Douluo Dalu: Dragon God Douluo
22 Daily Lives of the Girls.
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Douluo Dalu: Dragon God Douluo
Author :Hilers
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22 Daily Lives of the Girls.

These two short stories are from the perspective of Liu Ning and Liu Ping respectively before the return of Liu Wei for the exams. Both of these are just sneaking a peak into their daily lives.


~Heaven SplitterPiercerWrecker!~

In a hidden place of Shrek Academy, In a room with a large blazing furnace, a petite girl is hammering down on a large piece of silvery metal, the strikes reverberating across the room. Each strike is like a dragon roaring, sending vibrations that could damage an unprepared persons organs. Whenever the metal would slightly cool down, a stream of fire would come from the girls mouth, heating it up in an instant.

After who knows how long, the hammering ceases. Liu Ning looks down at the newly shaped halberd head with pride. Her brother thought she had given up on blacksmithing, because she wanted to hide this present, so many failed tries before she finally came up with one just right. She gently places the halberd head in the forge to start a preliminary tempering.

She turns her attention to the item to be used for the handle, through a source in her family, she managed to acquire the tusk of a ~100,000 year old golden-backed narwhal. Its spike has been known to pierce Spirit Douluos, and some weaker Titled Douluos, she was initially worried about it, because unlike normal tusk, the outside is soft, while the inside is hard, she was worried it would easily wear the outer layer.

But, after many test, her fears were unfounded, it is very durable, with some regenerative properties. It doesn't have too much flex, and is very sturdy. It will make a good handle for the halberd, she uses some secret techniques to straighten it. Overall, it is a natural handle.

She continues to temper and sharpen the halberd, fixing any possible balance issues. She returns to the handle, the tusk has a natural spiral to it, she starts drawing miniature scales that run up the handle. She turns her attention to the halberd head and starts working on the fine details.

She turns the spike into a dragon head with a slightly opened mouth, it lost the piercing power, but she starts to draw minuscule formations within the mouth, two distinct formations, one of the bottom, one on the top. If the one of the bottom is powered with spirit energy, it will act like a flamethrower, incinerating all in its path.
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The other one was harder for her to make, due to her unfamiliarity with the element used, when powered it will turn the head into an ice spike, allowing for piercing attacks, albeit more easy to shatter. She inscribes formations on the axe side to increase cutting power, as for the hammer side, she puts formations to increase crushing power.

After the head is attached to the handle she admires her work, although she ultimately lacked skill to make a masterwork weapon, she made up for it using materials and care. Just as she is about to rest, a mischievous idea sprouts in her mind, her brother was always poor at naming things, so she decides to give this a truly horrendous name.

On the side of the halberd head, in bright golden letters reads, "Heaven SplitterPiercerWrecker!"


~All Poison is Good Poison.~

A tall, cold girl in a white robe, is standing in front of a cauldron, there is a brown boiling soup in it, she slowly stirs it as she tosses things in and murmurs, "gut weed, sunlight daisy, spit from a bristle-back toad..." all kinds of weird smells emanate from the pot. After a while of boiling, she brings out many finger sized vials and fills them with the odd mixture.

She takes a small taste and then grimaces, she proceeds to label them 'Diarrhea Poison.' She carefully places them in stands next to a variety of other vials, with various names such as 'Baldness Poison' 'Spicy Poison' 'Nausea Poison' 'Kidney Failure Poison' and many other weird poisons. She sighs to herself.

"Another failure... I just wanted to make a poison to interfere with spirit energy control..." At this thought she blushes and hides her face, then carefully cleans the pot and starts to make various poisons. "Brother is always worrying about strong enemies, and not letting me and sister travel with him, I have to get stronger and have more poisons at my disposal for every situation to be able to help him!"

With a face full of determination, and a mind full of odd thoughts, many more weird poisons were produced that day, the fumes coming from the room scaring any passerby. Weird rumors of trapped poison spirit beasts started making their way around the faculty.

Poisons such as 'Seasick Poison' 'Dreamland Poison' 'Bladder Failure Poison' and many more weird and terrifying poisons were produced.


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