Emperor’s Domination
Chapter 3253: Dao Steps
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Emperor’s Domination
Author :ImmortalEmperorBao
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Chapter 3253: Dao Steps

Liu Fuyou agreed to pass down this mantra to Li Qiye because he owed the guy a great debt. Moreover, he just needed to pay respect to their patriarch in order to become an outer disciple of Divine Black.

“South Fence.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the guy.

“Yes, it’s the best beginner mantra from our sect, a high-ranked yellow mantra created by a forefather for the sake of new disciples. It’s amazing at creating a solid foundation.” Fuyou hurriedly explained.

This wasn’t an exaggeration. South Fence was famous indeed, created by South Conch Dao Lord, someone who had revitalized the sect.

Virtually all new disciples of Divine Black would cultivate this mantra since there was no better option. Fuyou also did this in order to build his dao foundation.

“High-ranked yellow?” Li Qiye asked.

“Merit laws and mantras have classifications. There are four of them - heaven, earth, black, and yellow. Each also had three levels - low, intermediate, and high. There was another thing to note, each of the four corresponds to three realms. This is a strict rule. Breaking it would result in terrible results.” Fuyou explained the common wisdom in Eight Desolaces.

For example, a Bronze Tendon cultivator can only train with yellow laws and mantras. If he were to reach Silver Carapace, the black levels would become available.

As for the levels within the four classifications, they differed in quality. A high-level was certainly better than a low-level one.

As Fuyou had said, not obeying these rules could result in qi deviation.

“Still within the rules, not good and not bad.” Li Qiye didn’t especially dislike the restrictions.

He didn’t want to see these types of restrictions but it might be necessary since life was unfair. People had different levels of comprehension regarding the mysteries of the primordial tree.

With these laws in mind, cultivators would be able to focus on establishing a strong foundation and taking it step-by-step instead of rushing and starting with the strongest laws from the Dao Lords. The ones with better talents could stop fantasizing so far ahead and focus on the present.

“But, Young Master, you’re an exception. You have an inborn true fate so these restrictions don’t apply to you.” Fuyou wasn’t so sure when making this statement.

He based it off the fact that Li Qiye was so amazing despite being a mortal. Perhaps he had the legendary true fate.

An inborn true fate gave one incredible talent like the favorites of the heaven. Merit laws and mantras restrictions no longer applied.

However, there was one thing missing in Li Qiye. He wasn’t looking down on the guy but he had seen someone with an inborn true fate before. They had a special aura evident from a first glance.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Don’t overthink it, I don’t have this so-called inborn true fate.”

“Young Master, I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s my fault for having shallow-” Fuyou smiled wryly.

“It’s fine, I’m not angry or anything.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “I appreciate your goodwill but All-things will do just fine. Nothing is better than the seven.”

“Are, are you planning on cultivating all seven then?” Fuyou became surprised.

“Why not? The palaces store the four symbols that protect the true fate used to build the grand dao resulting in the heart scripture with seven laws to reach the primordial.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You know this too?” Fuyou found it strange because this was a profound line in the cultivation world. Many geniuses racked their brains trying to understand and implement this line.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t know conventional knowledge yet he could spout these abstruse lines so easily.

“It’s simple, the fundamentals are contained in all the mantras, All-things included.” Li Qiye said.

“So your plan is really the seven together.” Fuyou realized something.

“Certainly doable.” To which Li Qiye responded.

“I heard people only cultivate four at the most, from lowest to highest. I don’t think anyone does seven.” Fuyou scratched his head.

Cultivators at higher realms would start switching to the higher-level mantras for two reasons - harmony and power potential.

For example, after reaching Silver Carapace, Fuyou swapped to the Mad Fiery Bull, an intermediate black mantra. Both South Fence and Mad Fiery Bull were derived from All-things so they were connected.

Most importantly, when using Mad Fiery Bull, his Eight-armed Devil Ape and Celestial Seal became far stronger.

Therefore, cultivators only really needed four mantras before reaching the height of power.

That’s why Fuyou found Li Qiye’s choice astounding. This could be viewed as a waste of time.

Many considered the seven laws to be inferior to low-level yellow mantras by this point. Wasting effort and time on them was unacceptable.

“Just doing it because I want to.” Of course, Li Qiye didn’t want to waste time explaining since Fuyou wasn’t at the right level.

Fuyou was still confused. Nonetheless, he became more curious and paid attention to Li Qiye’s cultivation sessions. Li Qiye didn’t mind this at all.

After observing Li Qiye for some time, Fuyou found Li Qiye’s chaos true energy to be majestic and immense.

His true energy seemed capable of giving birth to all things. This was something Fuyou had never seen before.

He saw mortals trying this mantra out in the past. Their chaos true energy was ordinary or even impure unlike Li Qiye’s.

“Young Master, I was wrong. The All-things Mantra has been turned into something magical in your hand.” He couldn’t help but praise.

“It’s not me. All-things is this magical and peerless from the start, I’m just following it to cultivate.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Peerless?” Fuyou’s eyes widened with skepticism. As a gifted cultivator, he had looked over this mantra in the past.

He didn’t think it was on the same level as South Fence, a high-level yellow mantra created by a Dao Lord specifically for the newcomers.

“You disagree?” Li Qiye stared at him.

“Well…” Fuyou stood there awkwardly with no response.

“Didn’t you say that they are also called the Seven Laws of the Blessed? Do you think this Dao Lord spread these laws because he’s an idiot?” Li Qiye asked.

Fuyou became frozen as the words traversed through his mind, causing him to ponder.
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    《Emperor’s Domination》