Elder Scrolls: The Fifth Era
6 Author“s Note Pas
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Elder Scrolls: The Fifth Era
Author :AlnoHighking
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6 Author“s Note Pas

@@First I'd like to thank everyone for reading this little introduction of sorts. A good amount of you tried it out, and I really do appreciate it. If you didn't know, this little series will have to end earlier then I expected. For those that didn't read fifth era on gumroad, you know that the story had to be removed from Ibooks, smashwords, Kobo and etc for obvious reasons. Which is also where the most people read it sadly. It was a pretty firm reminder that I was right to have my hesitations, and that it isn't in my best interest to the thinking about and creating something in a world or IP I don't own. Which is why the chapters didn't come out on time or as large as I was intending.

But as is life. It is probably for the best. Chapter V will be the last entry before the end, and will come out later this week. Then I will return to working on the projects I've put on Hiatus since returning to the experiment that is Fifth Era. Thank you again, and sorry if you are disappointed. I hope that the stories and worlds I have to come will make up for it. I'll make sure that you won't have to wait week to week to see what happens next when they arrive.

Enjoy the rest of your day and 2019

-Alno Highking




Until next time.



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