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Chronicles of Primordial Wars
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 560

Once Again, the Enslavement Magic

After the seven green-faced fanged beasts woke up, they seemed to be in a poor state of mind and their glares were still fierce. It was probably because they were hungry and had their blood stolen from them. They gritted their teeth and continued to make a piercing sound in the air. They seemed to be in a violent and unstable state.

“What can we do?”

Duo Kang threw a handful of grass on the ground, grabbed his hair irritably, and asked Shao Xuan.

Not to mention feeding the seven green-faced fanged beasts, it was difficult for them to even get close to the beasts. If they took a step closer, the seven beasts would tense up and move their fangs violently, ready to pierce their enemy.

These seven beasts were now tightly bound, so even if they shook their heads, their movements were limited, and they could not even hurt anyone. However, they still were not cooperative at all.

The handful of grass that Duo Kang threw in front of them was still the freshest grass he had picked early in the morning when he entered the mountains. The beasts in the animal pens outside the forest liked to eat this. It was a pity that these seven beasts didn't appreciate it at all. They didn’t even glance over at the grass, and only wanted to bite Duo Kang.

“I don’t see much difference between this grass and the one they’re used to eating. Why aren’t they eating it?” Duokang sat cross-legged on the ground, staring at the seven fierce beasts.

“Should I go pick out that type of grass?” Mai asked.

“They’ve just planted them in the soil. Plus, even if they wanted to eat that type of grass, do you think that’s enough to feed them all?” Duo Kang shook his head. He knew that wasn’t a good idea.

If these seven green-faced fangs were to continue to behave wildly like this with murderous intent, not let anyone approach them, and are even picky with their food, then they had no choice but to cook them in a pot. If their meat was not edible, they could also use their teeth and bones to make bone weapons.

Shao Xuan looked at the seven green-faced fanged beasts constantly struggling and breathing hard so he decided to give it a try.

For the past few days, he had been thinking about how to deal with these seven beasts. The tribe had a large demand for new bronze, and it was not a good idea to go hunt for more green-faced fanged beasts now. The weather was getting hotter and there was a drought. Beasts of all sizes were all becoming more irritable and fierce due to the fight for the scarce water supply and the forest had become more dangerous. It was not a good time to enter the forest.

If they could raise these seven beasts, extract blood from them every seven days, and let them continue to live, then the tribesmen could all achieve what they wanted.

If they must keep the beasts alive for a long time, keeping them tied up was not the best idea for the long term. It would be best if they were tamed.

And if they wanted to tame them and make them more obedient, domestication was impossible. Their temper had already become part of their nature. Shao Xuan thought about it for a long time, but there was only one way-- enslavement!

Ji Ju once said that the first slave would be the most loyal amongst all the other slaves. It would also be the one that was most closely connected to the slave master’s consciousness. No matter how good the rest of the slaves were, they were always a little worse than the first slave. This was just how enslavement worked. Thus before the enslavement, one must be cautious in selecting the first slave. Shao Xuan already had his first slave, and it was indeed very loyal. Besides that first slave, Shao Xuan had not enslaved any other individual.

Ji Ju had also once warned Shao Xuan that without the presence of the first slave, the loyalty of the other slaves would be limited, and they could even try to betray the slave master. Plus, recklessly enslaving slaves would also cause one’s characteristic and strength to be dispersed because the connection between the consciousnesses was not strong enough. They had to make serious considerations before choosing.

Shao Xuan had not planned to enslave any others for the time being but he wanted to try it on these seven green-faced fanged beasts. Seven was not too many. Compared to the hundreds of people the slave masters in the desert enslaved, this was a much easier task. Even if the connection between their consciousnesses was not strong enough, it was fine. Shao Xuan had no intention to use them in work or battle. He was just not sure whether they would become obedient after they were enslaved.

But he had to try it.

Shao Xuan informed the leaders and chiefs about his plan. Although the tribesmen did not like the slave masters, their dislike was aimed towards those at the desert and at the sea, not Shao Xuan.

The tribesmen discriminated against the slave masters because of their xenophobic thinking. Subconsciously, the tribesmen never regarded Shao Xuan as a slave master. Shao Xuan was part of the Flaming Horn tribe.

Even if he could enslave others, he was a Flaming Horn member. How could he be regarded as a slave master? No matter what others say, they would not admit it.

This was entirely their own divisive thinking. It wasn’t just Shao Xuan. Even if others in the tribe (the shamans, the chiefs, other leaders and warriors) were able to enslave, they would still not be regarded as slave masters. No matter what others said, they would not admit it. They were clearly their own people, a part of the Flaming Horn Tribe! No matter what others said, they would only pretend they didn’t hear anything. The Flaming Horns were just so stubborn. It was just a part of their inflexible nature.

When they knew Shao Xuan had the power to enslave, Duo Kang and the others also wanted to learn from him, but unfortunately, they couldn’t master it, so they gave up at the end. Besides Shao Xuan, the only people who had the ability to enslave were the people who inherited the power after the fusion of fire seed. These included the two shamans, Gui Ze, and a few other warriors. But their success rate was not high, and most importantly, none of them was as reliable as Shao Xuan.

Rather than letting the others enslave those green-faced fanged beasts, they were more willing to let Shao Xuan give it a try.

Where the few beasts were bound, no one was there except Shao Xuan and a few chiefs. Soldiers were keeping guard outside and kept unrelated people away.

Shao Xuan glanced at the few green-faced fanged beasts and walked to the one with a broken fang.

Seeing Shao Xuan, the beast immediately recognized him and was struggling hard to break free so he could attack Shao Xuan. The eyes glared at Shao Xuan, burning with an intention to kill. If it was not tied at this moment, it would probably rush towards Shao Xuan and battle him without any regard for its own safety.

Sadly, the beast was tied up and it was not at its best mental well being. Struggling to escape made it weak and hungry. In its current state, it was in no position to attack Shao Xuan at all.

Staring at the green-faced fangs in front of him, Shao Xuan held out his hand. It had been too long since he summoned the power of enslavement. Shao Xuan walked through his memories and slowly recalled and reactivated the power of his inheritance.

Shao Xuan’s energy suddenly changed in an instant. In his mind, the totem flame flickered violently, and the outer shell of the totem flame blazed brightly with five stripes of blue flames protruding from its core. The momentum was as powerful as a dragon, rushing down the veins in Shao Xuan’s arm, arriving at his fingertips.


A solid blue flame appeared on Shao Xuan’s hands.

The beast that was struggling to escape was now breathing nervously but it was suddenly like a flame blown out. It did not happen to just this beast, but the other six as well. They seemed like a settling flag, a resting drumroll. Their struggling movements suddenly stopped and all their eyes were fixed on Shao Xuan.

The blue flame wrapped around the palm of his hand and he extended his hand towards the beast in front of him.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the house, and it was as if the air had layers rippling from the source of energy.

The soldiers who were keeping guard outside were a little uncertain when they heard the sound. The grass and trees outside were calm and settled, but how come they could hear the wind?

The sound of the wind was growing louder and louder, and the soldiers could no longer ignore it.

A turbulent airflow gushed out between the small gaps in the doors and windows of the house and made a sharp howling sound.
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