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60 Eagle Man“s Night Attack
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Earth's Best Gamer
Author :Ten Flares
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60 Eagle Man“s Night Attack

"Quick, get your weapons!"

"Bring the children in and hide. Don't come out."

"Where's the bow and arrow? Who took my arrows!?"

When Ji Ye returned to his dorm and logged into the Land of Inheritance, he heard a loud commotion coming from the village as his figure turned corporeal.

Something happened!

Instantly, Ji Ye felt a chill in his heart.

Walking out of the door, he could see that the Twin Dragon Mount's fort was already lit with torches.

Lu Zhishen held a two-meter-long Frost Metal Crescent Staff that the blacksmith in the village had hurriedly forged over the past two days. He was gathering people to run towards the outer perimeter of the village.

"What? The people guarding the cliff were attacked by the Eagle Man? Only one of the soldiers escaped!?"

After asking someone quickly, Ji Ye's expression changed when he received the news.

"I… I happened to be outside relieving myself… When I came back, I saw a black shadow massacring…"

Soon, Ji Ye was brought to the only surviving soldier.

The thin soldier's face was pale. He seemed to be so frightened that his skin turned blue. He was still trembling despite the heat of the two torches!

"Are you sure it's the Eagle Man?"

Ji Ye's expression was solemn.

"Yes, I'm sure… I saw him blocking the Mandrill cave. He had an eagle-like mouth. His three eyes were glowing red, and his hands and feet were like an eagle's talons.

"His strength was very terrifying. The eagle-like arm that directly lifted Zheng Erqiu over his head. No matter how Zheng Erqiu kicked him, he couldn't hurt him at all. In the end, he had his neck snapped!"

The veins on the soldier's neck protruded as fear appeared in his eyes.

"I don't know why, but I was very afraid. My limbs went limp. I hide in the grass and didn't dare to move. I watched him drag the corpses of Zheng Erqiu and the rest out of the cave and throw them down the cliff…"

Previously, when he learned of this news, the Flowery Monk's eyes widened as his beard trembled.

He had just obtained a new brother-in-arms yesterday, but he lost four today!

However, he didn't recklessly rush out to seek "revenge" with his men. Instead, he immediately informed the people in the village to prepare their defences.

Due to his rich combat experience, he knew very well how intelligent the Eagle Man was.

If he made a move, he would definitely carry it out when he had complete confidence!

It was difficult for humans to see at night. Once they left the village, they might be ambushed by the other party.

Furthermore, there was no lack of possibility of the other party attacking the village.

"Chief Lu's decision is correct. The strength of these Eagle Men is not something we can deal with in the wilderness!"

Ji Ye nodded.

From the information provided by the Yang City's Confederate Office, he knew the strength of these Eagle Men. He had also seen the scene of the Eagle Men killing an Extraordinary "Winged Bear" with his own eyes. He knew the difference in strength between humans and the Eagle Men.

From the soldier's description, the Eagle Man's level could even be at the Extraordinary level!

This was because even though this soldier was hiding in the grass, he was still discovered by the Eagle Man. He rushed towards him and extended his black claws to pull at his leg.

However, the Eagle Man didn't seem to be agile enough. Thanks to his desperate struggle, he ripped off half of his pants and managed to escape to report the news.

"I'm so cold!"

The soldier barely managed to answer Ji Ye. Even his expression was one of confusion.

"His body is indeed very cold. His surface temperature is about 30 degrees, especially the temperature of his wound. Perhaps it's due to the shock…"

Shang Yan, who had bandaged the soldier's wound, said with an uncertain tone.

"Cold? Mm!"

Upon hearing her words, Ji Ye looked at the injured person's leg and his expression suddenly froze.

This was because he realized that there were strands of black gas swirling around the antiseptic cloth wrapped around his injured leg.

In such a night environment, no one else would have noticed it without the torch's light.

Most importantly, there was even a faint black line that extended from the wound to his body.

"No, it's the wolf skin!"

Ji Ye took out something from his chest. It was the "legacy treasure" of the Steelback Blue Wolves he obtained from the wolf cave.

