Buying A Husband
4 side dishes
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Buying A Husband
Author :sorantonata
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4 side dishes

"Can I have add-on with these"

The corner of Anne mouth twitch a little. 'this little twerp had no manners at all. Not even a greeting first. Luckily that annoying voice of him is easy to recognize.' Anne humphed before adjusting her mood.

"Mr. Ray, I would be glad to discuss these matter with you in great details tomorrow. Can we meet up during lunch at Deli Cafe across the Pet World?" She patiently wait for his reply. After hearing the sound of paper and a loud thud echoing from the other side, a slightly gasping voice could be heard. "Deal. See you tHERE!."

tut... tut... tut.... the line went dead.

Anne was speachless. What was that. Before he hung up, he even shout out loud. So rude. She cant beleive that she is goinh to be working together with such uncouth youth.

Anyway, it seem like this young man is interested with the offer she made. She is glad that she was not born with any remarkable feature. She had always been a wallflower since high school day. Even now that she had become a carrier woman, the adjective that people use to describe her are limited to heroic, aloof, cold, decisive and even ruthless. Only her mother ever call her cute and preety. With this, she is more than confident that the guy, Ray, would never be interested with her.

The more aloof their relationship is, the easier it is for them later on.

That night she had a peaceful dinner with her mother. They talk a lot about their time together in the past and also about her mother recent vacation. After the mother and daughter pair are done with their dinner, they sit peacefully in the living room. Saying nothing. Anne laid down her head on her mother laps. Her mother lazyly stroke her head. "I love you, mum." Anne whisper slowly while holding her mother hand and kissing the palm of her mother hand. A tear drop fell on her. She look up to see her mother smile with tears in her eyes.

After some time had past, someone knock at the door. Anne get up and lead her mother to the door. A man stood awkwardly at the door. "Father." Anne face held a polite smile, but lacking the warmth that family should have. "..." He just nod at her. But when he felt his wife disapproving look, he cough out one word "Anne". With that they nod to each other. Anne walk her parents to their car.

After opening the door for his wife, and settling her in the car, he close the door and turn to his daughter. "Have you think about what I send you today?" Anne nod her head. " I will solve it myself. I can decide it on my own. Before the deadline, I will bring it over to you for approvel."

"hnn.. good." After hearing the answer he wanted. He turn away ready to leave.

"... mmm... fa... mmm... that... about mother, thank you for taking good care of her."

"It is my pleasure to be able to love her. I hope one day you can forgive me." Feeling that he had said too much, he hurried inside and drive away.

Anne stood there watching the car disappearing into the night.


Anne is someone who had close more than 100 business deal successfully, yet this deal make her sweaty and nervous just like her first time negotiating a deal. She had already formulate more than a handful of possible outcome of today event. From the worse case scenario to the more smoother version. She tried to cover all the bases, but still she felt it insufficient. After she took in a deep calming breath, Anne walk confidently toward their arranged meeting place.

The minutes inching away to hour. Her calm demeanor slowly turning into a scowl. She had give him a call half an hour ago, but it does not get connected. And now the lunch time should be just about over. Anne decide to wait for another 10 minute, and if by that time that guy still give a no show, then she should just look for a new guy.

Anne look at her watch. Its already nearing her set limit of extended waiting time by 10 minute. Just as she was about to stand up from her chair, a hurried foot step and loud panting could be heard coming toward her. "..huhh... huhh.. so... sorry.... trully... something unexpected suddenly.. cropped up just before lunch..." Anne look at Ray who tried to explain to her while still trying to catch his breath. He seem like he had run a marathon instead of just crossing the road.

Before Anne could say anything, he had already call for the waiter and sit opposite to her, chin on his hand, staring straight to her eyes. Seeing as Anne had already had her lunch, he only order for himself. "So, Mr. Ray, I assume that you have read my proposal. And had some of your own term to add to it." Anne let her sentences ended like a questio. All the while they are maintaining eye contact. She had been just fine at first but the more they stare into each other eyes the more intense their staring turn out. Unconsciously, she balled her fist as her heart beat increase. She felt as if she is standing in front of her opponent in her first karate tournament years ago, with the adrenaline rush, the focus gaze and the crazy heart beat.

"You look even lovelier today Miss Yang." Ray suddenly smile widely and all the tension between them seem to dissolve themselves into nothingness. Anne blinked her eyes a few time, at a lost on how to respon. Lucky for her, the server choose that exact same time to serve the lunch. Before digging in to his lunch, Ray give a stack of paper to her. "Why don't you read through this first. I would love it if I could have these as add-ons to the term that you state in your proposal."

The moment Anne grab the papers from his hand, he started his lunch. Anne skim through the first few page and her eyes widen in disbelieve. 'This cannot be consider as add-ons. This could not even be called side dishes. Its more like a full course dinner. A completely different set of full course dinner than the one she had in mind!"

Looking at Anne face, he know that what he had written as his so called add-ons are too much for her. When he saw that Anne had raise her face and about to say something, he just cut her off. "Its more like a side dishes set... so... hihii... can we..." before he got a chance to say more, he felt a creeping chill run up his spine. A bone chilling cold win seem to be swirling around from the woman in front of him.

He gulp nervously... 'oops, did I overdone it.' sweat drop.

In a voice that carried thick layer of ice, Anne said. "Side dishes?"


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