Eve of Gods
1 Prologue
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Eve of Gods
Author :Maugus0
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1 Prologue

@@2140, Earth

"I am a God."

Ahan sighed, feeling a headache coming. It had been ten years since these hallucinations started where he would always imagine himself in a completely different world wherein he was a god, looking after his believers from his Divine Kingdom, granting them his divine grace.

Then the war started -- an Om(Aum) symbol would form in his mind and with a ringing sacred sound, he would wake up to reality.

It was seven in the evening. Ahan continued hammering down on his keyboard like nothing happened, eventually breathing a long sigh of relief after uploading the last chapter for the day.

He is an ordinary author and university student pursuing his Bachelors of Engineering in Virtual Reality. Like everyone else, when he started college, he used to have lofty goals of forming his own entrepreneur team and co-founding a startup.

Ahan assumed that he could make a fortune in the world with his VR simulation skills or entrepreneurial mindset, only to realize regretfully that he had neither the gift for business nor virtual reality. Only his ability to write web novels was acceptable-- albeit barely.

Nonetheless, having written three novels over the last three years of college that had received adequate views and reviews allowed him to earn more than what a normal Senior VR Developer earns in a decade.

He was proud of his achievements! He sent back fifty percent of what he made in a month to his parents and still lived like a king. He had already bought a flat in Chandigarh and had his own hover-car, a Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

Life was great, except all these stupid hallucinations.

This was what he thought until the day, he heard a female voice in his mind.

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya."

He knew 4 languages due to his varied interests: Sanskrit, Hindi, Japanese and English.

Those words in Sanskrit meant:

"I bow down to the Lord who resides in the hearts of all beings."

Suddenly, everything started to make sense to him, all of his memories returning!

With his hand, shining with blinding white light, he drew the symbol of Om in the air.



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