shirt.

Anne was in a panic the moment she saw Ray turn around to leave. In all her business deal, she had never been ignored completely like this. At the very least, the other party would give her some face and browse through the document a bit. This is the first time in her life that she had felt so flustered. Her cold, impassive face shattered. Her cheeks redden a bit couple with her stunned look, if Noel were to see her right now she might question her own sanity.

A warm feeling jolted Ray mind from the shock he felt. The first thing that come to his mind is how beautiful this miss Yang look with her pinkish cheeks looking so flustered. He just wish that her hair was let down instead of being in a military bun. While he was still contemplating on that point, the warmth that he felt earlier suddenly vanish and his shirt finally got dislodge from the firm grip of small white porceline like finggers. A set of fingers that he had just tried to pry of from his shirt a moment ago.

Pressured by the awkwardness, Anne cleared her throat. "Mr. Ray, I apologize if I offended you earlier, but I realy hope that you could first read this document before making any decision. I sincerely hope that you could at the very least give it a chance. Think of this as a business proposition." After saying that, she push the document back toward him, this time with her business card on top of it. "I hope to hear from you in the next few days".

After not receiving any respond from him, she turn around and walk out of the shop. All the while keeping her head straight and not turning back even once.

As he watch her walk away, he had a mixed feeling. A complicated smile appeared on his youthfull face making him seem more mature.


The sight of a day turning in to night was always so facinating no matter how many time he had viewed it. Ryan Kim had just finished all the necessary work of inspecting the branch of Pet World in Art City. On his way back to the hotel room that he had booked earlier today, his mind had been a little occupied.

He might not be the first in line to succede his family business, but he is still proud to manage his own business. After graduating from working under his brother, Darian Kim, CEO of Kimsley International, he had been doing his best in managing his own business. Under the name of Lightness Leisure Co.(LLC). He already had two business under LLC and one of them is Pet World. Pet World already had 4 branch in the state. All set on the four point of west, east, north and south with the headquarters in the capital. While LLC is just a medium sized business, it is now moving one more step into becoming a large size business with Pet World plan to launch a few branches throughout the country. It just that he had not yet found a suitable place to make it as Pet World solid foundation. With the location of State Arara that is situated at the far side of Monecro Country, Ryan had planned to slowly make a move by going one state at a time.

But under the pressure from the board of director, he need to move up his plan a bit. A new pet store had just open up in the neighbouring state of Bahana. And this store is similar in concept with his Pet World. He need a plan for establishing his Pet World throughout the country.

While deep in thought, his eyes landed on the stack of document on his bed. He was contemplating whether to read it or not when he suddenly felt a sudden warmth on his hand just vanish. And when he look down, he felt so shocked. There is nothing in his hand, but the feeling of that tiny porceline like fingger still linger. Everytime he felt it in his hand, he want to grab on to it, but it just disappear. He could not help but felt frustrated. Maybe he should give that document a chance after all.


Anne Yang had just return home when she saw that the light in her appartment is on. The moment she open the door, she is greeted by the smell of delicious cooking. "Anne, is that you. I am still cooking, wait a bit and we can eat together after you had wash up." Anne walk to the dinnning hall and can see her mother busily cooking. She pause for a bit at the island in the kitchen before moving towards her mother. Hugging her mother from behind. She felt all her tiredness is dissipating. "Mom, you came. It had been a few months seen I last taste your cooking. I am so looking forward to dinner today." Anne smile brightly. In front of her very own mother, not even the slightest iciness remain, but a tiny dot of melancholy settle in her eyes.

She walk toward her room to change and wash up a bit. It had not always been like this between them. She use to be the ice queen even with her own mother, that is until last year when her mother suddenly faint in her apartment. When she was brought to the hospital, the doctor had explain everything to her. Her mother had a brain tumor that is hard to remove. If the tumor is left without surgery, at most she had three to four more years. The reason that her mother was reluctant to go with the surgery is because the doctor had given her 70 percent of success rate with 80 to 90 percent chancess that she would lost her memory and some daily activity might not be possible for her anymore. That is the first time in her life Anne witness her week and submissive mother turn into a stubborn headstrong woman. Her mother had said that if she would forget her family, she would rather spend the rest of her remaining time with them.

She was brought out of her musing when her phone vibrate. She look at the number, it was an unknown number. Thinking about today event, she pick it up.

A melodious male voice rang clearly through her head. "Can I have add-on with these".
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    《Buying A Husband》