The wisp of black gas fused into the "treasure hide". At that moment, the "totem" on the wolf hide floated slightly as though it had absorbed some form of nutrients.

"This is… Soul Power!"

Ji Ye frowned slightly.

After he held the wolf hide in his hand, the wisp of black gas became even more obvious. When the wolf hide approached the soldier's wound, a more obvious black gas was sucked into the wolf hide.

"Eh, his temperature seems to have risen. He should be in the clear now."

Shang Yan was pleasantly surprised.

No one slept on Twin Dragon Mount the rest of the night. Even the women hiding in the houses with their children held a pair of scissors!

However, the expected attack didn't come.

After daybreak, Ji Ye couldn't even see any Eagle Man with his eyesight despite being able to see far.

"Chief Lu, take a few people with you. Let's go to the cliff."

With the Totem Wolf Skin in his arms, Ji Ye thought for a moment before leaving the village.

"How's the change in the fog?"

Ten minutes later, there was also no sign of the Eagle Man at the edge of the cliff.

Ji Ye pointed at the writhing fog at the bottom of the cliff. It prevented anyone from seeing what was happening below.

"The fog covers it in the day, but it will dissipate at night," someone answered.

The soldiers guarding the cliff were not one group, but there were shifts, so the information was definitely accurate.

"This cliff is so steep, but that Eagle Man actually managed to climb up!"

Jiang Wenming looked at the almost straight cliff and said in surprise.

"There are indeed signs of fighting in the Mandrill cave. It should be as the soldier said. The Eagle Man entered from the outside and blocked the entrance, killing everyone inside.

"There are traces of dragging on the ground. The corpses were eventually thrown off the cliff."

After arriving at the Mandrill's cave, Li Qing checked and used his professional abilities to roughly restore the scene.

"The Red Pip fruit is still inside, but the beast corpses in the cave have disappeared…"

Ji Ye, on the other hand, stared at the Red Pip tree in the cave. There were none of the beast corpses that had been killed by the Mandrill left behind.

"Chief Lu, please stay with me for the night."

"Li Qing, take some men and kill some large-sized animals. Bring their corpses here. As for Pei San, I'll leave the village defenses to you tonight!"

In the end, Ji Ye assigned the mission.

"Master, are you suspecting the actions of the Eagle Man?"

After the rest left, Lu Zhishen, who was holding the fifty-kilogram Frost Metal staff in the empty cave, said to Ji Ye.

"Chief Lu, you managed to tell? That's right, I guess it's not an Eagle Man!"

Ji Ye nodded.

He felt that something was amiss. Firstly, he had learned about "Eagle Mean" on Earth that they were creatures from an Eastern Fantasy plane who mainly relied on their physical strength when in combat.

However, there was still a remnant "Soul Power" in the soldier's wound. In theory, it should be something like a ghost. For example, attacks like the "Soul of the Wolf"!

Even though the Eagle Man could be at the Extraordinary stage and had cultivated some kind of "Soul Attack", there was still something that couldn't be explained.

A treasure like the Red Pip fruit could enhance one's physique. It was definitely the best resource for an Eagle Man that belonged to the "Eastern Fantasy" plane.

Theoretically, it was impossible for the Eagle Man to leave it for them after seeing it.

Even if one knew that a transplant might not work, they would at least pluck all the fruits on it. After all, because he had irrigated the area with large amounts of Extraordinary bear's "treasure blood" yesterday, seven to eight fruits had almost ripened after a night.

However, they didn't even pluck a single fruit. Instead, they snatched the animal corpses in the Mandrill's cave and threw their corpses down the cliff.

Setting the cart before the horse?

Clearly not. It could only be said that the Eagle Man's goal was the corpses of those ferocious beasts.

"So, the reason why you got Li Qing to lead a team to hunt ferocious beasts is to lure him over with the corpses?"

"Let's give it a try. I have some guesses about its origins. However, I hope it's not as I guessed. Otherwise, our village might end up following the footsteps of another human settlement!"

Ji Ye nodded.


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